Moroccan Family urges government to save sons life in Malaysia

first_imgCasablanca- A Moroccan family urged diplomatic authorities to intervene via the country’s embassy in Malaysia to save the son’s life.Mohamed Seddiki  was sentenced to death penalty by Malaysia’s High Court last May 30 over drug smuggling charges.The 27 year- old was arrested along with two Germans of Moroccan origin at the Kuala Lumpur international airport on January 1th 2012. Officials reported to have found 10.2 kilograms of methamphetamine in their bags. A district court nearby the airport charged the three with drug trafficking, but the German nationals were acquitted last May whereas Seddiki convicted and sentenced to death penalty.The court freed the two men because of reasonable doubt raised by their defense, claiming that they had no idea about the content of the bags handed to them by Seddiki, according to New Straits Times.In a statement to Nador, the family said that the three young men were sent by their company on a special mission to Malaysia, accusing officials of the same company of putting drugs  in the bags without informing their son and his colleagues.The family went on to say that German embassy interfered in favor of the German nationals, urging Moroccan embassy to take similar action to save their son’s life or at least ensure his right to a fair trial.last_img