To solve the problem of a fast down the right site the site to drop right phenomenon


Hello, recently has been buried in the station, for the website devoted a lot of effort, but could not see a big effect, because their energy is limited, and probably their technology is still lacking. Recently my friend has a station, do not know how the site is down right, he asked me to help look, although this piece did not know too much, but still find time to look at this one.

2, reduce the external links.

we are most concerned about the content of the website is included and the snapshot problem, in fact as long as the content of the website is not a large area to be removed, the general is not be right down. Don’t have a website to reduce content included as a general right down, such as sudden hundreds of collect decrease, or reduce the only home page that is the site is down right. The main reason is probably because of the large area of the content of the website and the Internet to repeat, collected before, because the search engine is not identified, but if once identified, it will take you to the page you delete, reduce your weight. read more

Will be the first search results click probability 50% third fourth No one shows any interest in

Microsoft will be R & D team Ronny Kohavi, recently published some research results through the blog. Allegedly, the search engine feedback list, more than half of the search will click on the first link, if the first link belongs to deep links (i.e. a website includes each link list, display area is greater), by clicking on the probability increased to 75%.


is strange, will be the research report did not mention the second link click probability.

A5 registration discount: 2013 GOMX global network marketing conference read more

How to make further optimization by trimming station

in addition to content, links also play an important role in the website ranking. The reasonable content, can promote the collection, to guide the user to click, of course, can also enhance the ranking. No or now many enterprise website recommendations do not in place, and either random or the latest article.

1, improve the quality of the content of

search engine, user behavior plays a more and more important role in the website ranking. How many users click on our website, the user clicks on what parts of the website, the user clicks on the website page number, the user enters the site from which pages, from which pages leave the site, how much is the proportion of users visit…… These data provide statistical tools, we have analyzed one by one, and then according to the website, make reasonable adjustments, let users more love our website. read more

Love Shanghai snapshot ranking optimization can never do.

first, content. When we do the best in the content and the theme of the website is related to the content of the website is not possible, but to pay attention to the quality of light, the acquisition is meaningless, it is best to do the original or false original article. I will go to a fixed time site posted their own original articles, very soon now, love Shanghai began to update the original articles included, but also very stable ranking before. A good original article may be collected 100 articles is more effective than you. read more

Love from Shanghai snapshot it can be seen that the optimal condition of a website

if a web site updated daily snapshot, the professional personnel in the operation and maintenance of the website, the website is not updated for a long time snapshot may not have every day, even if there is, is only for a certain period of time, because a website, if there is no regular updates to the station for the hair. The hair of the chain, not only will be beyond our competitors, and the weight of the website may soon go down, even if you are a relatively high weight of the old site; and for new sites, the contents of the last update and good chain layout, will make a new station updated daily snapshot, the weight will continue the rise. read more

How to love Shanghai laissez faire search results jump

clearly, card related information is directly by the artificial love Shanghai screened, and the results page has not found its related certificate website, only such a website, obviously a domain name that is the government website. But a rush to the government website how domain name? We continue to click, found the problem. Figure:


obviously, entering from the search results, love Shanghai jump to another site, enter the card website, according to the observation of this is a love of Shanghai, Google and many other search engines unified plucking website. Here we doubt is more and more, I doubt the next step by step. Then, I will directly enter the government domain name to open the site, such as: read more

Love Shanghai Shanghai dragon ER several best Shanghai Longfeng shows optimization

love Shanghai search engine optimization is that many sites have attached great importance to the topic. Since the love of Shanghai 520 things, after that the webmaster was "awful". Love is quiet a lot of Shanghai engine. Just love Shanghai daily during the rankings change fast, fast, fast drop. Here, I believe you will realize that love Shanghai search engine in different regions found to result in a difference of. I hand a list to show that this list of words up a few days, the customer money to fight over, the tragedy happened to fear. The word out. In fact, the word lost in the night before had been lost. Customers second days to see ranking area of Shanghai is love. We got quite embarrassed. read more

Soft Wen promotion market and how to choose the regular hybrid marketing company owners

soft is a source of creativity, blog marketing, forum marketing, micro-blog marketing is still the essence of marketing, just changed the distribution channels and soft forms. The author believes that the healthy development of the soft industry, must rely on high quality copy writers as a source of power, only to professional excellence, in order to make the promotion of soft effect is more prominent. In the past we pay attention to soft Wen to have depth and intensity, now with the networks are > read more

Several methods quickly improve the weights of the railway station

four. Do update

chain structure is also love Shanghai lifting weights of the railway station, so the new station must do within the chain construction, make internal links unobstructed, let all the web pages can be linked to the internal links, this love >

two. The love of Shanghai to improve the weight of

improve site weight, weight of first name! The domain name weight can be said to be the first website weight, then how about the domain name have weight. Is the old domain name! Love net or laggards forum domain name trading area to find some old domain name, through Alipay secured transactions or is a domain name website platform to buy, buy the old domain name a few principles we should pay attention to! One is the domain name must be in the domain name has been used, if it is a registered two years the domain name, but never ran the project site, then the domain name and domain name didn’t make any difference! Just a little advantage to hang GG advertising! Two is the old domain binding site must be and you will be operating the project a high degree of correlation, for example, before the old domain is the QQ site, and now you have to do beauty information website, this website is very easy to be loved in Shanghai " sandbox " observe for a long time! So choose the old domain name must choose the high correlation of third! That is the domain name contains the core keywords, this is the best of the old domain name! There is such an old domain name, to promote the new weight and a good read more

Some see only a small part beautiful Shanghai Longfeng optimization of small details

Hello, I am virtual son rain. The front to share with you about the beautiful and the brand mogujie贵族宝贝 keyword strategy, get feedback, some friends have praised, mostly from good friends, there are poor, mostly from some sincere friends have read the article, this article is insufficient, people are not perfect, maybe some friends for Shanghai dragon too care about details others, always want to tell me how to get to the implementation; perhaps some friends have a deep understanding of Shanghai dragon, see article just to enrich themselves; perhaps some friends are always with a critical eye to find the deficiency of the article, it is thanks to these people, with these people, my article will be better, I only hope that like-minded friends can learn something, for example, really care about their brand keywords enterprise website construction, such as the observation that I write For example, I found that ideas, analysis of these data and so on, although not necessarily good, but we can also learn from. read more

The fact that love Shanghai for 301 treatment is not reliable

I just have the opportunity to do a test, not a long time lasted a month, the overall feeling of love for Shanghai 301 treatment is not reliable, perhaps this is the love of Shanghai technology is still not perfect performance. Here, mainly from the collection, ranking, etc. the spider crawling for nearly a month to record on the overall performance.

? The Google

spider crawlingBecause


A and B A for the site, orientation domain, B 301 processing domain;

love Shanghai included the same amount of time, but my memory of the snapshot from the point of view, even more than the B snapshot A snapshot faster, this is not meant to love Shanghai haven’t started to do a 301 redirect processing for read more

Single page sales official website of the Shanghai dragon optimization techniques share

so how to make their own sales promotion website ranking? Because the single product sales website most single page station mode, so the site optimization, there are different and the large door website at least in the apartment layout, construction site, save a lot of manpower and material resources, and the structure of the site is also easier to optimize, below we focus on the share is about a single page sales website content optimization and the chain optimization, the hope can help to those of the authentic official website! read more

Continue to improve website weight from long-term but the method is still very important

< >

the weights of the website promotion, is every webmaster must overcome the problem, some people want to be able to instantly improve, some people want to be able to constantly improve, and hope to be able to instantly improve the webmaster is now indeed there are many There are plenty of people who, like Shanghai Longfeng optimization methods, but I believe that this approach is undoubtedly the spoil things by excessive enthusiasm and for a regular website, is not appropriate to do so, because the method itself is love Shanghai or abandon Google, if found, the site will be difficult to stand up, even if it can be optimized to the home, still have to back, so I believe that the weight of the website promotion, should go for the road, down-to-earth, step by step, this website to be able to stabilize the weight lifting, there will not be big A big fall phenomenon! read more

Four ways to make the site quickly from PR0 to PR3

had a period of time to a friend, he said after the content of the website can still do, is the lack of external links, but also have to get some related content webmaster exchange Links, after that, I began to look for Links, but I find a station in others say I PR0, and no how many included, no one is willing to exchange with me.

after I updated daily rewrite articles, and increase the external links to my website finally when update the PR value from 0 to 3. At that time I check my PR3, I can not ah, which is so soon to 3? I was not wrong, and refresh your look, really is 3 ah, in order to ensure the safety, I find the PR URL search to identify genuine inquiries about is true. Oh! read more

Create a visitor loyalty only three points

visitor loyalty is nothing more than "stickiness, and is directly related to the quality of the user experience. How to build a visitor loyalty, you must also have their own thoughts, then I will talk about some of my own experience, hope to correct criticism.

then I’ll pull a little life, I want to live in this world, everything has its purpose, even if it is to see the celebrity gossip, see movie entertainment, see beauty temptation pictures, he is also in order to meet their own needs and desires of the entertainment. So we build the loyalty of the visitors, to visitors from the point of view. read more

Foreign trade website optimization some important details

third, also need to pay attention to the chain appeared many problems in the process of optimization, because the search environment in Google, the construction of the chain of difficulty "

trade website appeal to the owners, but for many webmaster do website also is very difficult, because the search engine intelligent degree of foreign higher, want to do garbage sites, a short time can be obviously very difficult to profit. But it is precisely because the foreign website optimization standard is clear, if the webmaster can according to their standards, the details of the optimization, the effect will be better. Here is a concrete analysis of the optimization details. read more

Good selection of creating high value website title

How to write

as everyone knows, the need for a Shanghai dragon web site optimization, keyword selection is crucial to good development in the future, many webmasters may also select the keyword for the wrong, make your site optimization for a long time has not seen returns, this time you should go to thinking about your keyword selection if there is a problem. Today we have a grassroots perspective to explain the individual owners of a website and how to select the mining keyword value and potential to write out a high value website title. read more

Why the need for integrated marketing

in the past, the traditional marketing mode is summed up, only to hear a sound (television, radio, newspapers, and personally feel no difference what) and the customer has not only love to hear a sound, on the Internet this another voice exists, for more information.

No matter how

change is coming, we expect to reach a consensus is: must have more timely marketing to create powerful brand concept.

integrated marketing in the rise of the Internet, especially the application of Web2.0, users and customers to obtain information way, more channels, the traditional marketing methods can not meet the. read more

Zac dialogue love Shanghai search engineer MP can improve the ranking

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform held Hangzhou salon, there is a "content in power, experience is king peak dialogue — on the love of Shanghai MIP". The dialogue in Shanghai dragon one day, "Shanghai dragon combat code" author Zac speech, and senior technical manager Gao Lei’s dialogue and love Shanghai search, really let the webmaster circle some boiling.

can be said that AMP develops very fast, and this may bring noble baby and the income of the website is closely related to Zac and larger, next introduced the related information: read more

The search page revision of mad men Google to do what

when the changqiangduanbao technology of the media on the novel thing on MWC, Google’s biggest revision of the news of the search advertising, easily dispersed in a happy atmosphere. Well, Google changed the desktop version of the search interface layout, the right advertising was canceled in favor of the search results is displayed at the bottom of 4 ads, display 3 ads — in other words, the user can only be a lower advertising page position, see yourself looking for information. Google also said that this adjustment will be completed in the global scope, and will affect all language websites. read more