To build a more harmonious and beautiful Qinghai cohesion powerful force

The party’s eighteen years, I always adhere to study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech as a major political task, the provincial Party committee to take the lead, lead the demonstration, careful arrangements, extensive participation, based on the actual application, embodies the powerful force composed China dream Qinghai chapter.

spirit with a series of speech to unify thinking cohesion

The Belt and Road great beauty of Qinghai investment environment and key project promotion will be h

June 20th, "The Belt and Road great beauty of Qinghai investment environment and key project promotion will be held in Xining. Provincial Committee, provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Dorje Geltan attended the promotion.

meeting, the Qinghai provincial development and Reform Commission and the provincial SASAC leadership on the province’s economic and social development and investment environment and the province’s industrial layout were introduced. Qinghai Saline Lake industrial Limited by Share Ltd, Qinghai Zhongli optical fiber science and technology, the relevant person in charge of the enlightenment water group and other enterprises on their respective companies focused on the promotion of the project.

After the introduction of

, participants who learned that Qinghai province is rich in resources, investment and development potential; the rapid development of infrastructure construction, excellent external supporting conditions; resources transformation strategy to accelerate the implementation of advantage industry leaping development; comprehensively promote the construction of ecological civilization, strengthen the national ecological security barrier; coordinated development of urban and rural regions, the main functional areas to accelerate the rise of social undertakings; to accelerate the urban and rural social security system basically established; the deepening of the reform and opening-up pattern wide level. "13th Five-Year" period, Qinghai will be the relevant industries for the direction of the province’s industrial layout, concentrated in Xining, Haixi, Haidong development, the formation of key industrial parks and major industrial base as the main characteristics of county economy to complement the outstanding, complementary advantages, mutual promotion and development between the industrial layout.

from the Ministry of Commerce and the Hongkong Trade Development Council, Xiamen City, Guangdong Province Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs Association and guests from all over the world business representatives attended the meeting.


Xining formulated to further strengthen the management of dogs to implement the program, the 15 depa

October 23rd, the reporter learned from the Xining municipal government, for the dissemination of effective prevention and control of canine diseases, strict dog management, standardize the public dog behavior, to protect people’s personal safety and health, Xining city in recent canine problems in the management, formulated the "to further strengthen support the dog management plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"). Currently, the program has been officially issued.

it is understood that the current "Xining kennel management regulations" since November 2010, the management of dogs in Xining has played a role. In order to further strengthen the management of dogs in Xining, this year, the city of Xining to develop the program, and the establishment of the leading group of dogs.

according to the "plan", the 15 Xining City Public Security Bureau, Urban Management Bureau, Health Bureau, the food and Drug Administration and other departments will be in accordance with their respective responsibilities, place the dog management work into the daily administrative management, through 7 key work, increase the intensity of rectification illegal dog, in order to reach the main city without large dogs, dogs no dogs; street to walk dogs and dogs defecate chain random phenomenon; public parks, green square, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and other non walking dogs; dog wounding, dogs and other disturbing problems are significantly reduced; in rural areas, the implementation of the target to keep on keeping large dogs in captivity.

the 7 key work including: focus on the management of feeding large dogs, dogs, undocumented dog; dog walking dogs not tied to chains, illegal access to public places; dogs defecate, the impact of the city environment problem; a problem of abandoned dogs, stray dogs; dog nuisance, and big dogs assault; illegal provisions in the market places outside of trading engaged in dogs.

at the same time, Xining will intensify law enforcement efforts to organize a joint meeting of dog management work, to promote the exchange of experience of effective management, the dog management, trading, registration, quarantine, immunization, certificate management and illegal dog, dog walking and work into the standardization and legalization, the formation of a long-term mechanism dog management, improve the management level of Xining city dogs. (author: Wu Yachun)

Refined to create a new benchmark for the north of the community


community is the community of urban residents, is the basic unit of society. North District government will always fine management idea in the community construction, community service area residents as the starting point to build its own characteristics development, the position of construction as the basis, in order to "chuangxianzhengyou" and a new round of basic organization construction activities as the starting point, the full implementation of the grid management and service fine "as the leading community service brand building, to promote community service consciousness of the masses, to strengthen the function of community service, residents of the degree of organization and autonomous awareness significantly improve the democratic management system more perfect, community service, office facilities have been changed completely, the region’s 23 communities gradually achieved a community with a community, a brand management pattern.

Reporter correspondent

  Fan Shengdong     right Guoxing; Wang Xiaoying

Mao Sheng Temple community

"two" management boutique community

Bridge Street Mao Sheng Temple community is one of the city’s efforts to build this year, one of the community, with the province’s first largest community integrated service center, serving an area of 1080 square meters. Community service station of the spirit of "sincere service, meticulous management ideas, management and service model innovation, the implementation of the Party branch, neighborhood, community service station" three-in-one "work in the new model, the services continued to expand the service channel and innovative services, enrich the service content, and strive to create grid management and service fine" two "brand community. Community development services and the needs of residents;

Yushu 4. 14 earthquake special issue of the year of 3

Yushu miracle

three years of good bye, beautiful Yushu return

is a April, three years after Yushu, my heart is full of hope. From the Yushu airport, the changes along the way let us cheer.

"this is the Zen village, which is the junction temple, this is our house!" The driver while driving, while introducing us.

data show that as of the end of 2012, Yushu post disaster reconstruction project 1248, started 1227, completed 911 projects, the completion rate of 73%, a total investment of 37 billion 925 million yuan. Yushu after the completion of urban and rural housing construction, the completion rate and occupancy rate reached 97% and 82.7%, respectively. Among them, 16668 sets of farmers and herdsmen housing completed, all the 20638 sets of housing starts, the completion of the 19585 households. The total construction of the town housing 12858 households, completed a total of 10993 households, the completion rate of 85.5%.

Xining 10 enterprises to provide the first shantytowns resettlement housing listings

Recently, the first batch of Xining shantytowns monetary resettlement housing procurement work carried out smoothly. After strict procurement bidding, the final determination of the resettlement housing procurement by 10 development enterprises to provide resettlement housing listings.

"according to the transformation of shanty towns in Xining city of monetary resettlement plan" and "Xining City shantytowns resettlement housing procurement process (Trial)", the first batch of Xining resettlement housing procurement procurement notice published in the Qinghai government procurement network, in accordance with the procurement process, the announcement after the expiration of the publicity for the work of the opening.

it is reported that the tender for a total of 19 enterprises for the development in the 16 development enterprises to participate in the bids. In the evaluation process, the evaluation experts in strict accordance with the procurement process and the requirements of the tender documents, on the development of the enterprise quality and project development procedures of the audit, the city housing security and Property Management Bureau according to the real estate network data, to participate in the evaluation of the project bidding price for the trial. Through open, fair, transparent and rigorous review process, and ultimately determine the placement of the housing purchase provided by the 10 enterprises in the development of resettlement housing listings, one package Seongbuk project for the 7 enterprises, two projects for the city area package of 3 companies. City housing security and the Housing Authority will be in strict accordance with the policy requirements, during the successful unit publicity, urge Chengbeiou and City District Construction Bureau to levy, the housing organization and other related preparatory work in advance, to ensure the smooth development of the project, to promote the shantytowns monetary resettlement work, and in strict accordance with the documents required to do the disbursement of funds etc. related work, summarize the experience, provide a strong guarantee for the future shantytowns monetary resettlement.  

Qinghai shantytowns good start

reporter recently learned from the Qinghai Provincial Department of housing and urban construction, this year, the province shantytowns task is 80 thousand and 300, basically built 52 thousand and 600 units, check in 50 thousand and 800. At the end of March, has started 18221, basically completed 7698 sets, 7014 households, respectively, to complete the annual objectives and tasks 22.7%, 15% and 14%, completed an investment of 390 million yuan.

it is understood that this year, the Province vigorously promote shantytowns, pay close attention to the preparation of the project to build detailed planning or comprehensive implementation of the implementation of the program, and start the project demolition, administrative examination and approval, etc.. Take effective measures to improve the proportion of shantytowns monetary resettlement, the shantytowns target to specific projects. Public selection of shantytowns implementation of the main body, the full implementation of the work of the government purchase service to shed by the provincial government on behalf of local government bonds, to support the government purchase service implementation shed on the financial difficulties of cities and counties. At the same time, the establishment of cooperation mechanism of shantytowns loans and financial aspects, solve the difficulties and problems of the work shed to change the loan, docking shantytowns annual objectives and tasks and projects list, jointly improve the project loan scheme.


Datong County population and family planning bureau to actively carry out voluntary service activiti

to conscientiously implement the volunteer service activities of a city county office organized the "national clean hands, the family circle, create civilization" activities, to guide the citizens to participate in city greening, beautification, purification, creating beautiful environment, create a good order, building a better home. County population and family planning bureau to respond positively, fully cooperate, dispatched manpower and vehicles to carry out health work in the prescribed time and sections.

9 8, population and family planning bureau to use a shovel, fire bars, brooms and other tools were deployed in 40 human, clear the beach along the railway door surrounding life garbage, cluttered building materials and dead waste of more than 20 woven bags, and the garbage landfill located properly, so that no "white pollution, no sewers, no mess ride luangai, non cluttered, no dead angle, better regulation of the regional health dirty, disorderly and poor phenomenon, to create a" civilized Datong ", meet the city civilized degree index evaluation work building blocks.


Clear food festival attracted praise one after another

The morning of May 16th, the province and Gansu, Ningxia, Shaanxi and other places of tens of thousands of guests gathered in the city the New Millennium International Plaza, to a color flavor and taste of the Muslim delicacy, see pictures of the beautiful Qinghai scenery, a glimpse of the eighth Qinghai halal food culture and Tourism Festival (referred to as the Qing Food Festival) grand. Day 10 am, vice mayor Xu Guocheng announced the opening of the food festival, instantly ignited the presence of everyone to enjoy the feast of halal food passion.

the village sent out to clear goods delicacy food festival feast

is the scene of peace County flood halal taste the delicacy Quan Xiang villagers Yang Guimei four sisters all dressed in festive costumes, led the 7 children, four sisters excitedly told reporters: "we are early in the morning Ping County Flood flood Quan Xiang Quan Cun from Haidong city came to our village, every household has at least two or three people, many of the family have come, can be said to be dispatched to the township village, at least thousands of people. This clear food festival is a grand festival of the Hui people, and then we have to come, since we know that the festival activities, we come every year. After coming to the direct feeling is too much food, stomach is too small, we have to eat some, and hope to be able to taste a few more. We’re going to play for a couple of days until the end of the feast."  

Leading cadres personal matters related to the test report


1. in accordance with the "report on the leading cadres of personal matters relating to the provisions of" the children are living together: ()

A. children living together B. minor children and their parents can not live independently

C. working with parents living with their children D. minor children

2. newly revised "Chinese Communist Party disciplinary regulations" clearly stipulates that in violation of the relevant provisions of the relevant provisions of the report, do not report, not as good as the report, the circumstances are serious, give ().

A. serious warning B. warning or serious warning

C. warning D. serious warning or revocation of Party duties

3. "leading cadres report personal matters verification checks measures (Trial)" provisions, to find a spot check not truthfully reported or concealed, (), and according to the circumstances, to give criticism and education, tissue processing or disciplinary action.

A. shall not be promoted appointment, not included in the list of cadres B. shall not promote the appointment of

C. is not included in the list of cadres D. transfer discipline inspection and supervision organs to investigate and deal with

4. in accordance with the provisions of the report on personal matters related to leading cadres, leading cadres due to travel abroad with private travel agencies belong to the content. ()

A. on B. wrong

5. "leading cadres personal matters related to the report form" attached to the requirements of the letter of commitment, fill in the contents of the person to be filled with () to verify.

A. spouse B. spouse, children

C. parents, spouses D. parents, spouses and children

(answer: 1.B 2.B 4.A 5.B)