Fund extraction launched two new policies

in December 31, 2013, our province issued a "notice" to further clarify the issues about the use of housing provident fund, the employee housing provident fund and immediate family use the relevant rules on housing provident fund use workers suffering from serious diseases.

from the provincial housing fund management center learned that the normal payment of housing provident fund workers to buy the first set of self occupied housing, to extract himself and spouse of the housing provident fund account balance is not enough to pay 1629 cases by my parents and children agree, you can apply for workers extracted my parents and children (hereinafter referred to as "parents and the children") under the name of the housing provident fund. The total amount of the application shall not exceed the total purchase price.

needed: a table of employee housing provident fund approval in Qinghai province with the extraction unit seal extraction; relevant purchase information provided for employees to purchase the first set of owner occupied housing; and to provide my parents and children’s identity, residence booklet (original and photocopy); issued the same account to provide security registration the Department has the legal effect of the relatives of proof; parents and children can not personally handle, agreed to provide notarization extraction; the center of the housing provident fund does not provide a list of individual housing provident fund deposit in the center housing provident fund payment of parents and their children; while the unit name, account number, Bank account.

in addition, the employee suffering from chronic renal failure (uremia), cancer, aplastic anemia, liver cirrhosis, chronic severe intracranial tumor removal surgery craniotomy surgery, major organ transplantation, can I draw the account of the housing provident fund balance. The total amount shall not exceed the amount of hospitalization expenses after deducting the personal burden of medical reimbursement. Once a year to extract a total.

needed: provident fund housing in Qinghai province with the unit employees signature extraction and approval form; confirmation of medical institutions above the county level hospital medical record (copy); original and photocopy of Medicare reimbursement vouchers; my bank account and the opening bank. If I can not personally handle the relevant procedures, you can entrust others agent. In addition to providing the above-mentioned elements of the agent, but also need to provide the power of attorney, agent ID card and a copy of the original.

where one of the above two kinds of housing accumulation fund extraction, housing provident fund needs to be extracted, if there is no repayment of housing accumulation fund loans, housing provident fund loans must be repaid.

employees of the statutory retirement age, according to their ability to repay and physical condition, the loan period may be extended to 1 years after the statutory retirement age of workers to the age of 5 years.


Decision of the people’s Government of Qinghai Province on Amending the measures for the administrat

Decision of the people’s Government of Qinghai Province on Amending the measures for the administration of the collection and administration of mineral resources compensation fees of the

Qinghai province

Qinghai Provincial People’s government order

"Qinghai Provincial People’s Government of Qinghai Province on Amending the mineral resources compensation fee collection and management measures for the implementation of the" decision ", the provincial people’s government has in October 24, 2012 107th executive meeting, is hereby promulgated and effective as of the date of promulgation.

  governor Luo Huining

November 22, 2012

The people’s Government of

province has decided to make the following amendments to the measures for the administration of the collection of mineral resources compensation fees in Qinghai Province:

, the second is amended as: "where the exploitation of mineral resources within the administrative area of the province’s mining rights, it shall pay the mineral resources compensation fee in accordance with the" provisions of the mineral resources compensation fee collection regulations "and the implementation measures".

The term "mining rights person" as mentioned in the preceding paragraph refers to the enterprise or entity that has the legal person qualification and obtains the mining license to exploit the mineral resources according to law".

two, article third is amended as: "the provincial people’s government land and resources management department in conjunction with the provincial finance department in charge of the province’s mineral resources compensation fee collection management".

three, to add one, as the following: "the collection, management and use of mineral resources compensation fees, should adhere to the principle of taking full account of the fund, the fund and the principle of living within our means"".

four, delete the fifth paragraph second.

An increase of

five and sixth, as the third paragraph: "the petroleum, natural gas and Qarhan Dongtai, Cornell, West Taijinar, Yiliping Saline Lake resources compensation fee of mineral resources by the provincial land and resources management department is responsible for collecting".

six, seventh in the first paragraph is amended as: "the minerals and rates of mineral resources compensation, in accordance with the State Council formulated the" mineral resources compensation rate table ", the mineral resources compensation fee is calculated according to the following methods:".

fifth paragraph is amended as: mining rights on the ore or concentrate smelting, deep processing, in order to provide smelting, deep processing of the number of ore or concentrate sales revenue calculation. Should not be calculated, by the Department of audit, the provincial land and resources management departments to approve a certain percentage of the sales revenue of processed products".

seven, the first paragraph of article eighth is amended as: "mineral resources compensation fee paid quarterly. The mineral resources compensation fee of mining right person in 15 days before the payment of the first month of the season last season, mineral resources compensation fees can also advance prepayment season".

eight, ninth;

Analysis of Xining women’s Federation in 2010

2010, the city’s women’s federations at all levels received a total of 98% kinds of letters and calls a total of 286, the closing rate.

first, the basic situation of

in the 286 petition cases, marriage and family type 214, accounting for 75% of the total number of labor rights; 10, accounting for 3.5%; human rights class 17, accounting for 5.8%; the property rights of class 19, accounting for 6.6%, other 26, accounting for 9.1% of the total number of. In the 214 parts of marriage and family type, family violence is 104, accounting for 49% of the marriage and family; family violence between husband and wife for marriage and family type 97%; divorced 33 complaints, accounting for 15.4% of the marriage and family type; 15 spouse has an affair, cohabitation, marriage and family type accounted for 0.4%; 31 family property disputes, children’s education, marriage, marriage and family disputes interference, accounting for 14.4%. Compared with last year, the total decline in the petition.

two, the main problem

1. marriage and family type the number of cases are still in the first place. 2010 year received a total of 214 such cases, accounting for the total number of letters and visits of 75%. It mainly reflects the family disputes and divorce disputes caused by the disharmony between husband and wife, family economy and children’s education. First, the spouse has an affair is a prominent issue. Two is the child custody and the division of common property issues become the focus of divorce disputes. Three is the question of divorce judgment has always been, making a lot of divorced women are confused, feel their rights have not been protected. Four is a number of ethnic minority women in marriage in accordance with national customs for marriage, but did not receive a marriage certificate, resulting in legitimate rights and interests can not be guaranteed.

2. older women’s rights infringement problem is more prominent. Only the city’s women’s Federation this year, the proportion of elderly people receiving petitions increased by 5 compared with previous years. The phenomenon of infringement of the rights and interests of women aged mainly as follows: first, after being widowed elderly women and children living together during their own, ignoring the elderly people property rights, for the elderly under the name of the property for himself, there will be elderly women out of the house or beaten old women at home phenomenon. Two elderly women’s life security problems. Three elderly remarried women complain that they can not get the right to support in the family, but they do not want (or not) through litigation to solve the problem of support and help women’s federation.

3. domestic violence is still a concern. The annual total of 104 cases of domestic violence petition cases, accounting for 49% of the annual marriage and family. Is a women who suffer from domestic violence are not working and fixed income, low cultural level, economically dependent on men; there are some women who suffer from domestic violence because her husband had affair for a divorce and I don’t want a divorce. Two is due to the determination of the law on domestic violence and sanctions, the lack of operational laws and regulations, in the duration of the marriage, the repeated violence, and the crime is not a crime to take measures to build more difficult. The three is that some men have a bad temper, selfish, lack of love and sense of responsibility, when certain requirements are not met or family;

Efforts to warm the hearts of the people

On November 8th, the eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) was solemnly opened. General Secretary Hu Jintao made a report to the General Assembly on behalf of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China

11 8, the Communist Party of China, the grand opening of the eighteenth National Congress, general secretary Hu Jintao on behalf of the Party Central Committee made a report to the general assembly. The report summarizes the Party Congress since the five years of work and the party’s sixteen since ten years of great practice, developed a programme of action conform to the requirements of the times, in line with the wishes of the people and the fundamental policy, make a great new deployment to comprehensively push forward China’s reform and opening up and socialist modernization, and comprehensively promote the construction of the party. It is a political declaration and action plan for the party to unite and lead the people of all ethnic groups to forge ahead and take a new victory in building a moderately prosperous society along the great road of socialism with Chinese characteristics.


report describes in Scientific Outlook on Development under the guidance of scientific development China 10 years of Communist Party to enhance the well-being of the people all work as the starting point and end point, continue to expand public finance "cake", continue to increase investment, to provide a solid foundation for building a well-off society and accelerate the development of the people’s livelihood. 2011, the national public revenue jumped 10 trillion steps, an increase of 25%. The rapid growth of financial resources, rare history. At the same time, accelerate the improvement of people’s livelihood fiscal expenditure to the people’s livelihood continue to tilt the national public finance for the protection and improvement of people’s livelihood expenditure of more than 7 trillion yuan, accounting for nearly $70% of total expenditure. The intensity of the people’s livelihood, unprecedented.


report presents a comprehensive well-off society and the overall goal of deepening reform and opening up, aspirational, rich in content, profound ideas, inspiring, and pointed out the direction for the reform and development of the next period, carrying 1 billion 300 million people hope for the future well-being. As the material basis of the party and the government to fulfill the functions of the system, system security, policy tools and regulatory means, deeply responsible, glorious mission. The next stage, the city’s financial departments at all levels will be eighteen guided by the spirit, further unify their thinking, to the party’s cause highly responsible attitude, from the overall strategy of economic and social service of national development, actively participate in the construction of "two new" and "two city" grand cause, further emancipate the mind, play an active role the fiscal function, efforts to expand domestic demand and promote the province’s economic structural adjustment to the way to protect and improve people’s livelihood, speed up financial reform and innovation as the focus, innovation, and endeavour to build a well-off society and make new contributions.

is to enhance the development of stamina. We will conscientiously implement policies and measures at all levels to promote structural adjustment and economic development. Actively promote the reform of income distribution, and earnestly implement the relevant policies to improve the income level of urban and rural residents. Ways to explore the government’s public investment channels, focusing on issues related to the development of the environment and optimize the development of people’s livelihood infrastructure. We will accelerate the development of modern agriculture, continue to support the development of small and medium-sized enterprises and cultural tourism industry, and promote the coordinated development of the three industries.  

two is to protect the livelihood of the people. Increase investment in livelihood security,;

30 provinces in the light of the west, the visiting scholar will visit the province to learn

8 31, the provincial Party Committee Organization Department held a "Western light" visiting scholar before training, concentrated training on line 30 visiting scholars.

This year’s

visiting scholar from Xining, Haidong City, Haixi state and province of agricultural animal husbandry, transportation, water conservancy, culture, health and other industries as well as part of the management of the provincial enterprises, the provincial colleges and universities, they will be in accordance with the "go out with a back problem," the result, went to Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Peking University, Guanganmen Hospital of TCM, Chinese Academy of Sciences of Shanghai Baosteel Limited by Share Ltd, Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences in eastern developed provinces and cities, the national key scientific research institutes, universities directly under the Ministry of education and well-known medical institutions visit the school asked the learning training year, learn professional knowledge of nutrition from the aspects of key technology innovation ability, the level of medical technology, key technology research, study supplement narrow the gap, to further enhance their academic and technical level, to promote the province related academic research field Tamping foundation.

it is reported that, in order to further promote the construction of talent team of outstanding young, provincial organization department will "Western light" visiting scholar into the training plan annual personnel, increase personnel selected efforts and financial support, in the 20 selected places based in part with, to the provincial finance training places 10, and from the special funds of the province talent development project allocated 450 thousand yuan of funds for the support of the "Western light" visiting scholar training work.

up to now, the province has selected 13 batches of 253 Western light visiting scholars to study abroad. Through learning training, visiting scholars selected not only their business level has been improved rapidly, becoming the academic leaders and technology leading talent, but also for the sending unit and the domestic first-class academic and research institutes to build a platform for exchanges and cooperation.


Resettlement area to bring new life

Drove to the East District of mutual Road East to rhyme ieguchi area at the airport, high-speed road, many high-rise buildings have been erected, this is the station along the airport expressway reconstruction and environmental remediation project construction as part of the street to train large low-income housing projects – home residential placement mouth rhyme. Recently, the reporter came to the site learned that the project is stepping up the construction of the current project a total of 15 multi-storey cap, the top 4 have been capped, the remaining 11 high-rise into the main construction stage. It is understood that the city’s airport high speed along the landscape renovation and Beishan rock comprehensive renovation project started, within the area, pay the rhyme ieguchi Jiazai, Fangzi, Lin Jiaya and other regions of the street will become the focus of attention of the government of the placement of objects. To this end, the city in accordance with the resettlement of villagers in the village, residents in the resettlement area principle, for these households planning the construction of resettlement area and village, so they moved into modern residential placement, village, start a new life. The rhyme ieguchi resettlement area is one of the big project resettlement area, adjacent to the west side of West cross a road, East unity bridge, south of Lanxi highway and railway, a total area of 215 acres, planning and construction phases, plans to build low-income housing 4990 sets. A set of 3763 units, including the studio to change the area of the 3000 sets, low rent housing, public rental housing, such as the 120 sets, including the 15 multi-storey residential buildings, a layer of kindergarten, and the 15 to the 33 floor of the 18 storey high-rise residential, and so on, and so on, including the establishment of a total of more than 6 units. The area surrounding the health, education, community service, culture and sports, municipal public utilities, business services, financial services will be completed in the population of Goods are available in all varieties., Jovan, will become a large Eastern resettlement area. District has entered a comprehensive construction phase, plans to start gradually put into use next year. The overall project completed and put into use, the rhyme ieguchi village and part of Lanxin railway, train station renovation, Beishan rock transformation households will move to the station here, in the bright and spacious new rooms, to start a new life in the facilities, convenient shopping, first-class environment greening.  

Xining atmospheric and water pollution control measures for the work of the introduction of pollutio

October 21st, reporters from the Xining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Office to understand, to ensure that the atmosphere of Xining city and comprehensive water pollution control measures put in place, the Xining municipal Party committee, municipal government formulated the "Xining city atmosphere and comprehensive water pollution control work accountability measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "law"). Approach will be adopted by the 8 forms of accountability, urged Xining pollution control work.

"measures" for the District of Xining city and County People’s government, municipal departments, organs and units directly under, people’s organizations and their staff, the atmosphere and the comprehensive water pollution control work for the accountability of the main party committees and governments at all levels and departments and discipline inspection and supervision organs.

on the basis of the "measures" provisions, institutions and personnel in any of the following circumstances, will be accountable: local, departments and units not in accordance with the requirements of the atmosphere and the completion of the comprehensive management of water pollution of the annual target task; not within the specified period of time in accordance with the relevant requirements to implement or complete the supervision matters; not in accordance with the provisions of authority, procedures and atmosphere and comprehensive control of water pollution, the relevant requirements, the implementation of administrative licensing and non administrative licensing examination and approval; violation of the atmosphere and water pollution control regulations, to conceal the fact that arbitrarily reduce governance standards; do not obey the management and work arrangement, comprehensive management of adverse effects or consequences; floating style. Lack of discipline, buck passing, poor implementation, delaying the governance work; for the masses, media exposure problems without treatment, do not reply, No rectification or slow, do things carelessly, false facts, adverse effects or consequences; the other is not actively fulfill the comprehensive management of air and water pollution, should be accountability act.

accountability includes the following 8 ways: ordered to make a written examination; admonishing conversation; criticism; ordered a public apology; suspension, adjust positions; resign or ordered to resign; dismissed or demoted; dismissal or dismissal.

"measures" at the same time, the accountability, involving violation of disciplinary rules, give a disciplinary sanction in accordance with the relevant provisions. If a crime is constituted, he shall be investigated for legal responsibility according to law. If the object of accountability is not satisfied with the decision of accountability, it may make an application for review to the organ that makes the decision on accountability.

. Related news: urban area pollution and 80 vehicles unqualified real muck truck

, according to the Xining City area on the strengthening of air pollution remediation, dust pollution control, vehicle pollution requirements muck Road, the day before, Xining City District City Management Bureau of administrative law enforcement to carry out environmental remediation activities in the transport of materials and construction, 80 vehicles unqualified muck truck is being investigated.

based on the previous regulation, from the beginning of September 28th, the City District Urban Management Bureau sent 15 people and environmental protection, traffic police and public security departments in the green junction in the south, respectively, three locations in Qiaokou seamount DXY, set up the construction waste and material transport vehicle inspection point, day 8 to 8 pm and check waste materials transport vehicle. As of now, inspection of building materials and sediment transport vehicles 191, 72 vehicles and closed lax, 3 cars muck cars along the road shed;

Self driving tour – 42 European mobile home into Xining

In the modern transportation developed, self driving tour has become a fashion, Xining City Tourism Bureau will receive tens of thousands of cars from all over the country. But this time is different, the morning of July 25th, the Xining Municipal Bureau of tourism reception from Europe’s 42 "mobile home" and they "move" to make light of travelling a thousand li to the dream of Xining, let the beautiful play on the international label.

RV Tour event known as the twenty-first Century mainstream leisure style. It is understood that driving the French car RV world tour Chinese Silk Road activities, since June 1st this year, Paris departure from France, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, via Mongolia, arrived in the territory in July 11th Chinese. In July 15th, they finished the rest in Beijing, embarked on a trip to Xining. Xining is the Silk Road of the important station in Xining on the famous Tibetan Plateau, Xining Plateau Summer and enjoy the local customs and practices and sacred beauty is their heart.

in the morning of July 25th, Qinghai Tibetan Medicine Museum, 42 cars drove slowly, RV arrival let people shine at the moment, many people stood by the roadside to from a faraway country welcomed guests waved. Waiting for the bus stop, more than and 80 first Chinese tourists were fascinated by the percussion team, actors and red costumes in the sun dazzling, many owners excitedly took out the camera kept taking pictures, there are some curious visitors, communicate with the actors in the drum break, although the language barrier, but the gongs and drums the team said that even with the actors or gesture to teach them how to play the drums, attracted laughter. "They like Chinese ancient culture." Xining Tourism Bureau deputy director Kong Youpeng said.

activities bustling scene, the president of the European Touring Car Association Gut said: "the French car association has 300 thousand members, we have a common dream, that is China on the ancient Silk Road, and in this way, Xining is an important stop, we only regret that here is too short a time the!" After the event, the tour group to Xining, Kumbum Monastery, Qinghai Lake and other scenic spots. It is understood that the tour group in the province to stay within 6 days.

in recent years, RV camping industry has unlimited potential for development in the national economy industry, the staff of the Xining Municipal Bureau of tourism, natural resources around the characteristics of Qinghai province and Xining City, especially for the development of driving, cycling and hiking, and with the improvement of living standards, people demand for personalized holiday leisure tourism has become the more intense, RV travel will have broad prospects. To this end, the Xining Municipal Bureau of tourism in the car arrived after the parade will be held for the RV, hope that through this event, the promotion of Xining xiadou profound cultural heritage and unique tourism resources, attracting more international people, further development of Xining inbound tourism. (author: Ma Rong)