Emergency Food and Blanket Distribution Reach Rural Families

Rabat – Due to the heavy snowfall and sharp drop in temperature in recent weeks, food and blankets are being distributed in isolated areas to help those in need.According to data from the Ministry of Interior, the operation concerns a total of 514,000 people in 1,205 villages in 169 communes.The ministry’s numerous services have been mobilized, in coordination with other government ministries, departments, and local stakeholders, to take necessary emergency measures and to provide assistance to citizens coping with the cold wave and snowfall. In the operation, 371 medical caravans were programmed for the benefit of more than 207,000 people, in addition to the mobilization of special helicopters to evacuate urgent cases or to transport food aid to isolated areas.Additional healthcare has been made available to pregnant women, and 373 women in the delivery phase have been treated in general or specialized maternity hospitals.In addition, student houses, boarding schools, hospitals, medical centers, and orphanages were supplied with blankets. A total of 10 national, 18 regional and 46 provincial roads have been opened, while more than 158 villages have been opened up while providing access to more than 191 others. The authorities connected 1,075 villages to a cellular telephone network, while 106 villages were equipped with satellite telephones.Between January 26 to February 2, Morocco experienced stormy and heavy snowfalls and rainfalls—even in places usually unaffected by snow. In the southern city Ouarzazate, “travelers were forced to wait for the roads to be cleaned before being able to access the city or leave it,” the director of Ouarzazate Tourism Council told Morocco World News.Snowstorms have blocked 38 roads, according to the Ministry of Transport as quoted by Moroccan news outlet Hespress.Several regions of the Kingdom will witness a significant decrease in temperature with strong winds and snowfall starting on Wednesday. In a special weather warning, the National Weather Service announced that temperatures will drop significantly from Wednesday to Saturday.