Worlds Largest Quantum Bell Test Spans Three Swiss Towns

first_img“There is quite a large community of physicists that speculates on possible connections between quantum gravity and the measurement problem,” coauthor Hugo Zbinden told “The advantage of the Penrose-Diosi model is that it is testable using today’s technology.” In the physicists’ experiment, the detection of each photon by a single-photon detector triggers a voltage to a piezoelectric actuator. The actuator expands, which in turn causes a tiny gold-surfaced mirror to move. By measuring the mirror displacement, the researchers could confirm by the gravity-quantum connection that the quantum measurement had been successfully finished.All of the steps – from photon detection to mirror movement – take about 7.1 microseconds, which is significantly less than the 60 microseconds it would take a photon to cover the 18 km between interferometers. So measurements made simultaneously at each of the interferometers could not be been influenced by anything traveling at – or even a few times more than – the speed of light.“The significance of our experiment lies entirely in achieving space-like separation, even under the assumption that a quantum measurement is only finished after a macroscopic mass has moved, as in the Penrose-Diosi model,” Zbinden explained.Altogether, the experiment serves to fill a loophole by ruling out any kind of communication between two entangled particles separated by a distance, provided the collapse happens only after a mass has moved. By spatially separating the entangled photons, the test once again confirms the nonlocal nature of quantum correlations. More information: Salart, D.; Baas, A.; van Houwelingen, J. A. W.; Gisin, N.; and Zbinden, H. “Spacelike Separation in a Bell Test Assuming Gravitationally Induced Collapses.” Physical Review Letters 100, 220404 (2008).Copyright 2008 All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or part without the express written permission of In an attempt to rule out any kind of communication between entangled particles, physicists from the University of Geneva have sent two entangled photons traveling to different towns located 18 km apart – the longest distance for this type of quantum measurement. The distance enabled the physicists to completely finish performing their quantum measurements at each detector before any information could have time to travel between the two towns. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Many other experiments have observed quantum nonlocality – the “spooky interaction at a distance” that occurs between two entangled particles – and also known as a violation of Bell inequalities. But, as physicists Daniel Salart, et al., explain in a recent issue of Physical Review Letters, these Bell tests might not have gone far enough. If quantum measurements aren’t finished until after a mass has moved (as the team assumes here), then the Bell violations in previous tests might merely have been due to some type of classical communication between particles unknown to today’s physics.In their experiment, the physicists sent pairs of entangled photons from Geneva through optical fibers leading to interferometers in two other Swiss towns: Satigny and Jussy, located 8.2 and 10.7 km away, respectively. The distance between the interferometers in Satigny and Jussy was 18 km. With this large distance between the interferometers, the physicists could perform a more complete quantum measurement than has previously been done. Somewhat surprisingly, physicists have never decided exactly when a quantum measurement is finished (when the “collapse” occurs, if there is any). Different interpretations of quantum mechanics lead to different answers. The most common view is that a quantum measurement is finished as soon as the photons are absorbed by detectors. Previous experiments have been set up to allow enough distance between particle detectors to prohibit communication under this view. But there are also other views of when the measurement is finished, including “when the result is secured in a classical system,” “when the information is in the environment,” or even that it is never over – a view that leads to the many worlds interpretation.The Swiss team followed a view proposed independently by Penrose and Diosi, which assumes a connection between quantum measurements and gravity, and requires a macroscopic mass to be moved. In this view, the measurement takes more time than it does for a photon to be absorbed by a detector. The significance of the Swiss test is that it is the first “space-like separated” Bell test under the Penrose-Diosi assumption. Explore furthercenter_img Measuring light and vacuum fluctuations from a time flow perspective Citation: World’s Largest Quantum Bell Test Spans Three Swiss Towns (2008, June 16) retrieved 18 August 2019 from In the Bell test, two photons from an entangled pair were sent from Geneva to Satigny and Jussy, two small towns located 18 km apart. This distance enabled the space-like separation necessary for finishing a quantum measurement in each town, which required a macroscopic mass to move. Detection of the mass’ movement was completed before information could have traveled between the two towns. Credit: D. Salart, et al.last_img read more

HIRO III lets you feel what you see on screen w Video

first_img This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Scientists from Gifu University’s Kawasaki and Mouri Laboratory at Gifu in central Japan, say the HIRO III is a “haptic interface robot,” which can transmit realistic sensations of touch to a user’s fingertips. The touch screen uses a 3D display to provide the visual stimulus. Citation: HIRO III lets you feel what you see on screen (w/ Video) (2010, July 2) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Robot may perform breast exam ( — Researchers in Japan are developing a new touch screen system, the HIRO III, that incorporates a robot hand that could offer a new way of simulating the touching of virtual objects and receiving feedback from them.center_img © 2010 The robot is an arm and hand with five fingers to which the user’s own fingers are strapped. The robotic fingers give the user tactile sensations simulating the textures of surfaces, size of virtual objects and a sense of weight. The system is integrated with a three-dimensional display that includes an image of the user’s hand. The hand on the screen appears to be in the same position as the user’s own hand, which could make the experience seem very realistic.Each robotic fingertip has fifteen degrees of movement and the arm has six, which allows it to operate in a relatively large space under the screen. The robot’s movements are controlled by fifteen motors running simultaneously.The device could be used in applications such as controlling robotic arms in factory work, and for simulating procedures for medical diagnosis training. At the moment it is still at the experimental stage and the researchers are concentrating on its potential use in teaching medical students how to carry out tactile screening for breast cancer. Explore furtherlast_img read more

Scientists discover new kind of bluegreen algae with carbonates in their cells

first_img( — Researchers studying organisms in Mexico’s Lake Alchichica have discovered a new species of cyanobacterium that unlike any other ever found, has bony, intracellular carbonates. Up till now, specimens with such mineral deposits in their systems have, as the team explains in their paper published in the journal Science, had them on the outsides of their cells. More information: Science 27 April 2012: Vol. 336 no. 6080 pp. 459-462 DOI: 10.1126/science.1216171 Cyanobacterium, known more widely as blue-green algae, are a major part of planet Earth’s many varied geochemical cycles. They take in carbon dioxide and give back oxygen and are believed to have been one of the driving forces that led to the evolution of other types of organisms that survive by breathing the oxygen they provide. Up till now, many types of cyanobacterium have been identified, both in the present and in the historical record, that have carbonate material on the outer edges of their cells that researchers believe is the result of ocean chemistry changes that caused the microbes to precipitate minerals out of their cells leading to calcified crystals.This new species however, appears to be working in a wholly different way. Instead of the carbonate material building up as the cyanobacterium purge minerals from their cells, they appear to be using the bony material as a means of allowing them to anchor themselves to rocks on the bottom of the lake.Because the mineral material – made up of calcium, magnesium, barium, carbonate and strontium (similar to that found in coral) found inside the tiny organisms is not the same percentagewise as minerals in its local environment, the researchers believe the newfound species, Candidatus Gloeomargarita lithophora, is somehow able to manipulate the minerals inside its cells to produce the optimal bonelike material that allows the cyanobacterium to sit on rocks and other structures at the bottom of the lake, thus, providing them with a unique niche in which to survive.Also, because it is not yet known whether the bony material inside the cells of the new species of cyanobacterium disperses when they die, researchers are considering the possibility that their new find may have played a role in early Earth history that until now, has never been identified. If the carbonates dissolve upon death, Candidatus Gloeomargarita lithophora would not have left any evidence of its existence behind.The next step in the research will be of course to find out if the mineral structures inside their cells do disperse when they die, and then to discern if they may help fill in some of the many gaps that still exist in the ancient history of our planet. Explore further © 2012 Phys.Org This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Journal information: Science Citation: Scientists discover new kind of blue-green algae with carbonates in their cells (2012, April 30) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Mars’ missing carbon dioxide may be buriedlast_img read more

How to overcome compassion fatigue

first_imgHurricane Harvey flooded Houston in August 2017, forcing tens of thousands of people out of their homes and stranding others on roofs and porches. Millions watched the disaster unfold on their television screens, but one group sprang into action. The “Cajun Navy” — boat owners from Louisiana, many of whom had endured the ravages of Hurricane Katrina — hitched all manner of watercraft (bass boats, air boats) to their vehicles, drove to Texas and set about rescuing thousands of residents. The informal group, which coordinates using social media, has also traveled to North Carolina and Florida to help flood victims. Why do some people feel compassion, and act, when they hear about mass human suffering, while others put the distress out of their minds and go back to their daily business? The question has long drawn the attention of psychologists and philosophers, not to mention activists looking for ways to get people off their sofas (or to open their wallets) when tragedy strikes — or when governments commit unethical acts. …center_img But as a method for increasing compassion, empathy-through-adversity is a highly unsatisfying solution, since it means that the way to warm people’s hearts is to make them suffer first. Fortunately, shared pain, by itself, isn’t what makes the difference, according to new research from my lab led by Daniel Lim. More specifically, people who have undergone adversity have a greater sense of efficacy when it comes to helping others. Through their own harsh experiences, they’ve come to believe that even small acts of kindness have an impact on those in need. “The best way you can thank somebody for helping you is to go help somebody else,” an engineer and Cajun Navy member named Ben Theriot told the New York Times during Harvey. Read the whole story: The Washington Postlast_img read more

Sculpting thoughts

first_imgThis exhibition exhibits various form of sculpture such as imagination, leaf composition, Ganesh, melting form, emerging form, Akshay-Bateshwar, head series, bird bath etc by Gyan Singh. On the other side the rhythmic, architectural and many other forms are presented in the exhibition by young talented and versatile sculptor Amit Singh.National award winner and a gold medalist from BHU Varanasi, senior most sculptor Gyan Singh is the only world fame sculptor who works in variety of stones in the traditional ancient Indian form as well in the contemporary art form. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Gyan Singh has been working on rhythmic series since a long period of time. His abstract yet attractive sculptures are worth watching. He has organised many national how along with solo shows and  has participated in numerable sculpture shows. He has been associated with world class camps and has been a mentor of many throughout the country. He has always converted his thoughts into sculptures. On the other side Amit Singh, post graduated from College of Art, New Delhi is a talented and versatile young sculptor who has earned many prestigious awards on National level. Contemporary artiste Amit works independently and he mostly carves on marble and do metal casting. Amit Singh is more than familiar with the artiste who mouthed the golden words. While he regards the works of Michelangelo as a textbook on sculpture, he draws inspiration from closer quarters. His father and the socio-economic developments in his immediate environment.Where: Sculptor Court, Triveni kala sangam, Tansen MargWhen: On till 11 AprilTimings: 11 am till 7 pmlast_img read more

ED to slap penalty notices against Lalit Modi others

first_imgThe ED is in the process of serving final penalty notices in 16 alleged forex violation cases amounting to an estimated Rs 1,700 crore against former IPL Chairman Lalit Modi and others as part of its wide-ranging probe in the alleged financial irregularities in various editions of the T-20 cricket extravaganza.High-level Enforcement Directorate sources said apart from these cases, two other instances of suspected contravention of foreign exchange laws and hawala transactions are also being investigated by the central probe agency and these include investigations on the role of Modi. Investigation in a third case of money laundering against the former cricket czar, sources said, is also “underway” which is related to the alleged misappropriation of funds in allotment of cricket media rights by BCCI in 2009. Also Read – Need to understand why law graduate’s natural choice is not legal profession: CJI“About 16 cases being probed under the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) are in the final stages of adjudication, which means final orders for penalty will be served in the coming months against the accused which includes all the important functionaries of the IPL-BCCI including Modi.“The cases amount to violations of an estimated Rs 1,600 crore and the the maximum penalty that can be slapped on the accused could be three times of this amount,” a source said.The agency, in February, had slapped a similar Rs 425 crore show-cause notice against Modi, former BCCI boss Srinivasan, the IPL, private multimedia firms for alleged contravention of forex laws in awarding a cricketing media rights contract in 2009.The sources added that the money laundering case, registered early this year, has been filed by the agency based on an FIR filed by Srinivasan with Chennai police for suspected bungling of funds in awarding media rights for broadcasting BCCI-IPL cricket matches. The agency sources said all the cases being probed against Modi and his associates in IPL-BCCI are related to various editions of the glamorous T-20 matches.last_img read more

RRI to celebrate Rash Behari Boses 100th marriage anniv

first_imgKolkata: The Rashbehari Research Institute (RRI) based in Chandannagore is celebrating 100 years of marriage anniversary of Rash Behari Bose and his Japanese wife Toshiko in a befitting manner.”100 years have passed and the duo has kept proving real love. Rash Behari Bose and Toshiko are connected by heart and promised each other to stay together for the rest of their life. Hence, we have decided to make this 100 years of marriage anniversary special,” said Kalyan Chakraborty, the director of RRI. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killedThe RRI in association with some of their friends based in Japan has arranged an exhibition, which is aimed at boosting the cultural bond between the two countries.The two-day exhibition that kicked off on Monday at Rashbehari auditorium in Chandannagore, Hooghly district will showcase large Kimano (Japanese dress), Yukata (Japanese dress), Japanese dolls, Japanese paintings, rare Japanese books etc. Nakamuraya Curry hat was introduced by Bose in Japan in the late 1920’s and Japanese Black & White Rice will also be exhibited. Also Read – Naihati: 10 councillors return to TMC from BJPThe exhibition will be followed by a Japanese Film Festival and films on freedom movement in the evening.The love life of Rash Behari Bose was brief with the sudden death of his Japanese wife Toshiko, who died of tuberculosis in 1925 only at the age of 28.Married in July 1918, Toshiko had accepted the life of a social outcast and shouldered all domestic responsibility so that Bose can pursue his goal of Indian freedom struggle with dedication.When Bose’s mother-in-law had proposed him to marry again as Toshiko died leaving two young children, Bose said it was impossible for him to love anyone else other than Toshiko. Rash Behari Bose, who has been instrumental in doing the spadework for the legendary organisation of Indian National Army or INA, had sacrificed his job as an officer of the British Raj (he worked as the head clerk at the Forest Research Institute in Dehradun) to join the IndianRevolutionary struggle.”He has been an unsung hero of India’s freedom struggle and 16 books written in Japanese by Bose is yet to be translated in local language. We will urge research scholars to come forward in this venture so that many unknown facts of his eventful life can come to light,” Chakraborty said.last_img read more

Centre to offer six CBM blocks for bidding in fifth round

first_img“We have identified 6 CBM blocks for offering in the next round of CBM block auction,” the official said. The blocks are GJ(1)-CBM-2013/V, GJ(2)-CBM-2013/V, GJ(3)-CBM-2013/V, GJ(4)-CBM-2013/V, GJ(5)-CBM-2013/V and GJ(6)-CBM-2013/V, all in Gujarat.In the previous rounds, a total of 33 CBM blocks spread over 16,613 square kilometers had been awarded. The blocks awarded hold 62.4 Trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of in place reserves, out of which 9.9 Tcf has been established so far. Also Read – I-T issues 17-point checklist to trace unaccounted DeMO cash“So far only 8 blocks have reached development stage and only one block has reached commercial production stage and four others are producing incidental CBM,” he said. The government, he said, is keen to push for CBM extraction in a big way and will soon announce the 5th round of bidding. “The bid round has to be approved by the Cabinet and once that happens, the government will issue Notice Inviting Offer (NIO),” the official said. “Fiscal and terms of CBM block offering are under finalisation and will need to be approved by the Cabinet.”  Also Read – Lanka launches ambitious tourism programme to woo Indian touristsRoadshows will be held in India and abroad to attract global majors to invest. Of the 33 CBM blocks offered in the first four rounds, four blocks have been given up for poor prospectivity and 12 others are under the relinquishment. Prospecting license for three other blocks had not been granted.So in effect, there are only 14 operational CBM blocks. Among the companies which have relinquished the blocks include Australia-based Dart Energy, which gave up four out of five blocks it had won. BP plc of UK, the only other big foreign name to have bid for CBM blocks in India, too is relinquishing its CBM block in West Bengal. The official said Great Easter Energy Corp’s Raniganj (South) block in West Bengal is the only one on commercial production since July 2007 and is currently producing 0.42 million standard cubic meters per day of gas.last_img read more

Alia Parineeti not approached for Farahs next film

first_imgDirector Farah Khan has refuted reports of actors Alia Bhatt and Parineeti Chopra being roped in for her next film.Gossip mills were abuzz that the two actors would be seen in Farah’s next directorial venture, to be produced by superstar Shah Rukh Khan.“It’s not true. I am still working on my script. I think the media just jumps the gun before things happen. We have not approached anyone for the film. Hopefully by the end of this month we should finish the script, then we will search for suitable actors,” said Farah.Farah’s women-centric drama film is likely to come next year though she did not divulged into details. “I can’t talk much about the film except that it is about girl power. We are highlighting several issues regarding women, sexual harassment being one of it,” Farah said.“It is not a preachy, boring film. I myself have been watching such films,” she said.last_img read more

Pregnant Rani is perfectly fine Spokesperson

first_imgActor Rani Mukerji, who is expecting her first child with her husband filmmaker Aditya Chopra, was hospitalised here.Her spokesperson has confirmed that she is “perfectly fine and all is well”. She was taken to the hospital on November 14. It was reported that Rani was at a Diwali bash after which the Ghulam actor was left thoroughly exhausted and needed medical intervention.But Rani’s spokesperson has confirmed that she was hospitalised as she needed rest under “medical supervision”. “Rani Mukerji was admitted to the hospital as the doctor felt that she needed to rest for a few days under medical supervision. She was discharged, but has chosen to rest it out in the hospital for a few more days as the baby’s room is being prepared at home and she wanted to be away from the dust and noise. “She is perfectly fine and all is well,” Rani’s spokesperson said in a statement. The Kuch Kuch Hota Hai actress will be discharged on Thursday. Rani tied the knot with Aditya last year and is expected to welcome her first child in January 2016. There were reports of Pamela Chopra eagerly waiting to bring her grandchild home. Rani, who was last seen in ‘Mardaani’ was considered for a cola brand endorsement.last_img read more

Theatre bonanza

first_imgTheatre lovers, enthusiasts and experts experienced and witnessed a series of plays by well known playwrights, which surely enthralled them and touched their hearts to the very core. A series of plays, namely Rajrakto, Chitrapata, Dopehri and The Cabinet of Dr Caligari was staged as a part of the18th Bharat Rang Mahostsav on Friday in the national Capital.“The first play Rajrakto is based on Rabindranath Tagore’s Bisarjan, Sacrifice and Rajarshi. The play, which was performed by IFTA (Institute of Factual Theatre Arts) Kolkata, has been directed by Debasish Dutta. The background of this play gave an opportunity to the director to explore the nature of terrorist activities in the modern world.  Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Clinging to the folk vein, Kannada’s famous poet and playwright H S Venkatesha Murthy, had put on stage an imaginary episode that is different from the original Ramayana. The play, titled Chitrapata, has been directed by Manjunath L. Badiger and the performers were a part of a group named Samashti from Bengaluru.When asked about the play, director H S Venkatesha Murthy said: “This play has been inspired by one of the folk poems of Helavanakatte Giriyamma. Our folk artists have analysed The Ramayana and given it their own unique perspective in this play. The play takes a pro-women stance and tries to search for answers to the atrocities being inflicted on womankind through Seetha’s character”, said H S Venkatesha Murthy.  Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixDirected by Pankaj Kapur and performed by Theatron, Mumbai, Dopehri is set in the streets of Lucknow where the haveli of an old lonely woman, Amma Bi, is situated. Pankaj Kapur brings to us her story, reading and bringing alive the characters, stringing us through the emotions and nuances of these characters and the milieu of an old Lucknow. Dopheri is a novella written by Pankaj Kapur and now has been rendered by him on stage as well.The Cabinet of Dr Caligari has been written by Hans Janowitz and Carl Mayeris and directed by Deepan Sivaraman. The play, which has been performed by Performance Studies Collective group from Delhi, is a contemporary take on the 1920 film by the same name, emerging out of spatial experimentation with a focus on objects, some found and others made.  It is a multimedia performance in which the scenography and dramaturgy emerge together in an attempt to navigate through the run-down warehouse space where the production has been staged. The story of Holstenwall unfolds through multiple layers of visual narratives, slowly peeling off, to keep the audiences at the edges of their seats. “The Cabinet of Dr Caligari offers the possibility of looking into the layers of human mind, always floating rather than certain, and complex in nature. In this performance I attempted to explore the possibility of total theatre in which all the aspects of theatre such as scenography, dramaturgy, actor’s performance come together to make it a ‘total’ experience”, said Deepan Sivaraman, director of the play.last_img read more

Puja organisers use govt grant to promote road safety

first_imgKolkata: With the Mamata Banerjee government giving a grant of Rs 10,000 to each Durga Puja committee, the Puja organisers have utilised it by taking various steps to make people aware about road safety norms.In the past two years, a section of Durga Puja organisers were found taking steps to create awareness on road safety measures. But this year, almost all the Durga Puja organisers have made elaborate arrangements in and around their Puja pandals, so that people can pick up lessons on road safety while visiting the pandals with their near and dear ones. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeIt may be mentioned that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had made the announcement of giving the Rs 10,000 grant to each of the 28,000 Durga Puja committees in the state.Subsequently, the Puja committees had submitted applications for the same with the police and cheques were distributed among the Puja committees after the Calcutta High Court decided not to interfere into the matter. The state government had decided to give the grant to the Puja committees for traffic safety campaigns. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedThe Puja organisers had started making various plans since the day the Chief Minister announced that they will be receiving the grant.The Chief Minister had introduced the statewide Safe Drive Save Life campaign, which has helped in reducing the number of road accidents to a large extent.Now, with the help of the grant, the Puja organisers have taken initiatives to create awareness regarding the same. The song on Safe Drive Save Life is getting played in different pandals and is reaching people from all walks of life, including those who drive vehicles. At the same time, placards and banners carrying the message of Safe Drive Save Life have been put up at different places in and around different Puja pandals. There are many Puja organisers who have set up giant screens on which video clippings of different road accidents are being shown. Many people were found watching the video clippings ardently.A large section of the Puja committees have also left messages of Safe Drive Save Life in the leaflets that they are distributing to let people know their programme schedule during the Puja.Some have even deployed volunteers at the roads close to the Puja pandals to make people wear helmets while riding bikes. The volunteers were found wearing white t-shirts with the message of Safe Drive Save Life printed on it.last_img read more

Uganda looks for new avenues with KVIC

first_imgA six-member delegation led by Goodwill Ambassador of Uganda to India Renu Varun, recently met Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) Chairman Vinai Kumar Saxena at his Gandhi Darshan office in Rajghat here and thanked him for the Gandhi Charkha gifted by KVIC – for the Gandhi Heritage Site at Jinja in UgandaTalking with the Chairman, the Goodwill Ambassador also invited him to visit the site in Uganda, where the Gandhian Charkha had been displayed. “In the backdrop of the ‘Gandhi Charakha’ that arrived for the first time ever on the East African soil on the shores of River Nile where Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes were sprinkled and the fact that Uganda is a fine cotton producing country, the Uganda Government underscores the need to support the development of the private sector to become an engine for growth.Since Uganda has an extensive micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) sub-sector which accounts for approximately 90 percent of the private sector, innovative KVIC programmes like ‘Honey Mission’, ‘Kachchi Ghani oil,’ Tailoring, candle making, spinning and weaving activities can be a vehicle through which the rural poor and the jobless Ugandans can transform themselves tomorrow,” she said, adding, “Uganda eagerly waits to collaborate with KVIC, to fetch some productive output as it can add value to the economy of Uganda.”Meanwhile, the Corroborating similar views, the other delegates including Sheba Kyobutungi (Head, Implementation Youth Desk), Lucy Nakyobe (Permanent Secretary), Lillian Ester Sebedduka (Head, Security Forces Desk), Seruyange Susan (Ministry of Defence, Senior Social Development Officer) and Faridah Nassali (Manager, Presidential Initiative) also said that they were overwhelmed to see the KVIC programmes and its impact on job creation, particularly for women.The delegates, selected by the Ministry of External Affairs, have been invited to India to study the various women empowerment projects being run by KVIC. The delegation also visited the multi-disciplinary training centre of KVIC and spoke to the trainees at incense stick making, tailoring, designing and other units.last_img read more

Fire at Moonda Kotee tea estate none hurt

first_imgDarjeeling: A fire broke out at Moonda Kotee tea estate in the wee hours of Saturday. The office of the tea garden was totally gutted thereby destroying all documents, records and the computers of the garden. There has been no report of any injury or loss of life.The garden is situated around 4 km below Sonada in the Kurseong sub division of the Darjeeling district. The fire broke out around 12:30am on Saturday. “Tea garden workers and local residents tried to douse the fire. We even tried to contact the fire brigade but failed to do so. Soon, the office was razed to the ground,” stated Puran Rai, assistant manager of the tea estate. Incidentally, there had been a fire in the factory of the garden in 2004, in which the factory was gutted. The garden is owned by Darjeeling Organic Tea Estate Pvt Ltd. They have a worker strength of 949. 298. Seventy-eight hectares of land is under tea cultivation in the garden.last_img read more

WATCH Mark Cuban gets owned by dabbing young Jazz fan

first_imgI’m dying. ??? @mcubanMoment of the week. #Mavs #NBA— Buster Scher (@BusterScher) December 20, 2016 Advertisement Mark Cuban seems like a genuinely laid back guy for a billionaire. He’s been courtside from the first day he bought the Mavericks and is always accessible to the fans.Last night, Cuban was socializing with the Salt Lake City crowd before the Mavs 103-100 road loss to the Jazz, when he spotted a young Jazz fan sitting courtside in a Derrick Favors jersey. Cuban approached the kid for a high five, but at the last second, the little dude pulls the hand back and busts out a dab on Cuban.Ethered.The kid has some guts, even if he is probably a little brat. To Cuban’s credit, he laughed the whole thing off, and jokingly wiped his nose on the kid’s Favors jersey.center_img Here’s the video:last_img read more

Gottlieb and Oklahoma State HC Mike Boynton Talk Hoops and His Winding

first_imgThis week, Gottlieb looks at the LeBron AAU layup line controversy and talks hoop with Oklahoma State Head Basketball Coach Mike Boynton on his path from growing up playing ball in Brooklyn, to DI college player at South Carolina, to assistant, to getting the head job in Stillwater, and his plans to build upon and improve Gottlieb’s alma mater program. Make sure you download, rate and subscribe here to get the latest All Ball Podcasts!Make sure you download and subscribe to All Ball and The Herd Podcast Network on iTunes and iHeart, or however you choose to listen!last_img read more

Tap Into Online Safety

first_imgSeptember 1, 2007 Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Entrepreneur: Online fraud seems to be a popular topic, but has the percentage of fraudulent transactions on eBay actually increased?Rob Chesnut: There is less fraud on eBay today than there was three years ago. In the past five years, we’ve built our own fraud engine and now have a global team of 2,000 safety experts dedicated to identifying potential fraudulent activity. We’ve stayed ahead of a fast and challenging environment, and we’ve really made an impact. But I’m not satisfied. Fraud at any level on eBay just isn’t acceptable.Entrepreneur: Can you describe the most common forms of fraud?Chesnut: Fraud usually occurs when buyers take transactions offline, away from the safe confines of eBay. In the rare instances it occurs on eBay, it’s seller fraud committed on buyers, such as when the buyer sends payment and the seller fails to ship the merchandise, it gets lost or what the buyer receives isn’t what was advertised. In those cases, the buyer files a complaint against the seller. The higher-dollar transactions have more potential for [fraudulent activity].For sellers, the key issue is how to handle problem customers. Are you willing to live with [potential] negative feedback? Will you accept returns? Is the customer always right? The greater the level of trust you build, the more successful you’ll be. Trust is determined by the number of transactions you’ve completed, the number of positive feedbacks you’ve received and whether or not you accept returns.Entrepreneur: What is the difference between trust and safety?Chesnut: Safety from potential crime and fraud is a prerequisite for trust. The more you do to demonstrate that you are a trustworthy seller, the safer your buyers will feel and the more they will buy from you.Entrepreneur: What new features has eBay instituted to combat fraudulent transactions?Chesnut: We just launched a number of initiatives designed to eliminate fraud and ensure safer transactions. Our Safeguarding Member IDs project helps prevent off-site fraud by hiding the bidder’s User ID on transactions over $200 so buyers don’t receive spam. We’ve also put restrictions on items popular with fraudsters and on luxury brands to keep counterfeits off the site. And we are much less tolerant of sellers who offer buyers a mediocre customer experience. New feedback features enable buyers to give more detailed ratings, so sellers can differentiate themselves and buyers can make more informed decisions.Entrepreneur: What can sellers do to protect themselves against fraud?Chesnut: First, be suspicious of anyone who wants to complete a transaction offline. Second, communicate with buyers, and read their feedback history to see what they’ve bought and sold before. Third, offer a safe and secure payment method such as PayPal, which offers you and your buyers a high level of protection. Fourth, never click on suspicious links or phishing e-mails, and be sure your computer has the latest browser–Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox, which have built-in phishing protection. Finally, use common sense and be wary of unusual listings.Marcia Layton turner writers regularly on small-business issues and is author of The Unofficial Guide to Marketing Your Small Business. 3 min read Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global Register Now »last_img read more

Sprint and OneWeb Say the 8000 Jobs Announced by Trump Are Part

first_img Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. This story originally appeared on Reuters Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global 2 min read President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday said telecommunications group Sprint Corp. and a U.S. satellite company OneWeb will bring 8,000 jobs to the United States, and the companies said the positions were part of a previously disclosed pledge by Japan’s SoftBank Group Corp.SoftBank holds stakes in both companies and its chief, billionaire businessman Masayoshi Son, earlier in December said he would invest $50 billion in the United States and create 50,000 jobs.Sprint in January said it had cut 2,500 jobs as part of its plan to cut $2.5 billion in costs. On Wednesday it said it would create 5,000 jobs in areas including sales and customer care by the end of its fiscal year ending in March 2018.Sprint spokesman Dave Tovar said the jobs were part of the pledge made by Son but would be funded by Sprint.SoftBank and OneWeb had announced on Dec. 19 that the Japanese company was leading a $1.2 billion funding round.OneWeb plans to use the funds to build a plant in Florida to produce low-cost satellites, creating almost 3,000 jobs at the company and its suppliers.SoftBank described its $1 billion share of the funding as the first tranche of the $50 billion promised by Son in a meeting with Trump.It is not clear whether the $50 billion SoftBank investment would be part of a $100 billion tech investment fund that the head of SoftBank and Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund had announced earlier in the year.”I was just called by the head people at Sprint and they are going to be bringing 5,000 jobs back to the United States, they are taking them from other countries,” Trump told reporters outside his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.”And also OneWeb, a new company, is going to be hiring 3,000 people. So that’s very exciting,” he added.Shares of Sprint Corp., which is 82 percent owned by SoftBank, were barely changed in after-hours trading.(Reporting by Richard Cowan; Additional reporting by Susan Heavey and Heather Somerville; Writing by Ayesha Rascoe and Peter Henderson; Editing by Lisa Shumaker) Register Now » December 29, 2016last_img read more

A Look at Desktop Environments XFCE

first_imgA Look at Desktop Environments: XFCE by Mike Turcotte-McCusker on March 30, 2017 in Linux – Last Update: March 29, 2017 – 8 comments Xfce is yet another lightweight but highly customizable desktop environment many people use for GNU/Linux, and is the environment of choice for systems such as Xubuntu, and Manjaro (Although Manjaro does come in other flavours, Xfce is known as the Manjaro teams initial focus and was their primary DE for a while.). The Xfce website ( on their about page describes Xfce as, “Xfce embodies the traditional UNIX philosophy of modularity and re-usability. It consists of a number of components that provide the full functionality one can expect of a modern desktop environment. They are packaged separately and you can pick among the available packages to create the optimal personal working environment.”This is the fourth part of a series. Click on these links to read reviews of KDE, Mate and GNOME.A Look at Desktop Environments: XFCEThe machine I used for this has the following specs:Intel i5-4210U8GB DDR3SSDRunning Linux Mint 18.1 XFCE 64bitCustomization and Default Appearance Xfce by default doesn’t look too terrible in my opinion, and mint in their OS has packaged quite a few different wallpapers and themes with the system so that unless you are truly a deep themer, you should be able to make your system look relatively how you’d like without much hassle. I personally prefer using a darker theme; thankfully there were a few I had available to me by default, so changing that was short and sweet. Most Xfce installs I have come across use the Whisker menu by default and Mint was no exception to that. However, as stated in a previous article, I am not a fan of the Whisker menu (to the surprise of many apparently), and so I opted to switch that menu out for a more traditional applications menu. Xfce has the ability to use GTK 2.x and GTK 3.x themes, so visiting will give the user plenty of themes available to choose from for those who simply do not like the ones packaged with their OS. However, be aware that Xfce does plan to fully shift to GTK 3.x completely in the future.Default Software Just like with pretty well any modern desktop environment available, Xfce has it’s own default software for completing the generic default tasks. The default file manager known as Thunar, is one such example. Thunar is pretty straight forward; it’s nowhere near as customizable or powerful as others such as Dolphin, but it does what it needs to do and does it well nonetheless. The interface is clean, organized and minimalistic. Xfce is a lightweight desktop environment, so you’ll find that most of the prepackaged software is minimalistic but still remaining fully functional. Don’t expect all the bells and whistles; you’ll want KDE or GNOME for that.Some other software that is included by default in Xfce are:Xfce-Terminal – a no frills terminal emulator. Nice, simple, does what you need.Xfwm – the Xfce window manager. No animations by default, but does feature compositing.Xfburn – CD/DVD/BRD burning software. Mousepad – In Xubuntu and others Distros, this is your notepad software. It’s nice and easy to use, howeve Linux Mint opted to replace it with xed, another lightweight text editor. Depending on your distro of choice, a plethora of other software will be included as well, it’s just noteworthy that Xfce does not itself actually ship with a great deal of custom software. There are others listed as well as defaults for Xfce, they can be found here. ( Resources UsedSurprisingly, Xfce used more system resources than I had expected running minimal amount of software. With LibreOffice, Terminal, Firefox with two tabs open, the system was using 1.1GB of RAM, and my CPU sat at around 7-9% utilization. All in all, nothing this laptop couldn’t handle, but surprisingly it used more resources than other environments tested. I still would recommend Xfce to be used on less powerful systems, but I was just caught off guard by the amount of RAM used.Final Words Xfce is a lovely interface. It’s simple, it’s fast, it’s no frills but still attractive, it has everything you could need for general computer usage. I highly recommend Xfce for anyone who wants a mix of lightweight and minimalism with attractiveness and a clean look to things.What about you? What’s your thoughts on Xfce? What Desktop Environment do you use?More overviews coming soon!SummaryArticle NameA Look at Desktop Environments: XFCEDescriptionMike takes a look at the XFCE desktop environment in the fourth part of the series, and analyzes software, resource use and customization options.Author Mike TurcottePublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more

Grammarly Premium review

first_imgGrammarly Premium review by Martin Brinkmann on January 02, 2018 in Internet – Last Update: January 02, 2018 – 12 commentsGrammarly is an online spell and grammar checker for the English language. It is available as a free and limited version and a premium version.I always wanted to try the premium version of Grammarly but found it to be quite an expensive affair. Grammarly Premium is available as a subscription service; the lowest price, if you pay annually, is $11.66 right now. That’s $139.95 for spell and grammar checking.I stumbled upon a deal on Ghacks Deals recently that got me a one-year subscription for $69.98 instead (with options to renew at that price), and I made the decision then and there to become a Grammarly Premium user for a year.How does Grammarly work?Grammarly is available as a web service, as browser extensions for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari, as Microsoft Word and Outlook add-ins, and as software for Windows.The core functionality is identical for each of the available applications. What happens is the following:You set up the service. Setup includes selecting whether you write in US English or British English.Grammarly checks your writing as you type, or when you paste it.It does so by sending the data to the Grammarly server.Errors are highlighted after the checks, and it is up to you to go through them to either accept the correction or ignore it.The browser extensions work pretty much the same. The extensions add a Grammarly icon to the main toolbar of the web browser to indicate that Grammarly installed correctly. You use it to sign in to your account and to disable functionality on specific sites.The extension adds an icon to the active form as well which highlights spelling or grammar mistakes and issues using yellow and red colors. Red indicates critical issues, yellow advanced issues.A click on the Grammarly icon opens an overlay of the text. All issues are underlined in it and suggestions are displayed next to it. A click on the arrow icon provides an explanation for the issue, for instance, spelling mistakes, passive voice use, or that words are used repetitively. A click on the suggestion replaces the original text with the suggestion.You may ignore any issue as well so that Grammarly won’t show it again.Grammarly underlines spelling or grammar mistakes directly in some browsers as well. It did so in Chrome, but I ran into issues in Firefox. While Grammarly did display the underlines sometimes, it did not show them underneath the text.You need to hover over the underline to display the suggestion and can accept the correction right away without having to open the overlay first.Grammarly replaces the default spell checker of the browser while active.The Word add-inThe Grammarly Word add-in adds a new tab to the Office application. A click on it opens the interface, but Grammarly is set up to check for issues even when the tab is not active. You can disable the functionality in the options.The add-in comes with extra functionality that the browser extensions don’t support. You can set a document type, e.g., technical or academic writing.You use the Grammarly sidebar to go through the document or click on any underlined text in the document to jump to the Grammarly suggestion for it.The Word add-in runs checks — contextual spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and style — by default. You can enable the vocabulary enhancement check on top of that, and disable any of the checks as well.The Web version of Grammarly supports a basic editing interface. You can paste text into the text field, upload text, or type instead. Grammarly runs checks on the text that you type or paste, and supplies you with the same set of tools to check, accept or ignore its suggestions.Documents can be copied or downloaded afterward. The web version supports pretty much the same feature set as the Word add-in. There is one difference though: the web version of Grammarly supports sending documents to professional proof-readers. Proof-reading starts at $1.20 for 60 words and goes up to $9.60 per 60 words if you need results within 30 minutes.Grammarly Free vs PremiumAll versions of Grammarly support grammar and spell checking. Premium users get access to additional checks and suggestions on top of that:Advanced checks for punctuation, grammar, context, and structure.Vocabulary enhancement suggestions.Genre-specific writing style checks.Plagiarism Detector.My ExperienceI ran into a couple of issues right away. The Firefox extension did not recognize the sign in at first. I contacted Grammarly support, and the response was quick. I was told that Grammarly needed third-party cookie support and that I should set cookie handling to “allow all” in Firefox.I did not have time yet to investigate this further, but I plan to set it up so that the cookies that Grammarly sets are allowed while all other third-party cookies are not.Grammarly works fine for the most part. I tested it as a browser extension, Word add-in, and web version.I like the Word add-in best, as it does not get in your way while you write. The spinning Grammarly icon that the service’s browser extensions add is quite distracting and can’t be disabled.The Word add-in and the Web version make it easier to correct issues that Grammarly found on top of that as these are displayed in a sidebar and not in an overlay.Grammarly finds issues that regular spell checking won’t. That’s useful, especially if you are a writer or write regularly.I’m not too fond of the server-side nature of the service and the fact that you cannot disable the stats collecting. Grammarly sends weekly reports to users that highlight how productive you are in comparison to all other users of the service. Unsubscribe options are only displayed in the emails, but not on the Grammarly website.Grammarly is expensive even when it is discounted. It is probably worth it if you are a writer, blogger or student.SummaryArticle NameGrammarly Premium reviewDescriptionGrammarly is an online spell and grammar checker for the English language. It is available as a free and limited version and a premium version.Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more