Atlético de San Luis, the extra life of Mario Abrante

first_imgAlthough he was fifth in the 2018 Apertura, Atlético de San Luis ended up conquering the title after winning the Dorados de Maradona at the end of the league. The potosinos also won the Clausura: they did not give up any victory during the regular phase and in the final, again against Maradona, they won thanks to a goal from the Basque Unai Bilbao in overtime. “I hit it with everything. It was a mixture of euphoria and madness. I started running everywhere,” said the Bilbao player in AS in May of last year. This is how Atlético de Madrid achieved in two years the goal that it had set out to achieve in five. “In Mexico, moving up is very, very difficult.”Mario Abrante, during a Liga MX matchAtlético de San Luis (Facebook) Molina’s Mexican adventure, however, was short-lived. With the Spaniard on the bench, Atlético de San Luis had six losses, one draw and one loss in Ascenso MX. “But Alfonso Sosa came and changed everything”recalls Mario Abrante. “We started off very badly and we were two points away from entering the league. I remember that I didn’t play much. I was ready, but Alfonso told me: ‘Mario, I’m so sorry, but we’re winning and I can’t put you on’“, reveals the ex of Getafe, Valladolid or Betis. That Closing, however, served Abrante to adapt to a country in which he would end up triumphing:” In the following championship he put me as a starter and from there I did not move anymore “, remembers the Spanish, whom teammates and coaching staff chose as team captain: “It is a pride and a responsibility.” That the champion of the two short tournaments was the same avoided the dispute of the superfinal, a match that, with Maradona and Atlético de Madrid in between, would have given great visibility to the Aztec Second Division: “It was equally interesting for Dorados to win. It makes you think because we got a non-existent penalty, but we were superior. The referee was the best there was and, like us, he ended up promoting the Liga MX, “recalls Mario Abrante.As the bearer of the captain’s armband, the Canarian central was in charge of lifting the Champion of Ascent trophy. “It was an impressive moment. It is still funny that it was old age when I started to raise titles“jokes the canary, who has already won twice with the Muangthong in Thailand.” They are gifts that life gives you, but it would not have been achieved if it had not been professional. I have taken care of myself and I can say that, at 38 years old, I feel good. Physically, I am at the level of any of my teammates, “he adds. And much of the blame lies in feeling the pressure of playing under Atlético de Madrid:”We are a franchise of one of the best clubs in the world. I like having that pressure. It helps me to be more focused and improve“ Three years have passed since the landing of the Atlético de Madrid in Mexico. It was on April 24, 2017 when the purchase of 51% of Atlético San Luis by the mattress entity was made official. Since then, joy has re-established itself in San Luis Potosí, a city that lost professional football after San Luis FC, founded in 1957, changed its headquarters to the state of Chiapas in 2013. “I will be eternally grateful to the president, Alberto Marrero, who was the one who convinced me to come to Mexico, “reveals the Canarian central defender Mario Abrante, a key piece in Atlético de San Luis’ brilliant rise to Liga MX.The beginnings, yes, were not easy at all. When Atlético de San Luis, who was then playing in Segunda, knocked on his door, Mario Abrante was a true soccer star in Thailand. And at first his answer was ‘no’. “They were starting and I had just made a name for myself in the Thai League. It didn’t give me security. I didn’t want to go on an adventure, much less at 36 years old“, remembers the Canary central. But the postman always calls twice:” Alberto Marrero – with whom he already had a friendship – called me again. He told me that he needed a central defender and that he had to go yes or yes. He offered me less money than in Thailand, but they had just signed Molina as a coach. That and the insistence of a friend was what convinced me. “center_img Mario Abrante, player of Atlético de San Luis “Knowing that the club belongs to Atlético de Madrid helps me to be more focused and improve”last_img