Tagliafico: “Those from Madrid congratulated us at the Bernabéu”

first_imgA year ago Ajax dazzled Europe with wonderful football that led him to touch a legendary Champions League final. Today, the ajacides could be close to singing the saddest flirt in their history: they occupy the first place in the Eredivisie with AZ Alkmaar, but the Dutch government banned playing matches until September and the final suspension of the championship is approaching. Nico Tagliafico, in an interview with the Italian media ‘Calciomercato.it’, did not hide his desire to return to the field: “I would love to play the titleBut health comes first, and if there are no conditions, you should not play. It is not easy, but we will respect the decisions“The Argentine winger recalled the magical nights of last season, in which the group of ten Hag “I was not afraid of anything” and “I felt I could win in any field”. According to Tagliafico, that Ajax felt that he could do something great from the games with Bayern Munich, although the Bernabéu’s victory was the turn of the course: “That night I am left with the lack of Schone. At the start of the restart we felt the pressure of Madrid, but after that goal we recovered the ball and they did not take it from us again. It was incredible, we had a good time at the Bernabéu against the champion of the last three Champions. Si think about it, i still don’t believe it“. The side, from the game, also remembers that anecdote:”Some colleagues told me that the whites congratulated us on our intensity and our style. Despite the defeat, they knew how to recognize our value“ The dream was broken in the semifinal with Tottenham: “They started giving us favorites and maybe that didn’t help us. We also played well with the Spurs, but they lacked details: football is like that. “For Ligt’s Tagliafico” in Italy it will continue to grow a lot, “while Barça still does not know the real de Jong:”They haven’t seen their best version yet, and they will“He also believes that Lautaro, Barcelona’s goal, will have a great career:” He is the typical seasoned striker who also helps the defense. When you have such a player, it’s a plus. He will do great things. “And about his future, the Argentine did not want to close doors:” Everything is stopped, I think some offer will come and we will see. Series A? It fascinates me, it reminds me of the Argentine championship. It is one of the best leagues in the world and a player always dreams of becoming part of those. “last_img