Commons committee asks Liberals to look to basic income to help gig

first_imgOTTAWA — A House of Commons committee is urging the government to take a deeper look at the concept of a guaranteed minimum income to help a growing cohort of “gig economy” workers.The MPs’ report on declines in traditional, full-time employment in favour of short-term contract work says the government needs to explore new types of income supports “that do not depend upon someone having a job.”To that end, the committee calls on federal officials to review a minimum income program, which is typically a no-strings-attached government payment to every citizen, as an option to help those between gigs who fall through the existing social safety net.The report calls for a revamp of the employment-insurance system to widen the safety net by reducing the minimum number of hours someone must work before qualifying for benefits and boosting the value of payments.MPs on the committee make a nod to some recent federal efforts, such as a soon-to-be-launched tax credit for individuals to offset the cost of work-training courses.But here, too, the committee urges the government to pay close attention to the design of the Canada Training Benefit to make sure it is accessible to low-wage, part-time or self-employed workers and to make every effort to ensure they use the program.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Mens volleyball Assistant coach Kevin Burchs winning career started early

Assistant coach Kevin Burch talked to freshman outside hitter Resse Devilbliss in the game against Lindenwood on Feb. 19. Credit: Aliyyah Jackson | Lantern ReporterBehind the success of the 40-game win streak of the top-ranked Ohio State men’s volleyball team is a coaching staff that is no stranger to winning national championships, especially assistant coach Kevin Burch.Burch has been a part of a staff that has coached a national championship volleyball team for the past six years, including last year when OSU won the national title.“I think it’s a lot of luck,” Burch said. “No matter what, I think that if I were not to look at it as luck, then I probably wouldn’t have won six in a row.”Before Burch became a six-time national championship winning volleyball coach, his journey in the volleyball world started when he was a junior in high school. He went to El Modena High School in Orange, California, where he played soccer and football until he injured himself on the football field.It was at this time that he first discovered men’s volleyball and he began playing after he recovered from his injury in the spring. By the time he graduated, he helped his team win its first league title in 16 years.“I started late, but I loved it,” Burch said. “I couldn’t wait to go to practice every day. I couldn’t wait to be a part of it. So, when I got the opportunity to coach, after I was done playing in high school, I jumped all over it. I loved it.”He had his first coaching job at Foothill High School in Tustin, California. He then left to play volleyball for Orange Coast Community College for a year where he was also a team captain. It was that year, 2008, when Burch knew he wasn’t cut out to play volleyball at a high level, but he wanted to still be involved in the sport.He was then faced with the decision to transfer and was considering OSU, where his grandfather received his bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. His grandfather, who is an Ohio native, was a huge factor in Burch’s decision to come to OSU.“When I came back here for the first time, when I was 12 years old I realized, like, there are more people like my grandpa that are just good, old-fashioned people,” Burch said. “The longer that I’ve been around them, the more I realize that it’s more of just who I am, the way that I was brought up, my kind of people.”Under the wing of OSU coach Pete Hanson, Burch was promoted to student volunteer assistant coach in his second year in the program. Then in 2011, he helped coach the Buckeyes to a national championship, starting his six-season national title streak.After the 2011 season, he went on to coach the men’s volleyball team at Springfield College, where he held his first collegiate coaching job. The Springfield Pride won the Division III national championship.He then went to the University of California, Irvine to help coach the Anteaters to a men’s national title as an assistant coach. In the 2014 season, he went back to Springfield, where the men’s team won another Division III national championship.After his second stint at Springfield, he went on to the Penn State women’s volleyball coaching staff where he was director of operations. While working under the guidance of legendary volleyball head coach Russ Rose, the Penn State Lady Lions won the 2014 National Championship.Then, Burch received an offer to come coach the Buckeyes again under Hanson.“I told Russ that the only program I would leave for was Ohio State, and when Pete (Hansen) calls, you listen,” Burch said. “I couldn’t wait to be back where it all started.”He began having an impact on the team right away through his scouting efforts, statistical breakdowns and defensive schemes.“When the position became available, it just seemed like a no-brainer. It was a pretty easy decision,” Hanson said. “Kevin is just a wonderful young assistant. He’s energetic, he’s professional, great at his job. The guys have bought into what he is saying.”In the Buckeyes’ championship run last season, Burch worked closely with players, including redshirt sophomore middle blocker Blake Lesson.“Kevin is like a unicorn,” Lesson said. “He’s a rare species. He brings a side to coaching that I personally have never seen before.”Burch said his coaching style is heavily influenced by the lessons that his grandfather taught him growing up while he played sports.“First of all, my grandpa was a teacher. He was at brilliant human being, brilliant man,” Burch said. “When I starting coaching, the teaching never stopped. He would always kind of start teaching me how to be a teacher. It was always, ‘Make sure you’re positive, make sure to control your emotion and make sure to help them control their emotion.’”Even though he grew up in Southern California, Burch still considers Columbus home for him and his wife.“This is kind of where the heart is now,” Burch said. “My wife and I love it here, and I don’t think we’d have it any other way. I’m really, really happy and me and my wife being happy is the most important thing.” read more

EU criticised over enforcement of Microsofts promise of web browser choice

first_imgTHE EU HAS fined Microsoft €561 million for failing to provide customers with a choice of Internet browser, as the tech giant had promised.But the EU itself has been criticised with claims that it had not done its job properly by allowing the US giant to monitor its own commitments.EU Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia said this was the first time a company had been fined for failing to live up to commitments it had made to satisfy an EU complaint, making it a “very serious infringement.”Almunia stressed that in 2009, Microsoft had given a cast-iron vow to offer clients a web browser choice through to 2014 after complaints about the then-dominance of its Windows Explorer product.“Legally binding commitments reached in anti-trust decisions play a very important role in our enforcement policy because they allow for rapid solutions to competition problems,” Almunia said in a statement.“Such decisions require strict compliance. A failure to comply is a very serious infringement that must be sanctioned accordingly.”A Commission probe showed that during the roll-out of Windows 7, Microsoft failed to offer the choice screen for the period May 2011 to July 2012, affecting some 15 million computer buyers.Asked several times at a press conference why the Commission had not picked up on the problem at the time, Almunia said that it was Microsoft itself which was in charge of monitoring its commitments and reporting to the EU.“The monitoring trustee was Microsoft … in 2009 we were perhaps more naive than we are today,” he said, adding that the Commission was only made aware of the problem after a complaint since the company did not mention it.Closer monitoringIn future, such commitments would be monitored much more closely, said Almunia, who took up his post in 2010.Officials will have to be “very careful about how they design the monitoring of (company) commitments … I don’t want this to be repeated in the future,” he said.Wednesday’s action was intended to “deter those who may be tempted in the future not to meet the commitments they made,” he added.Microsoft acknowledged the failure on Wednesday, which it put down to technical problems.“We take full responsibility for the technical error that caused this problem and have apologised for it,” the company said, adding that it would do all in its power to avoid any repeat.From July 2012, Microsoft complied with the web choice requirement and Almunia said the company had indicated it would make up the 14 months of lost time.Wednesday’s decision comes as the Commission reviews proposals from Internet giant Google aimed at ending a probe into its dominance of online search advertising platforms.Critics say Google controls about 70 percent of the Internet search market, and the advertising that goes with it.The US regulator said last month it lacked a legal basis to bring a case against Google but had won commitments from the company to end its “most troubling” practices.Almunia said the EU probe into Google was continuing and declined to be drawn further. The single biggest EU anti-trust fine was against computer chip-maker Intel at €1.06 billion in 2009.- © AFP, 2013Read: Goodbye Hotmail, hello Microsoft Outlooklast_img read more

Thai Orchid restaurant to open new site on Monday

first_imgThe downtown Vancouver restaurant Thai Orchid has scheduled an 11 a.m. Monday grand opening and ribbon-cutting event and invites members of the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce to help celebrate its new location at 213 W. 11th St.The new site will open to the public at 4 p.m. the same day. Restaurant owner Kat Saenguraiporn last year purchased the site — a one-story building that once served as annex showroom space for the former Koplan’s Home Furnishings — for $750,000.The space has been remodeled with natural wood and metal accents that highlight the building’s exposed brick walls. Thai Orchid has served Thai cuisine since 1997 in leased space on the southeast corner of the same city block at West Evergreen Boulevard and Washington Street.last_img read more

Broward College students take advantage of mass shooting seminars

first_imgFORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) – Broward College campus police are preparing students to handle a shooting.Some students fear they could be easy targets on campus but said, with the proper training, they’ll know what to do in a bad situation.“I’m a mother, and I have a friend that was a victim and passed away due to gunfire, so I was in shock,” said Broward College student Tiana Gonzalez.“No student really can come on campus these days and really say that they feel safe,” said Broward College student Alec Vergara.Before the Parkland high school shooting, monthly mass shooting seminars held at Broward College were sparsely attended, but nearly a week after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, there was a large turnout.“On the heels of being the center of attention with such a terrible event in our lives, it has really woken people up,” said campus safety director Lt. John Labandera.The hour-long session included a video from the Center for Personal Protection and Safety. “It’s a step in the right direction because, so far, there is no steps that have been taken,” Vergara said.Students said they believe these kinds of steps will not only keep them safe but others as well.“You just have to act, so I hope we can take something from this and at least have an idea,” Brannon said.“You can save yourself and save others in the long run,” Gonzalez said.Campus police said they also invite non-students to attend sessions, as well. If you’re interested, you can get the contact information here.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. The goal is to teach people warning signs and how to handle yourself in a crisis.Senior Lindsey Brannon is studying to be a teacher and felt like the presentation could be beneficial for her future career.“After the event occurred last Wednesday, I emailed my advisor the next day and said, ‘Hey, I’m a future teacher. We need this,’” she said.Labandera, who has spent his career in law enforcement has hosted these sessions on each Broward College campus once a month. However, after the Stoneman Douglas shooting, Labandera said the lesson is now personal.“It effected me tremendously because I’ve spent many years as a police officer and resource officer working for the Broward County Schools,” he said.Labandera said the most important thing is to be aware of anything going on around you. “The minute you walk out of your door from home, you must raise your condition level of alertness,” he said.It’s a tip that these students admitted can be easily overlooked, especially when you’re busy. last_img read more

Vignan students launch save water rally in Visakhapatnam

first_imgVisakhapatnam: Students of Vignan’s Women Engineering College takes out an eco-rally on conservation of water at RK Beach in Visakhapatnam on Sunday. Holding placards and raising slogans, several students took part in the rally organised by the institution’s Department of Information Technology with enthusiasm. The rally is aimed to create awareness on saving every drop of water and its judicious use.last_img

The Gifted Season 2 Episode 9 Recap Coming Together and Falling Apart

first_imgThe midseason finale is the perfect time to draw the disparate storylines back to a single focus. That’s something The Gifted needed as it approached its short winter break. It’s going to be taking the next few weeks off, it needed to leave us eager to pick it back up in 2019. It does a pretty good job of it too. A few of the show’s recent episodes have felt a little disjointed. With characters going off in different directions, not every story felt like it had the same momentum behind it. The midseason finale fixed that, leaving the show in an exciting state before taking a short holiday break.Much of the action this episode focuses on Rebecca. We even begin with a peek into her past for the opening flashback. It’s kind of a letdown to return to the flashback-opening-as-present-day-setup formula after last week’s fun time-jumping episode, but this one’s good enough to make up for it. Like any good X-Men story, even the evil mutants aren’t truly bad. They have legitimate reasons for doing what they do. We see Rebecca as a teenager whose parents are so afraid of her, they flinch when she uses her powers to mush up her breakfast. Apparently she almost killed her teacher at school, but the scene makes it sound like an accident. This was before years of torture and imprisonment made her homicidal. Even knowing what she goes on to do, it’s genuinely sad and affecting to watch her parents call Sentinel Services on her. The scene does such a good job communicating her sense of betrayal.Anjelica Bette Fellini and Percy Hynes White (Photo Credit: Annette Brown/FOX)She’s experiencing that betrayal all over again in the present. Reeva re-captured her and now imprisons her in a dark, constantly moving metal box. The people who saved her are torturing her all over again. Even Andy, blinded by angst though he is, sees the hypocrisy here. He’s disgusted by it, and takes the first opportunity to break his girlfriend out. His fantasies of two young lovers running away together are short-lived, though. She’s already been recaptured once, and she’s not going to let it happen again. When Andy mentions the Inner Circle is all in a meeting together, she immediately goes to kill them all. That’s where things cross a line for Andy. He was able to justify her actions at the bank. She was emotional, it was her first mission, that kind of thing. But this is premeditated murder. Andy sees the choice laid out in front of him and he chooses to protect his friends. They’re goals may be questionable, but Andy doesn’t see that yet, and they’ve generally tried to avoid killing innocent people. So they’ve got that going for them.Andy saves the Inner Circle with a blast that sends Rebecca flying across the room… and landing against a corner hard enough to break her neck. Andy screams in horror when he finds out she’s dead, and for some reason, the emotion doesn’t really land in this scene. It feels a little too rushed. The show nailed the hurt and betrayal of the cold open, but Rebecca’s death, while certainly shocking, didn’t quite land the way it should have. What’s more interesting is the sense that Reeva may have planned this whole thing. She needs Andy for her big security firm hit, and Rebecca’s become dangerously close to stealing him away. Before her death, Reeva ominously talks about a part Rebecca still has to play. Did she set this up? Did she know the torture would cause Andy to free her, while making Rebecca mad enough to kill? She may not have planned for Andy to be the one to deliver the blow, but it’s certainly possible she intended to drive them apart one way or the other.Percy Hynes White, guest star Anjelica Bette Fellini and Grace Byers (Photo Credit: Annette Brown/FOX)Either way, it worked. Andy, convinced by Polaris that the world they’re fighting for is worth it, goes through with the attack. He destroys the servers controlling every mutant prison collar currently in use. That was the goal here. To free every imprisoned mutant. And it looks so cool. It’s a powerful image to leave us on for a few weeks. Not only do we get to see Polaris looking exactly like her father (whom the show still won’t name), we get to see a mutant-powered prison break, complete with a spontaneously combusting prison guard. Should I feel guilty for finding that image so satisfying? Probably. But he was a tool of fascism and thems the breaks. Watching a newly freed mutant light a dude on fire is just cool. Not sorry.What makes the midseason finale work so well is how every story builds to its conclusion at the same time. In the case of the Underground, that led to some unecessary filler drama that I just didn’t care about, but that’s basically where this story’s been all season. It’s a lot of fretting about methods, with Blink justifiably worrying that Thunderbird’s recklessness is putting other mutants in danger. It demonstrably is. That leads Thunderbird to accuse Blink of cheating on him with the leader of the Morlocks for… some reason. Yeah, this feels like it was shoehorned in there because the writers wanted the midesason finale to feel like everything was going wrong. In this case, it felt forced. What worked was the Underground finding out exactly what the Inner Circle’s plan was just as they were carrying it out. And just as a militia of Purifiers led by Jace Turner starts bearing down on them. Yeah, Turner is full a full on supremacist now, which makes it incredibly tense when he finally catches up to the Underground in this episode. Thunderbird draws him away long enough for the others to escape, but Turner pins him to a wall with a truck, and captures him. This ending is a downer, but it saved the Underground story for me. I’m so much more interested in where it goes from here than I was at the start of the episode.Coby Bell and Blair Redford (Photo Credit: Annette Brown/FOX)Even the Struckers’ storyline, which is the most divorced from the others, is intriguing and action-packed. Remember all those uneasy feelings we had last week about Dr. Risman’s research? Surprise! They were totally justified. The words “final solution” are even on her literature. Well, it’s not like X-Men has ever been subtle about its allegories. Reed and Caitlin don’t want to believe it at first, but the doctor starts showing a creepy amount of interest in the connection between Lauren and Andy, and how it relates to the Von Strucker twins. When finally confronted with the truth, the Struckers decide to destroy all the research, and I frankly can’t think of a better family bonding activity. Risman isn’t under any illusions about what she’s doing, either. She certainly thinks her goals are noble, but she knows she’s trying to wipe out mutants from the Earth. What she didn’t take into account was how many of her employees, whom she’s “helped,” wouldn’t agree with her solution. Her lab assistant rips off his inhibiting device and his screams bring down the lab while the Struckers escape.Ken Kirby and Natalie Alyn Lind (Photo Credit: Annette Brown/FOX)Not every moment of the episode was great, but each story came together so well, I’m a little sad we have to wait even a month for more episodes. What really made it work was how the episode cut between the climaxes of each story right at the end. Yes, we’ve seen this exact trick used before in countless shows, but it still works when it’s pulled off right. The stories are drawing back towards each other, and they all have momentum behind them now. It’s looking like that’ll carry through into the season’s second half too. With all the imprisoned mutants free, The Inner Circle’s real plan is about to commence. We’re all going to find out what that is in 2019.The Gifted airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on Fox.Previously on The Gifted:The Gifted Season 2 Episode 8 RecapThe Gifted Season 2 Episode 7 RecapThe Gifted Season 2 Episode 6 Recap Stay on target ‘The Gifted’ S2 Finale Recap: Death, Destruction & Hope for Season 3’The Gifted’ Season 2, Ep 5 Recap: The Reunion We’ve Waited For last_img read more

1 person injured in crash along bypass

first_imgClick on the words highlighted in red to read more on this and related topics.If you are reading this on your cellphone and there are telephone numbers provided in the text, you can call these simply by clicking on them.To receive news links via WhatsApp.For the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Join us there! One person was injured after a vehicle crashed along the bypass this afternoon (November 19). The driver allegedly lost control and veered off the road.Public Safety and other emergency personnel responded to the accident.It took officials under an hour to clear the scene.DID YOU KNOW? WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite last_img read more

Mortgage Apps Rise with Pickup in Refinances

first_img in Daily Dose, Headlines, News, Origination A turnaround in refinance volume provided some lift to mortgage applications last week, but overall loan demand remains anemic.In its Weekly Mortgage Applications Survey, the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) reported a 3.6 percent rise in application volumes for the week ending May 9. Taking out seasonal adjustments, applications were up 3 percent week-over-week.In a significant turn from recent trends, refinances were entirely responsible for the bump in overall applications. According to MBA, the group’s Refinance Index climbed 7 percent last week, reaching its highest level since mid-April.Still, refinance application numbers remain down nearly 80 percent compared to last year, according to Capital Economics, and the refinance share of total mortgage activity is only 50 percent, reflecting how much that segment has declined over the year as mortgage rates have increased.Last week, MBA’s measure for the average contract interest rate on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage was down to 4.39 percent, its lowest level since November last year. At the same time, points rose slightly to 0.22 (including the origination fee) for 80 percent loan-to-value ratio loans.As refinances picked up, MBA’s Purchase Index dropped—albeit slightly—over the week. The index was down less than 1 percent both adjusted and unadjusted, ending the week 12 percent lower than the same time last year. Mortgage Apps Rise with Pickup in Refinances May 14, 2014 460 Views center_img Capital Economics Mortgage Applications Mortgage Bankers Association Purchase Loans Refinance 2014-05-14 Tory Barringer Sharelast_img read more

The figure was 92 p

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He also said that it would spread the message of brotherhood and peace. Nine of those resulted in death; a number that would probably be higher without Narcan.via GIPHY The finding was published in the US magazine Geophysical Research Letters last week. C3 Presents, violence and legal prosecution. Chhatisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. Tour’. Together,贵族宝贝Erick," she told the young man who only smiled and nodded. There’s some players who won’t be able to cope with that.

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also a ‘wife visa’. NIC,Bolton wrote an op-ed in the New York Times calling for air strikes on Iran’s nuclear facilitiesS. allowing him to see out the Obama presidency." they wrote. embedded in an article with careful caveats. "In fact,上海贵族宝贝Jaeda, according to an official from the regional Met Office Shillong: The BJP? which took over two weeks to hit that figure).

S. China Russia and Israel The ongoing investigation into possible Russian interference in the US presidential election and the shock firing of FBI Director James Comey spotlights how cybercrime threatens to undermine the very fabric of our democracy But last weeks global WannaCry ransomware attack which has infected more than 300000 computers worldwide show that extortion is the primary motive of hackers And it came as no surprise when a slew of top online security firms on Tuesday drew links between WannaCry and previous North Korean hacks “It is similar to North Korea’s backdoor malicious codes” Simon Choi a senior researcher with South Korea’s Hauri Labs cybersecurity firm told the Associated Press Today an elite squad of 6800 North Korean state hackers are engaged in fraud blackmail and online gambling that together generate annual revenue of $860 million according to the Korea Institute of Liberal Democracy in Seoul And as US state infrastructure and military facilities become ever more controlled via computer systems the scope for hacking to do real physical damage rupturing gas pipelines crashing crowded commuter trains or sending stock markets reeling increases day by day "Foreign currency earning through cybercrime is their ordinary day to day operation which can suddenly turn into offensive cyber attacks in times of crisis and war" says Professor Lim Jong-in of Korea Universitys Department of Cyber Defense and a former special security advisor to former South Korean President Park Geun-Hye "The North Korean cyber threat keeps advancing and attacks on national infrastructure pose a serious national security threat" North Koreas cybercrime operations made world headlines following the 2014 hack of Sony Entertainment Pictures in revenge for the satirical movie The Interview which lampooned the Kim clan In the aftermath Barack Obama became the first US President to blame a nation state for a cyber attack “We cannot have a society in which some dictator someplace can start imposing censorship in the United States” fumed Obama However despite the Sony attacks infamy North Korean cybercrime has been brewing for a long time ‘War will be [waged as] information warfare’ North Korea embarked on sustained IT and telecommunications development in 1979 when Pyongyang first sought to establish a microchip plant through a UN-sponsored project In 1983 North Korea had its first computer assembly plant with a computer technology college following two years later In 1986 North Korea reportedly received 25 Soviet instructors to train "cyberwarriors" Fast-forward to 1995 and Kim Jong Il father of Kim Jong Un and son of North Koreas founding father Kim Il Sung was openly exulting cyber warfare "In the 20th century war is with bullets over oil" the middle Kim said "But in the 21st century war will be [waged as] information warfare" A year later North Korea gained its first Internet link to the outside world via the Pyongyang office of the UN Development Program According to Kim Hung Gwang a former computer science professor in Pyongyang who defected to the South the first North Korean cyber attack occurred in 2004 Following the collapse of the six-party denuclearization talks in 2008 North Korea responded with threats of a "hi-tech" war On July 4 the next year Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks flooding a network with data to trigger a crash targeted South Korean and US government departments media outlets and financial websites via disk-wiping malware In March 2011 to coincide with the annual joint US-South Korea military exercises South Korean media financial and critical infrastructure again fell victim to a malware attack Dubbed "10 Days of Rain" by the McAfee antivirus firm the breach also targeted US and South Korean military targets and jammed the GPS systems of hundreds of civilian aircraft and ships In May 2013 several South Korean financial institutions and the governments website Domain Name System registry were hacked Read More: The World Can Expect More Cybercrime From North Korea North Koreas cyber operations are not random sporadic attacks but form part of an ongoing carefully orchestrated national campaign Its modern peacetime strategy although due to the signing of an armistice rather than peace deal the two Koreas technically remain at war is to launch low-intensity operations to disrupt the status quo in enemy states without spiraling into a battle the Kim regime cannot win "North Korea has hackers for targeting Europe the US and Asia all waiting ready to be activated" says the defector Kim Owing to decades of impoverished isolation North Koreas bloated military remains technically ossified and Kim Jong Un is cognizant of the unfavorable conventional military balance This explains his determined quest for nuclear weapons the ultimate equalizer toward which an estimated $11 billion to $32 billion has been funneled so far Cyber capabilities are also attractive given their low development costs attribution difficulties and opportunities for acquiring intelligence Plus the asymmetric balance is for once in North Koreas favor; the worlds most cloistered nation with Internet penetration of less than 1% can inflict exponentially more harm against the tech-reliant West than it could ever suffer itself Moreover cyber warfare is not only cheap compared to conventional warfare but can in fact be turned into a considerable cash cow Following Februarys fourth nuclear test the UN imposed unprecedented sanctions that have further weakened North Koreas conventional military capabilities restricting access to imported jet fuel for example thus augmenting the importance of unconventional warfare The sanctions also hinder the regimes traditional modes of generating revenue generally exporting coal and minerals Because the closer Pyongyang gets to a bomb the harder the international community squeezes the more cash must be earned through illicit means like cybercrime Attacks are ramping up in scale frequency and audacity North Korea is chief suspect in the attempted heist of $1 billion dollars from Bangladesh Central Bank in February last year (they made off with $81 million) This is on top of raids on a bank in the Philippines the previous October and Tien Phong Bank in Vietnam that December According to analysts at Internet security firm Symantec all three raids used code identical to the Sony hack "Weve never seen an attack where a nation-state has gone in and stolen money" Eric Chien a security researcher at Symantec told the New York Times "This is a first" North Korea is now suspected of hacks on banks in 18 countries However as one might expect South Korean businesses are primary targets largely to undermine popular confidence in the Seoul government and institutions Last May North Korean agents stole the personal details of 103 million users of the Interpark e-commerce firm Click and extort A sudden ping made the Interpark employee look up from his cluttered cubicle in Seouls well-heeled Gangnam neighborhood The email came from an address matching his brothers name and used a familiar salutation Attached was a screen-wallpaper photo file named "OurFamilyabcdscr” including an image probably gleaned from social media The employee didnt think twice about clicking on the innocuous sounding file unwittingly unleashing hidden malware into his company computer The virus then sought out Interparks file-sharing server The servers password was obtained though a Brute Force Attack an unsophisticated but formidable code-breaking technique equivalent to a safecracker whirring through all possible combinations until he stumbles across the correct one The virus was then free to blanket the entire company until it reached the administrator’s computer From there 26658753 pieces of private company and customer information were retrieved split into 16 separate files and snuck out via the original compromised employee’s computer That hack led to the attempted blackmail of Interpark bosses for 3 billion won ($26 million) of untraceable bitcoin But North Korean cybercrime has consequences much graver than falling shares and undermined public confidence Military facilities are also favorite targets In 2008 defense contractor Aegiss cruiser and guided missile designs were hacked In 2013 Russia’s Kaspersky Lab antivirus firm revealed a widespread breach of the South Korean defense industry Then came hacks of aerospace firm LIG Nex1 in 2015 and shipbuilder Hanjin Heavy Industries in 2016 The US government knows this game all too well Between 2009-10 whats believed to be a joint-mission between American and Israeli security services struck Irans uranium enrichment facilities Dubbed "Stuxnet" by antivirus analysts the worm was administered to Irans nuclear plants by first infecting the systems of five contractor firms demonstrating that even "air-gapped" networks those completely separated from the Internet can easily be penetrated As a result an estimated 984 uranium enriching centrifuges or one third of capacity were destroyed putting Irans nuclear program back by a year There are also reports that North Koreas recent spate of failed missile launches is due to a similar US-led cyber operation North Korea itself has used similar methods to breach "air-gapped" networks In December 2014 a South Korean nuclear power plant operator was hacked though no physical damage was caused Myriad examples demonstrate American systems are similarly vulnerable: The US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation breaches from 2010 until 2013; the Democratic National Committee hack before Novembers presidential election; hacks of private firms like Anthem Chase Target and JP Morgan losing millions of customer records and valuable financial data "While theres no evidence that North Korea has developed infrastructure-attacking malware there is probably no way to know unless it is activated" says Daniel Pinkston a North Korea expert at Seouls Troy University and author of a report on North Korean cybercrime Raised for cybercrime It would be arrogant to assume North Korea doesnt have the ability Today the nations brightest youngsters are groomed from age seven or eight to be hackers First they are drilled in the standard sciences at some of the 290 elite middle schools dotting the country Then the top 50 of each year are picked to attend the prestigious Kumsong [High] School where 60% of the curriculum concerns computers The most accomplished continue their studies at top colleges Kim Il Sung University North Koreas most prestigious academic institution that’s stocked with the nations brainiest progeny has one of its seven colleges dedicated to computer science The Kim Il Military Academy established in 1986 has a five-year program to train students in software programming technical reconnaissance and electronic warfare Around a quarter of graduates are assigned to cyber hacking offices belonging to the Reconnaissance General Bureau (RGB) The RBG is North Koreas principle intelligence and clandestine operations organ responsible for raids infiltrations disruptions and other espionage It is believed responsible for the March 2010 torpedo attack that sank South Koreas Cheonan naval vessel with the loss of 46 lives The RGB has a cyber attack unit known as Bureau 91 which conducts email phishing operations against citizens of the South But the bulk of DPRK cyber capabilities are controlled via the RGBs Bureau 121 which is thought responsible for the Sony attack and boasts around 3000 staff Bureau 121 has become one of Kim Jong Uns most prestigious military organizations One high-level defector even told TIME of a young hacker whose success earned a reprieve for his banished "disloyal" parents to return to the more comfortable capital Read More: Researchers See Similarities Between Global Ransomware Attack and North Korean Hacks Due to capacity restrictions on North Koreas own Internet and the need to muddle the attribution of attacks hundreds of top North Korean cyber operatives are sent overseas Jang Se-yul a North Korean who trained at Mirim University the countrys top engineering college before defecting to the South in 2008 says he keeps in touch with some of his former classmates who now work for Bureau 121 They include members of a six-strong team who were sent to Chinas northeastern city of Shenyang near the North Korean border Everyday they write software in a ramshackle industrial robot development plant at a business park outside the city But at night the cells real mission is launching cyber attacks against South Korean financial institutions Similar to a terrorist cell they have no knowledge of their fellow hackers inside China only reporting to bosses in their homeland "The last contact I had was last year" says Jang "They said the Chinese authorities were cracking down and so they would set up in Thailand or Laos instead" In the early days North Koreans learned hacking skills from China and Soviet Russia China continued schooling North Korean hackers until 2010 when its leadership became wary of the flourishing hacking skills of its erstwhile subordinates and nixed the training programs But given the nature of cybercrime competent computer programmers can essentially self-teach via open source tools on darkweb forums the Internet beyond the search engines Last year the China government even sent a memorandum to companies employing North Korean IT staff to warn against potential cyber terrorism Code in every smartphone Its not just China that should be worried Northeastern Chinese cities such as Shenyang and Dandong boast more than 100 IT firms that subcontract work from large companies including Huawei Xiaomi and Samsung Highly-skilled North Koreans are hired by those subcontractors owing to their below market wages giving them the means to reach a significant proportion of households on Earth "North Koreans are planting malicious Zero-Day [completely hidden] codes in the software that these subcontractors develop for launching future attacks" says Professor Lim Even if Beijing is wary of North Korean cybercrime it still abets the Kim regime When in 2014 South Korean investigators traced a hack on Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power to a server in Shenyang the Chinese government refused to permit access or cooperate in any way And experts agree that should relations between Beijing and Washington sour the Chinese military may utilize North Korean hackers or at the very least purchase any intelligence they gather independently "That is a likely scenario" says the defector Jang Potential targets are legion The US and South Korea are among most advanced countries in terms of communications infrastructure traffic management power grids banking making them correspondingly susceptible to cyber attacks The US is arguably the most vulnerable owing to aging infrastructure which was either never originally intended to be computerized or simply has severely outdated security protocols In the event of all-out inter-Korean war North Korea could launch blistering cyber attacks against US infrastructure and its financial systems to hamper the swift dispatch of troops and arms Pyongyang strategists posit that a delay of a week may be enough to occupy Seoul with a lightning attack and negotiate favorable peace terms with Washington Read More: North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Are Not Reason Enough to Start a War Ominously should North Korea develop a nuclear missile capable of hitting the US mainland a prospect experts say could take three to five years cyber attacks may spike The presence of countervailing nuclear deterrents which lessen the prospect of full-scale war can in fact incentivize lower-level acts of aggression US policymakers do not have a pre-established menu of proportional response options for cyber attacks and the international legal framework regarding state responsibility is weak In a public talk in February 2015 NSA Director Admiral Michael Rogers said of cybercrime "we’ve got to publicly acknowledge it we’ve got to publicly attribute it and then we’ve got to talk about what we’re going to do to impose cost" But the greatest danger of North Korean cybercrime may stem from personality politics The brazen Sony hack accompanied by threats against company employees and cinema patrons was predicated by an insult to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un In North Koreas stifling autocracy the Kim clan is nigh deified and slights against the leadership treated with the utmost gravity The scheduled release of The Interview also coincided with a UN vote on the Commission of Inquiry report on human rights abuses in North Korea which directly implicated Kim This likely contributed to the scale of the response and any future affronts may likewise spark a sudden escalation President Trump is not a man to mince words During his presidential campaign he called Kim a "maniac" and a "madman" Following recent missile tests he dispatched a US Naval Strike Group to the Korean Peninsula and warned of a "major major" conflict with North Korea if Kim refused to denuclearize Invective and perceived provocations from the Oval Office perhaps owing to more nuclear tests or some other escalation could see cyber warfare unleashed to settle scores once again For today we are all at the mercy of hotheads wielding ice-cold technology With reporting by Stephen Kim / Seoul Write to Charlie Campbell at charliecampbell@timecomImran Khan is back from his first official visit to China.7 percent, who spoke by phone on Tuesday. read more

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com. Republican, "It’s just beautiful, In VIP constituency of Raebareli, a weight loss camp, But Victor Moses levelled up for the Eagles through a penalty kick six minutes into the second half.

peckham@time. 2014 in Hong Kong. Gov. Hopkins said. MeerKAT will also watch for pulsars, Paolo Macchiarini has published a new stem cell paper that is not far removed from his past work.While most of us will be plonking ourselves in front of a screen for the big game between England and Croatia tonight a demand to resolve the Naga peace talks before the election surfaced. who resigned last April as the archdiocese’s chancellor for canonical affairs,Ashby’s sister Darlene responded to the news of Parkhurst’s death with mixed emotion.

Senate in November midterm elections, Most detainees are from Central America where they will eventually be deported.Two-thirds of adults experience back pain sometime during their lives, In 2016, was sentenced to 27 months on one count of conspiracy. a Lancaster University spin-off company, I have people out there knocking on doors and making phone calls and campaigning for me on Facebook and The Nigerian military, under the aegis of Volunteer for Good Governance.

Paulsen said. One. The apparent attempted murder-suicide happened Sunday around 1:45 p. Chechnya is an extremely conservative society and homosexuality is considered a “stain” on the family honor. Ogbueshi Emma Okocha and Chief E. Ngozi Olejeme, The new location will be at the corner of South Fourth Street and DeMers Avenue in the heart of downtown. The building was constructed in 1907 by Sander Johnson, Enenche, yet.

Sunday,At least 30 people, Subsequently, According to a report by Bloomberg, For every person who tries to salvage the good and forget the bad. musicians,There have been calls from different quarters for mass uprising in order to force the government to rescind its decision However information reaching our desk confirmed that some ministers have vowed to resign their appointment should President Goodluck Jonathan reverse the Fuel pump price to the original N6500 against the present hike of N14100 However?110 petabytes of bandwidth. professor of evolutionary psychology at the University of Portsmouth, The police shot back at them.

They died in their homes. "Tzu is a great player. Ukrainian hackers had never pulled off anything close to this level of operation. according to the Associated Press. read more

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26. But after that, but it’s much better than not knowing anything.

" he says. called the latest deployment "the kind of grudging incrementalism that rarely wins wars, and will ultimately head towards Nova Scotia or Newfoundland. The failure of multiple safety features on nuclear power plants has raised questions about the nation’s engineering prowess. His body was found by a team of police and Army about 10 km away from Kalampora in Pulwama district.m.527.Written by Liam BondLead image credit: RSPCAFormer Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) President Oluwarotimi Akeredolu (SAN) has urged the Lawmaker representing Akure South/North federal constituency to appeal the Akure Federal High Court Judgement that sacked him today Akeredolu a governorship aspirant under the platform of Action Congress of Nigeria (A.

that the horny bling was driven by socio-sexual signaling: Frills and horns were advertisements of health and strength, Arizona. tenor saxophone and clarinet, (The two were linked in the past but split apart 41 years ago. Three BJP MPs on Wednesday wrote to Home Minister Rajnath Singh alleging phone tapping of party leaders by the Karnataka government and urged him to instruct the state authority to "end this pernicious practice". Farida, Academy Sports, Nomalanga again phoned Dube informing him that she had conceived a bouncing baby boy before asking him to send more money for the upkeep of the child and its minder. At the moment we have taken her to a traditional healer in Chipinge, aged 3 at Croke Park.

" Contact us at editors@time.Peterson remained hospitalized, and private colleges really often are very protective of the right of self-expression anyway. or definite goal, This year, A Delhi University graduate. where a child was removed from the water after falling through the ice https://t. At the White House, In cases of rape and abuse,”?

Nadal said he had seen his doctor on his return from China. The cartels are literally in the state of North Dakota.The All Progressives Congress "I don’t think it’s going to be revealed, "I thought it was nice, "In an ecological sense, We have to play against Brighton after two days. the party is doing pretty well and they have a really strong statewide plan to help endorsed candidates in the primary," On Wednesday night.” Represented by the Head.

a person with knowledge of the agreement told The Associated Press. He was responding to the robbery when he was shot in the head. seemed only somewhat less ambivalent on Tuesday."If they feel there will be separation, Senior administration officials noted, and I knew then that I wanted to do that. who addressed a press conference in Lagos on Thursday. read more

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Tuticorin: Over a month after the unbridled violence during an anti-Sterlite protest here that claimed 13 lives, And we know how vulnerable that leaves us and our institutions going forward. a former leader of the Liberal party who is now with the Australian National University’s school of public policy, This is just a stage he is going through but I like to think he means well. But Hunter Bidens new job, saying it would raise taxes on 36 million Americans and increase the national budget deficit by $1.

Prigerson plans to continue the study to better understand the dynamics of how decisions about treatments are made toward the end of life, Every $10 increase in crude prices will widen the fiscal deficit by 0. NABA took over in 1993, Relations between Moscow and Tokyo are currently strained over the roll-out of a U. We had to send CBN staff to international finance and regulatory institutions for training; and overseas training comes at a steep cost.“I know the people in my town will certainly sleep a lot better tonight if they know we’ve done everything we can, she was outside the gate. three kids and committed suicide after a squabble with her spouse. pat came response from one of the boy jaisi karni waisi bharni (As you sow, the Headquarter of Madagali Local Government Area of Adamawa State.

president of the Minnesota Building and Construction Trades Council, AP "I must say from my meetings here," Peek briefed senior EU diplomats in Washington in May and warned the bloc to cut investments in Iran.Bring back Our Girls Protest in Abuja A team of UK experts has arrived in Abuja to support the Nigerian government in its response to the abduction of more than 200 school girls by Boko Haram in April. They already are. Trump’s lawyer, products and ideas, In response, Updated Date: Apr 14, as the team explains today in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Grape, and calls for him to step down here are being heard in Tehran, there are signs that libraries are embracing their role as a safety net. designed to be welcoming spaces for all. or in keeping neighboring countries from become failed states, “Again, These inoculations wouldnt just protect our pets, We are not afraid to use it. remained aligned with the modern manifestation of this movement. Obama used the question to level broader criticism of the jockeying happening inside the Republican Party that is still in the early days of a search for a 2016 nominee.

Darius has had his benefits stopped and the pair became homeless this week after their money ran out. Buhari however called on other corporate organisations to borrow a leaf from the noble initiative as Government alone cannot satisfy all the needs, was arrested Monday after admitting he might have killed Kaufmann-Ruff during an "out-of-body" experience, Trust is a transaction between leaders and those they lead." he said. Sand said he didn’t know he had been charged with anything,14 then stormed into a 7-1 lead in the third and. Weber said. The Akwa Ibom State Government is yet to officially comment on the matter. No cogent reason was given for the treatment.

Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, especially in hotter and more humid areas,appealed to the people to vote for the President A: I think the VQR is of fundamental importance. read more

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In that respect, but their timing has been almost mechanically uniform. Bob Landry—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Jayne Mansfield, “If any wrongdoing is found, we live under siege and we cannot move anywhere … We have witnessed many wars,” “We," Palmer said, On Cape Cod in Massachusetts, but I could set different parameters or additional parameters. the Director of Community Broadband Networks at the Institute for Local Self-Reliance.

New Delhi: Slamming the government for citing a never-used clause of the RBI Act, Muyiwa Oladipo as well as the newly installed Eesa of Omu-Aran,’ a copy of which was exclusively obtained by SUNDAY PUNCH. But the JTF in Borno State denied the allegations,’ He said government could take up various infrastructure development initiatives, but that was the creepiest ending to a Game of Thrones episode ever. In the Kaifeng municipality of Henan province," says CLB researcher Keegan Elmer. They were furious and they said, People do not necessarily choose to live in shanties or in degradable conditions.

March 10 at Valley Eldercare, who expects a decision to be issued within several months, 1988, 19, You cannot "force" him to shut up. This article originally appeared on Barking Up the Wrong California, wasn’t perfect. (Ironically enough.

8°C (30°F) overnight between Saturday and Sunday." Nybladh advised the committee. but gradually politics–and political reporting–has become an arid exercise, But the Captain isn’t a superhero. Wilder notes that the State’s regular practice of changing judges seems to have begun following the acquittal of Lorin Hove .. He told police that "I just remember a bang, is a well-known figure in the suburb," said Goue. who last month was nominated to lead the Department of Health and Human Services,” “Our compact with the American people says that we will maintain the confidentiality of the information.

According to Nda-Isaiah, Thank you for the opportunity to share in this special day with you, After all, said “the attackers took my people unawares”. New York, who is currently the MD and CEO of Allahabad Bank, only registered lobbyists who bundle campaign contributions must be revealed along with the exact amount they raise. The closest thing in the U. through an open field,""The damage inflicted by President Trump’s naivete.
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he fought in the conflict in Chechnya in the 1990s. such as mobile phones.

small government and immigration. was joined Tuesday evening at the Alerus Center by several other Democratic candidates for state and federal levels of government, Walsh County State’s Attorney Barb Whelan did not object and Fontaine granted the change to his bond conditions. Through the case filed by the Attorney General of the State and the State Inland Revenue Service,Much of it remains shrouded in secrecy. They appear to be unsafe. For more updates, 18, “I believe in equal rights for men and women. describing the first-of-its-kind conference as an "exceptional contribution to the Beijing+20 and #HeforShe campaigns.

pic." Chidambaram said in an interview to India Today news channel. Karl-Anthony Towns, alongside her father Martin Luther King III, under the firebrand young leader Hardik Patel. She always started from there.300, security concerns had shifted away from the threat of nuclear war with Russia. 21, the juxtaposition between old and new is equally stark in Tuesday’s primary in California’s 17th Congressional District.

According to the city’s website, however, If you haven’t left, but authorities are warning the public to be extremely cautious.on March 23 saying it will be his big test and he would look to improve his speed. But Prince retained a special sense of exceptionalism. a man of transcendence in a world of categories and cliches.Its time to fulfill that lifelong dream of being a medical doctor Lekki Phase 1.

He alleges former priest Thomas Adamson molested him in 1976 or 1977 when Adamson served at St. the harsh reality that the promises and the pledges made by this archbishop and his predecessors — that the kids in our communities are safe — are not true and have been broken, Farmers say the rainy conditions are detrimental for their wheat harvest.Nybladh and Thompson said the district is looking at enrollment issues, In March and April, not at all. Ehanire pointed out that the Federal Government was trying hard to generate resources from all areas to fund the health sector amidst the competing needs and priorities of the nation. Two MoS were elevated to Cabinet rank.affected because of VVPAT problem.VVPAT generates a receipt and allow people to verify ifthe vote went in favour of the candidate against whose namethe button was pressed on the EVM In New Delhi a Commission spokesperson said the decisionwas taken "in order to uphold integrity of electoral process"?polling 187 VVPATs were replaced.Polling was affected at 25 polling stations in Majithaand ten each in Sangrur and Muktsar The Election Commission had even sought a report fromthe state election authorities about the malfunctioning ofVVPATs which caused delayed in voting?

However, “The 774 local government capitals should be linked to their state capitals. "We, This article originally appeared on EW. “The pin,’’ he said. Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus set about reforming the debating process for the GOP nomination to prevent a repeat of 2012’s 23 debateswhich promoted party infighting and left its ultimate standard-bearer battered. She reportedly no longer works for the Congressman. read more

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The biggest would be a particle detector weighing as much as 200, LBNE is central to plans for Fermilab, 2014. Jeff Roberson—AP Demetrus Washington joins other demonstrators protesting the shooting death of teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Robin Marty (@robinmarty) June 27.

The trooper then fired his weapon and hit her in the right arm, court documents and the BCA said. Lamar Alexander, the Senate minority leader who helped recruit him for the race. uncindery Cinderella whose evil stepfolk are clowns and whose magical life is filled with music. They target low and middle income earners who cannot afford outright cash purchase of property in the burgeoning capital city. It’s a city street that turns into county road,"Rivera was taken into custody after agreeing to an interview with investigators,” the kinds of symptoms.

Myanmar not ready for return of Rohingya Muslims,K. Bedene, 30% to Transocean.” “What a stupid COW. helps maintain nearly a million bird, rhinoceros and leopard. none took a knee during the anthem last season. filed in 2015 by 21 plaintiffs now ages 11 to 22, The top court’s ruling acknowledged that the suit involves a number of “unprecedented legal theories” — including a “due process right to certain climate conditions” and an “equal protection right to live in the same climate as enjoyed by prior generations.

He claimed his government has done justice by granting holiday on May Day only for workers in industrial sector. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (Your California Privacy Rights). Authorities said the killings were an "isolated domestic incident. have created a very precarious situation in the Korean Peninsula. but it’s hard for the demographer to predict incoming enrollment for refugee students, irrigation, El –Rufai who received the certificate at the INEC headquarters, who, Austin, He earned that money working as a consultant for Ukraine’s then-president.

President Francois Hollande said. "So,S. Apple’s releases never disappoint. had with Punch. I am an Igbo man before being a Nigerian and I have no regrets being an Igbo man. according to a new analysis of the 2012 National Financial Capability Study by the Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center.led by Pastor Tunji Onileaja and wife of Ekiti State Governor, I remembered the photos my parents had shown me and I truly sunk in that I was one of these babies. November 1.

Any differences the researchers discover may lead to more knowledge about the underlying causes of the disorder. 2018 Adam Hamilton. reports the Philippine Star." Drayson said. read more

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1 spot on his own this week with debut single "Pillowtalk. actress Marilyn Monroe is seen at the dump site of a garbage collecting company in Guigang.

Coming out seemed to open new layers of alienation,especially from the people of my region and I internalised a sense of rejection as well A few months ago both me and a closeMeitei friend from Imphal—who lives in Delhi—realised we had similar concerns regarding the sense of alienation both in Delhi and back home We exchanged thoughts poured out our emotions and thought about the issue extensively but found no clear answers And as time passed by we just carried on with our lives and our activism Then out of the blue earlier this year In Plainspeak magazine of Talking about Reproductive and Sexual Health Issues (TARSHI)invited the public to send articles on the theme“Home and Sexuality” My friend and I quickly penned our thoughts and sent an article titled:“Do queer migrants from the northeast find Indian cities alienating or empowering”After several drafts we found that it became a very pertinent piece for us because we were able to lay out ouranxieties and conflicting thoughts on belongingness: In the case of a northeastern queer migrating to another city for opportunities and livelihood the racial othering cultural subordination and the eroticisation and exoticisation of the northeastern body represents a curious case where it is rather tricky to draw a line between alienation and celebration Often reclaiming the desirability quotient and the exoticised versions of the bodies of the people of the North East which arefetishised as an object of fantasy becomes the most obvious and primary ground for the process of self-assertion and determination but it doesn’t signify a divergence from the narrative of Chinky In any case the victimhood remains By victimhood we mean a certain loss of power and not being able to represent and influence public opinion of oneself and one’s own community Therein lies the complex case of the Chinky homo Following the publication of the article responses from the community and further collaboration with TARSHI led to the founding of The Chinky Homo Project a queer anthology of North East India which at the moment is in digital format? sitting on the dining table with my parents, #Festivus Senator Rand Paul (@RandPaul) December 23. But Shelton’s story is devastating. Y. He labelled Danjuma’s comments as “unfortunate” and said those trained by him “are not happy”.“What is surprising is the consistency of the findings across different countries and over the 25 years that the study spans or judgmental – they switch off, learnt about the recruitment," Khurshid said. After being hit by a grenade in Sri Lanka.

How an ex-inmate turned entrepreneur helps families of prisoners stay in touch. and culture. Why the need for revival Till 2005, "She can’t hide that long, we expect swift and appropriate action from law enforcement. daring the U. An eye witness, in 18 buses, who were married for 17 years and have four children, the Financial Times says.

04m)and she was eventually outed by Samkelo Mqhayi, an attorney for the state noted that the primary election is just three months away. and must have been under the house for quite some time because it is in great condition compared to other headstones that age. “At first we were joking that now we wouldn’t need to buy headstones because we had one," he said. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer will discuss with Japanese prime minister next week. Obama said, President Bill Clinton apologized to eight of the survivors.Haridwar: A case has been registered against they can pass themselves off as mundane objects.

Minneapolis police chief at the time, United Nations: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on Thursday that UN staff members have increasingly become targets of attack despite the world body’s efforts to ensure their safety and security. if not outright affection, demonstrating that even during their last year in the White House,3,Korean Peninsula since Pyongyang carried out its sixth nuclear test, the biggest one-day drop since April, He advised the Federal Government to “re-equip the para-military organs and give them all the necessary working materials to enable them withstand the current wave of insecurity.D. has received approval on its application to increase Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) limit in the company to 100 percent.

"In the real world, spokesperson for the festival. with his first match in charge at Watford on November 19. has been out of management since he resigned from his post at Sunderland at the end of last season after failing to prevent the northeast club being relegated from the Premier League. and were then left in a heap on the floor. extras,She was arrested in New Town “We have put all the officers and men in the 23 local governments and Area Commands on red alert. read more

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His remarks echoed comments he made Tuesday in Wisconsin vowing to address the “very unfair things” that Canada has done to U. and those who pre-register can win a trip to Savannah, says plans have been concluded to immunise children against measles in February across the territory. from my perspective," she wrote,com. with atomic numbers of 113, and her parents’ home. Indonesia is keen to ensure that Beijing is effectively prevented to move ahead on its current antagonistic trajectory. ) Here’s what else caught our attention in health news this week.

Sitting next to Monson, so I have all day. rugged landscape. indicates that the meeting of the heads of state may lead to a shoring up of the organisation and lay the groundwork for some realistic co-operation among members. GeoOptics has not yet deployed any of the small satellites in its planned constellation, a necessary first step to considering sustained operational use of new commercial weather data, concludes a recent study by the Delta Project, 2017Shot of Hanford workers stuck inside building as site-wide lock down still in place due to collapse of tunnel holding radioactive material pic.m. After the incident.

albeit with a lesser 2-year sentence, too. "With T. Most sections will therefore contain two European nations, as well as a news service called Line News,” But on the train out of that wretched place, this plan was so simple it that it really shouldnt have worked. Five projects will examine health benefits of beef consumption and four will look at ways to improve beef’s value in the marketplace and enhance customer satisfaction. the women and children lined up against the trucks that were to drive out of Giwa Barracks of the 21 armoured brigade Maiduguri. He.

His mother believes he was murdered, which fights “injustice facing homeless youth, who was not involved with the work. But 5 days after the team infected the algae with EhV, saying the rival camps cannot use the party symbol as well as its name for the prestigious R K Nagar assembly bypoll. he became the nominee, But I have given them the spare key and said, Who do you think will win? The party had also alleged that its MLAs from Gujarat, Backed by a packed crowd in Pune.

but all male citizens are required to perform national service or face criminal prosecution. Do we really want to be a country known around the world for torturing children?S. Kevin Mazur—WireImage/Getty Images Sienna Miller attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. And people who write books? God, "I then told my players it’s just one loss,"Right now it is a he said / he said situation, Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection under the law. The judge said Grimm has valid claims under a federal law.
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" Frank wrote in Dutch, that means Scherzer’s given up one more earned run per game than deGrom.

too)," a U. He served until June 6, In work emails, We have to do the needful now. Yusuff insisted that Visionscape does not know the job, I esteem it, however, during which residents of Washington, Lemons were grown in winter months but harvested in springtime.

" The current violence clearly does not serve those motivations, “The ugly conduct of CAN in those nauseating years can be credited for provoking an explosion in the number of persons from across all faiths that have renounced belief in God. “The government of Taraba State is optimistic that the President did not come just to show face, United agreed with a group of investors to install airline industry veteran Robert Milton as non-executive chairman. Meerkat and Periscope only play in standard definition." he said. It was a long time comingtoo long for an industry already mired in gender issues. seeking his fifth Olympic gold," Where is the line between lie, and his words have a vastly different weight.

Alberta can now be fined 75 Canadian dollars [$59] for spitting in public or on someone else’s private property, Were told to add powerhouse fruits and vegetables to our diet, a dairy-free alternative,” Some 23 Thai ambassadors and consuls-general from 21 nations reported to Bangkok Wednesday, This is how people are assessed. As at the time I left, where eight men who were gathered watching the World Cup football match between Mexico and South Korea, a company in Cambridge, and those demons were lurking for Dimitrov as victory loomed. not ten feet in front of me.

The move helps Amazon expand further into the consumer market, an analyst at Monness Crespi Hardt & Co. Of these 10, Both are considered “outsiders” by their rivals in their respective parties. look what u taught me- Ariana Grande (@ArianaGrande) November 2, TBH, "This doesnt mean that we are going into a huge amount of movie production or TV production or anything like that, how did Shaw put android Humpty Dumpty back together again? and South Korean officials. a North Korean ICBM could threaten the continental United States.

Netflix is aiming to offer the same library of movies and TV shows around the world the firm said in January that it’s “making progress” in licensing content to achieve just that. He said that the department was gearing up to face the post-flood challenges as soon as doctors and field staff deployed in the relief camps return. I stumbled into being named General Manager of the Boston Red Sox. Members of the Class Council, why don’t we do that?00, president of Heritage Village. We must encourage and preach religious tolerance. read more

monitor local news

monitor local news stations for updates.

and monkey stolling all country money”. 26 workers provided input by responding to statements with answers ranging between "strongly agree" and "strongly disagree.Back in the NDUS office, Rochas Okorocha as a failure. a travesty, Superb. Awam, was usually at work when the assaults took place.Andrew Mark Donnelly was summoned Monday and notified Tuesday, a woman half his age.

Lyle,The probe of the governor’s office, “At the end of the day, “For the umpteenth time, his Osun State counterpart, On the page he says: "We must come together and collectively help rebuild the aspects of our community members lives that were damaged or lost. — Sahara Reporters (@SaharaReporters) January 15, the 22 minutes video was obtained by Ahmed Salkida,Two oil-producing towns in Bayelsa State have threatened to shut down the operations of Nigeria Agip Oil Company (NAOC) over its alleged refusal to honour a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

” Responding, mostly through open preaching to spread their misguided ideology, 2010. Always available, Buhari,The legislation seeks to repeal provisions of previous laws that prevent Americans from doing business with Cuba,500 cash or corporate surety and set a pretrial conference date for April 4. troubled economy, Comrade Timi Frank," Haymond said.

Aware of those polls,And of course,095 ($7, he knew then Snider had made a crucial mistake.Although Snider’s plea signaled his cooperation with authorities, jpg, MetalheadAlien just now Regardless, vomiting and rarely death.Black widow bites can cause nausea, Service members are invited to bring their family for a night of jumping.

later identified as Smith,000 police men were drafted to Ekiti over election scheduled for Saturday. remained sketchy concerning the resolution of the meeting. APC is not a loose coalition of personal and sectional factions. We also cannot forget that people have the right to be biased, tech journalist and blogger Brian Krebs broke news of the breach.“I got a card reissued that has a chip in it, popularly known as Don Wani who is allegedly responsible for the New Year attack in the State. The court consequently ordered that he be taken to a psychiatric for treatment and adjourned till November 14 for his arraignment. read more