Small pot growers find roadblocks on path to microcultivation licences

first_imgYan Boissonneault’s daughter was turning blue.Without warning, his baby had stopped breathing, and he frantically performed CPR while his friend James Gallagher called 911.Years later, the men still become emotional remembering that day. Boissonneault learned that his daughter had a rare disorder that caused epilepsy, and when pharmaceutical medications failed to cure her seizures, he turned to CBD oil, a non-psychoactive substance in marijuana.“It’s been two years now and she hasn’t had a seizure,” Boissonneault said, standing next to rows of pungent marijuana plants under glowing white lights. “That’s what got me involved in this. It’s quite personal. … The only profit it gives me is the joy of seeing my daughter smile.”Boissonneault and Gallagher now run a handful of small legal medical grow-ops in British Columbia and are among the “craft” producers who hope to use their skills in the fledgling recreational market by getting a new licence for microcultivation.But would-be applicants are discovering a major hurdle in their way: obtaining municipal approval and zoning, a key requirement of the licences. Many cities have not established zoning and either aren’t ready or are reluctant to allow microcultivation, growers say.Small growers say the federal government failed to educate municipalities about the new licences and the need to create zoning to support them. As a result, they say, applications are delayed, the legal supply chain is beset with shortages and the illegal market continues to flourish.“The spirit (of microcultivation licences) was to get the small growers involved and to get the black market to convert over to the new market,” said James Walsh, president of the BC Micro Licence Association. “In reality we’re just not seeing it.”Ottawa began accepting applications from microgrowers on Oct. 17, the same day it legalized recreational weed. The licences cover 200 square metres of plant canopy, allowing a premium cannabis producer to make up to $3 million in gross revenue a year, Walsh said.But many small growers have not been able to apply to the federal government because they are still waiting for local zoning, he said.Health Canada said it has received 23 applications for the licences so far, including five in B.C., five in Alberta, seven in Ontario and six in Quebec.Cannabis legalization was the result of more than two years of consultation with all levels of government, and Health Canada has answered many questions from municipalities and remains available to do so, said spokeswoman Tammy Jarbeau.“Health Canada has encouraged and supported municipalities to put in place standards and local bylaws as necessary,” she said in a statement.The Federation of Canadian Municipalities published a guide to cannabis legalization in August 2017, providing advice on bylaws, zoning and business practices. The federation stressed the need to respect local authority during legalization consultations, it says on its website.Still, small growers say they’re encountering municipal red tape and it’s especially bad in B.C., despite its reputation as a marijuana mecca.Part of the issue is B.C.’s Agricultural Land Reserve, legislation protecting farmland from being taken over by industry and residential development. In July, the province introduced a law allowing cities to prohibit concrete-based pot facilities on the land reserve.There’s good reason to ban pouring concrete on precious agricultural land, said Malcolm Brodie, the mayor of Richmond, B.C.“Very simply, you put that kind of construction on the farmland, you’ll never have it for soil-based farming again,” he said.The city only wants one cannabis facility and it already has one, a licensed producer in an industrial area, said Brodie. He said applications in industrial areas will be considered on a case-by-case basis, though he wouldn’t guarantee any would be approved.There are already “hundreds and hundreds” of black-market grow-ops on the land reserve, said one small grower who asked not to be identified due to legal concerns. Within a 10-minute drive from his property, over a million dollars in cannabis is likely being produced monthly, he said.“Do they want us to keep growing the weed and selling it out the back door or do they want the tax money?” he asked. “We’re going to do it on ALR land regardless.”Growers use concrete facilities because soil is more likely to breed mould, yeast and bacteria, and open-air farming is impossible due to weather, he added.In Ontario, some municipalities created zoning before Oct. 17 while others have waited until microcultivator applicants approach them, said Mathew Columbro, president and founder of consultancy firm Vindica Cannabis Corp.“I think Ontario is doing a little bit better than B.C., but it’s not perfect,” Columbro said.The application portal should have been opened prior to legalization day, instead large licensed producers got the first shot at the market, said Ian Dawkins, president of the Cannabis Commerce Association of Canada.“The big story is fairness,” he said. “If big business is afforded an opportunity to bid on something and small business is iced out, then that is considered an egregious policy failure.“Yet on this enormous multibillion-dollar national project, where is that same leadership?”Small medical producers have put a lot of time and passion into growing quality marijuana, said Gallagher, looking out over the thriving grow-op he shares with Boissonneault.“We do have a lot of knowledge and we want to see how that transitions,” he said. “Can we turn this into a business now that it’s legal? That’s something that’s always been on our minds.”— Follow @ellekane on Twitter.Laura Kane, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Moroccos Leila Slimani to be Jury Member for Deauville American Film

Rabat – Moroccan award-winning writer Leila Slimani will be a jury member for the Deauville Film Festival.A fine connoisseur of American art and a well-respected novelist and art critique, Leila Slimani’s pedigree of genuine engagement with some of the most salient topics of modern life convinced the organizers to choose her as a jury member alongside top names in the French film industry. Other jury members include Sabine Azema, renowned stage and film actress and also director; French composer Alex Beaupain; film director Pierre Salvadori; actress Leila Bekhti; and award-winning actor and screenwriter Stephane Brize. The Deauville festival, taking place August 3-September 9 this year, is France’s biggest America-focused film festival, exclusively screening American cinema, from Hollywood blockbusters to independently-made films and more traditional dramas, comedies, action movies, and others.According to organizers, the festival, which was launched in 1975, “celebrates the diversity of American cinema.” Over the year, it has acknowledged the lifelong achievements of established names, while also “constantly discovering new talents.”For the 44th Deauville festival, Slimani and her colleagues of the jury will be charged with evaluating the prize-worthiness of some of the year’s most thrilling titles. The films in contest include “The Tale” by Jennifer Fox, “American Animals” by Bart Layton, “Blindspotting” by Carlos Lopez Estrada, and “Thunder Road” by Jim Cummings.Slimani is best known for her 2014 debut novel “Dans le Jardin de l’Ogre” (In the Garden of the Ogre), which established her in French literary circles, and the 2016 novel Chanson Douce (“Lullaby” or “The Perfect Nanny,” depending on the translation), which earned her the Goncourt Prize, France’s highest literary accolade. read more

TSX tumbles into correction territory as energy stocks sell off amid oil

TORONTO — The Toronto stock market hit correction territory Wednesday, losing almost 350 points in the worst one-day sell-off since June 2013 amid a further plunge in energy stocks.The S&P/TSX composite index tumbled 342.78 points to 13,852.95, led by a drop of 5.5 per cent in the energy group after the OPEC cartel cut its forecast for 2015 world demand for its oil.It also said supplies from non-OPEC countries will rise more than forecast next year.The TSX is down 12 per cent from 2014 highs racked up in mid-summer and now is a bare 230 points or 1.7 per cent above where it started the year.A drop of 10 per cent or more from recent highs is considered a correction.Damage was widespread across Toronto market sectors as investors try to gauge how a drop in oil prices of around 40 per cent since mid-summer will impact on the Canadian economy.“I think it’s basically a sell-Canada mentality,” said Ian Nakamoto, director of research at 3MACS.“Whatever the rate of growth that was forecast, say two months ago, is going to be revised down.”The Canadian dollar shed 0.3 of a cent to 87.11 cents US.I think it’s basically a sell-Canada mentalitySlumping energy stocks also sent New York indexes deep into the red with the Dow Jones industrials down 268.05 points to 17,533.15. Meanwhile, the Nasdaq dropped 82.44 points to 4,684.03 and the S&P 500 shed 33.68 points to 2,026.14.OPEC forecast that demand for its oil would drop to 28.9 million barrels a day next year, compared with 29.4 million barrels a day in 2014, the weakest amount in 12 years. The cut comes amid lower demand and rising supplies, in the United States. It also followed the decision by OPEC last month to leave production levels unchanged, leaving the markets to sort out a huge imbalance between supply and demand.On Wednesday, the January crude contract on the New York Mercantile Exchange dropped $2.88 to US$60.94 a barrel. The TSX energy sector, which makes up 23 per cent of the TSX, has plunged more than 25 per cent so far this year.Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani, says the sharp fall in oil prices is the result of “treachery” — an apparent reference to regional rival Saudi Arabia, which opposed OPEC production cuts to lift prices.The base metals sector lost 3.4 per cent as March copper gave back most of Tuesday’s four-cent gain, down three cents to US$2.90 a pound.Other major losers included financials, down 1.75 per cent, and industrials, which fell 2.75 per cent.The gold sector faded 2.4 per cent as February bullion moved down $2.60 to US$1,229.40 an ounce after traders looking for a safe haven had pushed gold up US$37 an ounce on Tuesday.On the corporate front, Laurentian Bank of Canada (TSX:LB) says its net income in the fourth quarter was $33.8 million or $1.09 per diluted share, up from $25.9 million or 82 cents per share in the same 2013 period. Adjusted net income increased to $42.6 million or $1.39 per share from $38.5 million or $1.26 per a share last year.The bank says it will be increasing its dividend by nearly four per cent to 54 cents per share with the next payment in February. Its shares fell $2.67 to $47.60. read more

UN refugee agency Afghanistan and Pakistan sign repatriation accord

Under the tripartite agreement, designed to support a gradual, organized and sustainable return and signed in Brussels yesterday, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) will continue to assist voluntary repatriation of Afghan refugees from Pakistan for three more years, spokesman Ron Redmond said in Geneva today.At the end of this process, a screening will take place to determine who among the remaining Afghan population is still in need of protection and continued refugee status. The agreement with Pakistan is the fourth in a series of such agreements. The first three were signed by the UNHCR, Afghanistan, and the Governments of Iran, France and the United Kingdom. A fifth tripartite agreement was due to be signed later today between the UNHCR, Afghanistan and the Netherlands. read more

Drone in Sochi shooting live Olympic TV not terrorists as sneaky machines

Drone in Sochi shooting live Olympic TV, not terrorists, as sneaky machines find new uses AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email SOCHI, Russia – That drone you might have spotted hovering and zipping around the Sochi Olympic slopes isn’t searching for terrorists or gay rights activists hiding behind the fir trees.It’s being used to transmit live video of snowboard and ski jump competitions to a screen near you.Unlike military drones, which often look like a remote-controlled airplane, the creature floating around Sochi resembles a huge flying spider. Drones are increasingly common at sporting events, and these Olympics is the highest-profile showcase yet for their use in broadcasting.Here’s a few questions and some answers about the drone and its place at the Sochi Games.___Q: Why use a drone to film Olympic events?A: “We can go really, really close. And we are really quiet, so nobody is distracted,” said pilot and cameraman Remo Masima, who has used drones to film skiers in Switzerland for commercials.And it’s cheaper than a camera crew on a helicopter.A drone with mounted camera can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to $37,000 for a top-of-the-line Ikarus from Britain’s Heliguy, which is advising broadcast clients in Sochi on using drones, said Heliguy’s Justin Pringle.That compares with the cost of a few thousand dollars an hour to rent a helicopter with pilot, not including the camera crew and equipment.Flexibility is key. Drones allow unique angles and “allow more height than a crane, but are able to get lower than a helicopter,” said a statement from Olympic Broadcasting Services, which provides the official world feed of all the events at the games and is using one drone in Sochi.Broadcasting live from a remote-controlled device is more complicated than recording, but not hugely so. It requires an extra transmitter to send back live video, which adds weight and limits how fast the drones can fly. But Masima, who is not involved in the Olympic footage, said he can still fly a drone at up to 40 mph while transmitting a high-definition, live image.___Q: How does the drones work?A: The legs of this flying spider hold the rotors that spin around to keep it airborne. The drone then has a flight deck that holds the flight control system with GPS for navigation, sensors and receivers. Then there’s the camera, which can be mounted in the middle or suspended below the flight deck.Drones are being used to film major movies and television shows — Heliguy has provided drones for filming of the HBO series “Game of Thrones.” As demand grows, cameras are being designed with drones in mind.Back on the ground, the pilot has a control deck, with monitors that show a real-time view of what the camera is capturing, as well as flight details including altitude, speed, rate of descent and ascent, and how much power is left in the battery.Battery capacity is a limitation. Most drones can only run 40 minutes before they need to be recharged. But recharging video drones is still quicker and cheaper than refuelling a helicopter.Also appearing in Sochi are cameras running on cables. They’re also above the action, but have a more limited ability to move around a venue than does a free-flying drone.___Q: Couldn’t a drone crash onto the crowd?A: It could, but so could a much heavier helicopter.Masima said chances of drone crashes are close to zero when a drone is handled by an experienced pilot, because the drones are programmed to return to base at the slightest problem — such as a low battery, rough winds or a malfunction.There have been mishaps, however. In one case last year, a drone filming an imitation version of Spain’s running of the bulls in Virginia crashed and injured a few spectators.___Q: Could hackers divert a drone?A: It’s possible. While military drones use encrypted GPS signals for navigation, the GPS signals used by civilian drones don’t have that protection.A team at the University of Texas successfully hacked a drone in an experiment in 2012 through something called “spoofing,” or sending the drone incorrect information about its location. Todd Humphreys, head of the school’s Radionavigation Lab, told a Congressional hearing it would be very difficult for an ordinary person to spoof a drone, although it might be within the capability of a terrorist or criminal network.Cybersecurity has been a fear in Sochi, given the huge numbers of people in a relatively compact space and the sharp reputation of Russian hackers.But since the video drones are not armed, there’s a limit to the damage a hacker could do with them.___Q: Are drones legal to fly?A: Local laws vary widely in terms of who can fly drones, where and for what purpose. Many countries impose restrictions for reasons of security and privacy, and so they won’t interfere with airplanes.For the Sochi Games, Olympic Broadcasting Services said a flight plan must be filed with the Russian civil aviation authority and permission obtained from local Russian police and the FSB, the successor to the KGB.The Russian government also bought a fleet of drones to help spot terrorists or troublemakers in the Sochi area, operated by its security services.In some countries, it’s illegal to fly over crowds. Some countries require civilian users to keep the drone within sight of the pilot. Others have altitude restrictions. In the U.S., the Federal Aviation Administration is working on rules for civilian drones.___Q: So, is this the future of sports video?A: Masima doesn’t hesitate. “For sure.”___Follow Angela Charlton on Twitter at by Angela Charlton, The Associated Press Posted Feb 10, 2014 11:02 am MDT A spider camera records the nordic combined training in the ski jumping stadium at the 2014 Winter Olympics, Monday, Feb. 10, 2014, in Krasnaya Polyana, Russia. (AP Photo/Matthias Schrader) read more

Attendance fall expected at heavy oil congress

Attendance fall expected at heavy oil congress AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by News Staff Posted Mar 24, 2015 7:46 am MDT Organizers expect 20 per cent fewer people to attend the Heavy Oil Congress in Edmonton this year mainly due to slumping oil prices. Around 1,000 people from 20 countries and 100 companies will attend the event starting Tuesday which focuses on technologies that reduce costs, improve recovery and decrease environmental impact. Congress VP Miki Reeder said the theme of the conference is “producing more with less.”“With a low dollar environment, things are different from what they were,” Reeder said. “But again, we’ve got to remember that everything is temporary. We cannot necessarily impact, at our level, geopolitical issues, but we know that the dollar will increase and the barrel of oil will increase.”Premier Jim Prentice will deliver the keynote speech at the luncheon Wednesday afternoon. read more

Afghanistan UN envoy deplores latest deadly attack on civilians

According to reports, a suicide bomber detonated his explosive devices among a group of civilians participating in a peaceful demonstration against corruption not far from the Khost Provincial Governor’s residence. The attack killed 16 people and injured at least 40, including four children. “Such an attack deliberately targeting a group of civilians is an atrocity,” declared Nicholas Haysom, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative and head of UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), in a press statement. “Those responsible for this callous crime must be held accountable.”The bombing is the latest in a series of targeted attacks in Afghanistan which made 2014 the deadliest for civilians, according to a UNAMA report released in February. Last year, in fact, saw a total of 3,699 civilians were killed and 6,849 injured – the highest number of civilian casualties recorded in a single year since the UN started keeping track in 2007.In his statement, Mr. Haysom expressed his condolences to the families of the victims and wished a speedy recovery for those injured. read more

Wrestling Bo Jordan defeated in 174 NCAA championship by Penn States Mark

Ohio State redshirt junior wrestler Bo Jordan moved on in the championships bracket at the NCAA championships. Credit: OSU AthleticsST. LOUIS – In a Big Ten finals rematch, Ohio State’s No. 3 174-pounder Bo Jordan lost in the NCAA finals to Penn State’s No. 5 Mark Hall, 5-2.Jordan fought from behind for most of the match, and fans called relentlessly for a stalling call on Hall that would’ve drawn the score even late in the match, but only a warning was given.Ultimately, it wouldn’t matter as Hall got a takedown at the buzzer to widen the gap with Jordan.Jordan, a redshirt junior, was making his first appearance in the NCAA Championship match only weeks after beating Hall 6-4 in overtime for his first Big Ten championship March 5.The loss marks the second for Jordan all season, with the other coming to Cornell’s Brian Realbuto. Jordan avenged that loss by defeating Realbuto in the NCAA semifinals.Hall, a true freshman, upset top-seeded Zahid Valencia from Arizona State – also a freshman – on his way to the finals, and upset Jordan to secure his NCAA title in his first year of competition. read more

US mines complete safest year ever

first_img2015 was the safest year ever for American miners. Together, coal mines and metal/non-metal mines last year recorded the fewest fatalities in the history of American mining. Total mine fatalities were at the lowest number since 2009, the previous record year.The official figures, issued recently by the US Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), show 28 fatalities for all US mining in 2015. US minerals mining last year recorded 17 fatalities, while coal mining recorded 11 fatalities – the fewest ever for US coal mines.“We’re very gratified by this continued progress because it confirms the result of our commitment to make American mines the world’s safest,” said National Mining Association (NMA) President and CEO Hal Quinn. “The record confirms the value of our safety initiatives and our on-going determination to return every miner home safely after every shift.”One such initiative that has been especially successful in driving safety progress is NMA’s own CORESafety® framework, which aims to eliminate fatalities and reduce injury by 50% in five years (0:50:5). CORESafety offers a management system approach to mine safety, offering not a “top-down-one-size-fits-all” model but an adaptable and organic framework for operations of all sizes.For more information on NMA’s CORESafety program, visit our website at For 2015 mine safety data, visit the Mine Safety and Health Administration website at Secretary of Labor for Mine Safety and Health Joseph A. Main recently issued the following statement on the 10-year anniversary of the Sago mine disaster:“On January 2, 2006, at approximately 6:30 a.m., the Sago coal mine in Tallmansville, West Virginia, exploded with 29 miners underground. Although 16 successfully escaped, 12 miners lost their lives and one was seriously injured.“Two other disasters followed that year – the January 19 Aracoma Alma mine fire in West Virginia that killed two miners, and  the Darby mine explosion in Kentucky on May 20 that killed five miners.  All three of these fatalities were pivotal in the passage of the Mine Improvement and New Emergency Response (MINER) Act of 2006.“Among its provisions, the MINER Act called for the establishment of emergency response plans by every mine operator, better trained and more readily available mine rescue teams, enhanced technology to facilitate  two-way communication between surface and underground personnel, and stronger seals between active and abandoned areas. It also added post-mine emergency protections for miners, such as oxygen devices that are more accessible, refuge shelters and lifelines.“While the legislation put into place increased protections for miners, we know that our work is not done and more actions are needed. MSHA has been working hard to address the lessons learned from Sago and other mining tragedies to ensure that all miners can put in their shift and return home to their loved ones safe and healthy. We will never forget our fallen miners, and on this 10th anniversary of the Sago mine disaster, we pledge our continued efforts to eliminate these needless tragedies.”last_img read more

Hungary Round 13 MKB Veszprem easily past Csurgoi KK

After a hard and really important victory against Celje Pivovarna Lasko, MKB Veszprém KC had a new challenge in the Hungarian National Championship. Away at the home of Csurgói KK, Veszprém had to take seriously the 13th round against the team who dwells in the fifth position. The Hungarian Champion did take seriously the game and they beat Csurgói KK quite convincingly with 42:22.Even though they played without Chema Rodriguez and Christian Ugalde the team was rather really successful. The Iváncsik brothers scored 16 goals and Renato Sulic made also a 100 % performance with his 6/6.Csurgói KK – MKB Veszprém 22:42Other goal scorers: J. Stranigg 2, G. Iváncsik 10, T. Schuch2, G. Császár 4, T. Iváncsik6, C. Perez 2, B. Laluska 3, I. Jamali 6, Z. Pesic 1, Sulic 6TEXT: Tóth Balázs ← Previous Story Women’s EHF EURO 2012: Great Day 1 – Last minute wins for Croatia, Norway and Sweden Next Story → Pavicevic withdraws, MHF seeks new general secretary chema rodriguezchristian ugaldecsaszarcsurgoiivancsikjamalilaluskaperezpesicrodriguezschuchsulicugaldeveszprem read more

Supermacs distances itself from the Rangeland Foods horsemeat scandal

first_imgTHE CEO OF Supermac’s, Pat McDonogh, has issued a statement to reassure customers that their “burgers are 100 per cent Irish”.It comes after Monaghan meat processing company Rangeland Foods has had to withdraw some of its beef burgers after batches tested positive in the UK for between 5 per cent and 30 per cent horsemeat.Supermac’s buy their meat from Rangeland Foods, but McDonogh has denied there has been any traces of horse DNA in their burgers:Following the beef issue breaking three weeks ago we immediately sought assurances from our supplier and we were guaranteed that our beef was and is 100 per cent Irish Beef. This was confirmed both verbally and in writing. Written tests to verify this were also provided by our supplier. We have tested the product ourselves and are satisfied that it is 100 per cent Irish beef and we will continue to conduct rigorous independent testing.Supermac’s have said the Rangeland Food  issue, which has arisen today, “bears absolutely no relevance to Supermac’s meat products”.Rangeland Foods said it has contacted a number of its customers to alert them that the burgers were produced by Rangeland in September 2012 using beef supplied from Poland.The burgers were produced for the catering and wholesale sectors and were distributed across Ireland, the UK, Spain, France, Germany and The Netherlands.Read: Rangeland Foods withdraws burgers after horsemeat discovered >last_img read more

Nano quadrotors demonstrate complex swarm behavior

first_imgThe General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception (GRASP) Lab, located at the University of Pennsylvania, is already well known for its work with quadrotors. In the past the quadrotor research team has managed to get a quadrotor flying aggressively, meaning it could land on angled surfaces and maneuver through small windows at high speed. Then the quadrotors were taught to work together to build a tower structure.A new video posted by the GRASP Lab shows that development of quadrotors isn’t slowing down. Alex Kushleyev, Daniel Mellinger, and Vijay Kumar have advanced the quadrotor’s behavior to the point where they now can carry out some quite complex autonomous swarm behavior.In the video below, teams of up to 20 nano quadrotors demonstrate movement in multiple formations. First of all we get to see formation flight where each autonomous quadrotor manages to hold their position in the formation perfectly during movement. Formations can also transition between many 3D shapes.The intelligence of the swarm is such that formation flight can take into consideration obstacles. So, for example, 20 quadrotors flying in a 4 x 5 formation will automatically adjust their positions to travel through a small gap such as a window. Once through the gap they will move back into formation. The nano quadrotors have been developed by KMel Robotics, but few specifics are known about their make up. The aggressive movement of the quadrotors is impressive, but it’s their ability to work autonomously and as a team that will get most people, and companies, excited.last_img read more

ISS les cosmonautes russes préparent leur première sortie dans lespace de lannée

first_imgISS : les cosmonautes russes préparent leur première sortie dans l’espace de l’annéeCe soir, les deux cosmonautes russes actuellement à bord de la Station spatiale internationale (ISS), Dmitri Kondratiev et Oleg Skripotchka, réaliseront leur première sortie spatiale de l’année. Une mission à laquelle ils se sont longuement préparés, comme ils le racontent sur leur blog.Au cours de cette sortie, les cosmonautes devront installer un système radiotechnique de transmission d’informations, à l’extérieur du module de service russe SM, rapporte l’agence RIA Novosti. Ces derniers jours, ils se sont donc préparés à cette mission. “Mercredi, notre tâche consistait à nous entraîner en scaphandre Orlan DMA en prévision de la sortie du 21 janvier. L’équipage a testé le scaphandre (…) et son herméticité”, ont ainsi raconté les cosmonautes sur leur blog.Et Dmitri Kondratiev, qui effectuera ce soir la toute première sortie dans l’espace de sa carrière, d’expliquer : “Du point de vue du fonctionnement, le scaphandre est un petit vaisseau spatial, pour cela son utilisation demande du temps. La combinaison spatiale sert à la foi à fournir de l’oxygène, à éliminer le dioxyde de carbone et à conserver une température constante. Elle inclut par ailleurs l’équipement de communications et de télémétrie”.Le 21 janvier 2011 à 19:02 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

SWV On RBs Resurgence New Jack Swing Nicki Minaj More

first_imgThe iconic ’90s vocal trio talk about the high they get from watching their fans sing along with them and give props to today’s hip-hop infused R&BNate HertweckGRAMMYs Jul 17, 2018 – 2:05 pm Reuniting in 2005, GRAMMY nominees SWV — aka Sisters With Voice — returned triumphantly to an R&B scene that owes much of its modern swagger to the influence of their early career hits in the ’90s such as “Weak,” “Right Here,” “You’re The One,” and more. Facebook SWV On R&B’s Resurgence, New Jack Swing, Nicki Minaj & More News SWV On R&B’s Resurgence, Nicki Minaj & More swv-rbs-resurgence-new-jack-swing-nicki-minaj-more Email NETWORK ERRORCannot Contact ServerRELOAD YOUR SCREEN OR TRY SELECTING A DIFFERENT VIDEO Jul 17, 2018 – 2:04 pm SWV Talk Today’s R&B, Nicki Minaj & More Twitter We caught up with the trio from the Bronx, N.Y., backstage at Essence Festival 2018 in New Orleans to hear how R&B’s resurgence looks from where they sit, their thoughts on the legacy of new jack swing and Teddy Riley, and how hip-hop’s impact on the music world — specifically Nicki Minaj — has affected them.  Catching Up On Music News Powered By The Recording Academy Just Got Easier. Have A Google Home Device? “Talk To GRAMMYs”last_img read more

One Punch Man announces 2nd season world rejoices

first_imgSpecial One Punch Man menu for the event. We are so fully of jelly.The second season’s air date has not yet been announced, but we assume it will pick up where the first left off, with Saitama delving deeper into the Hero Association, and probably KO-ing a ton of unsuspecting bad guys.We can’t wait. Hold on to your shiny bald heads, everyone. One Punch Man has announced their second season!If you haven’t yet heard about our red-caped hero, now’s a great time to get caught up on the show so you can jump on the hype train for season two, which was just announced yesterday at via their official Twitter. The first season of the superhero parody anime premiered in Japan in October 2015, and the dub is currently airing on Toonami thanks to the minds over at Viz Media. The anime is a thing of beauty, with the team at Madhouse animation studio (Vampire Hunter D, Girl Who Lept Through Time, Ninja Scroll) at the helm of the amazing animation. You can watch One Punch Man streaming online at Hulu and Punch Man tells the tale of the ever nonplussed hero Saitama, who develops super strength and reflexes due to his strangely simple training regimen: 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats, and running 10 km every day.He’s so OP that he’s become bored by the villains around him, having nothing left to challenge his power. The series is a spoof on the super hero genre and does so with hilarious aplomb as a villain after villain suffers a simple one-punch defeat by Saitama at every turn.The series was started in 2009 by manga writer ONE, who drew the original manga in his laughably terrible drawing style as webcomic that soon went viral. Illustrator Yuusuke Murata (of Eyeshield 21 fame) later joined ONE to relaunch the series in his amazing signature drawing style, which was released on Shueisha’s Young Jump Web Comics website in 2012.No, seriously. ONE’s art was like, scary bad.The announcement for the second season was made at the “One Punch Man Autumn Festival” special event yesterday, which was populated by the staff and voice actors of One Punch, as well as a special performance of the anime’s opening theme song The Hero!! by band JAM Project. We would have killed to be there.last_img read more

LG places fingerprint reader underneath smartphone glass

first_imgFingerprint readers are becoming commonplace on smartphones ever since Apple integrated one into the iPhone. But including a fingerprint sensor requires manufacturers set aside an area of the case for it to sit, away from the touchscreen. Apple achieved this by integrating Touch ID with the home button while other manufacturers placed the reader on the back of their phones.LG has now solved this problem completely by creating a fingerprint sensor that sits underneath the glass of a phone’s touchscreen.Placing a sensor underneath glass while still allowing it to repeatedly collect accurate fingerprint readings required some precision engineering. LG managed to cut a shallow furrow into the back of the cover glass measuring just 0.3mm thick. The sensor sits inside this furrow ready to scan fingerprints on the other side of the glass.By positioning the sensor underneath the glass it cannot be damaged by moisture or scratches. LG says it is as accurate as the more typical “button type” modules in use on smartphones today. The under-glass module has a 0.002% false acceptance rate. If you’re worried about the furrow making the glass weak, don’t be. LG claims it can still endure a large impact. For example, a 130 gram steel ball dropped 20cm on to the glass did no damage.LG expects to have its sensor-glass combo being used in new smartphones within the next year, and is already in talks with several manufacturers. It seems likely we’ll see an under-glass fingerprint reader appearing in late 2016, and you can’t rule out Apple being the first customer for such a desirable new feature.last_img read more

ED to slap penalty notices against Lalit Modi others

first_imgThe ED is in the process of serving final penalty notices in 16 alleged forex violation cases amounting to an estimated Rs 1,700 crore against former IPL Chairman Lalit Modi and others as part of its wide-ranging probe in the alleged financial irregularities in various editions of the T-20 cricket extravaganza.High-level Enforcement Directorate sources said apart from these cases, two other instances of suspected contravention of foreign exchange laws and hawala transactions are also being investigated by the central probe agency and these include investigations on the role of Modi. Investigation in a third case of money laundering against the former cricket czar, sources said, is also “underway” which is related to the alleged misappropriation of funds in allotment of cricket media rights by BCCI in 2009. Also Read – Need to understand why law graduate’s natural choice is not legal profession: CJI“About 16 cases being probed under the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) are in the final stages of adjudication, which means final orders for penalty will be served in the coming months against the accused which includes all the important functionaries of the IPL-BCCI including Modi.“The cases amount to violations of an estimated Rs 1,600 crore and the the maximum penalty that can be slapped on the accused could be three times of this amount,” a source said.The agency, in February, had slapped a similar Rs 425 crore show-cause notice against Modi, former BCCI boss Srinivasan, the IPL, private multimedia firms for alleged contravention of forex laws in awarding a cricketing media rights contract in 2009.The sources added that the money laundering case, registered early this year, has been filed by the agency based on an FIR filed by Srinivasan with Chennai police for suspected bungling of funds in awarding media rights for broadcasting BCCI-IPL cricket matches. The agency sources said all the cases being probed against Modi and his associates in IPL-BCCI are related to various editions of the glamorous T-20 matches.last_img read more

Gottlieb and Oklahoma State HC Mike Boynton Talk Hoops and His Winding

first_imgThis week, Gottlieb looks at the LeBron AAU layup line controversy and talks hoop with Oklahoma State Head Basketball Coach Mike Boynton on his path from growing up playing ball in Brooklyn, to DI college player at South Carolina, to assistant, to getting the head job in Stillwater, and his plans to build upon and improve Gottlieb’s alma mater program. Make sure you download, rate and subscribe here to get the latest All Ball Podcasts!Make sure you download and subscribe to All Ball and The Herd Podcast Network on iTunes and iHeart, or however you choose to listen!last_img read more

UN General Assembly set to adopt arms treaty

first_imgUNITED NATIONS, New York – The UN General Assembly is expected to adopt the first global treaty on the conventional arms trade Tuesday after the 193 member states failed to reach consensus on it last week, diplomats said.After 10 days of arduous talks, Iran, Syria and North Korea on Thursday blocked the accord to regulate the $80 billion annual industry despite widespread support from Western, African and Latin American states. Costa Rica has been a strong advocate of the treaty.Kenya, with the backing of 63 other countries – including the United States, Britain and France – proposed that the General Assembly take up a resolution containing the blocked text.If adopted, the treaty would then be open for signature.The vote requires a simple majority, which practically guarantees adoption of the accord. The General Assembly session is set to start at 10:00 a.m. local time.Once adopted, every country would be free to sign and ratify the treaty. It will take effect after the 50th ratification, which could take up to two years.The first major arms accord since the 1996 Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty would cover tanks, armored combat vehicles, large-caliber artillery systems, combat aircraft, attack helicopters, warships, missiles and missile launchers, as well as small arms and light arms.It would aim to force countries to set up national controls on arms exports. States would also have to assess whether a weapon could be used for genocide, war crimes or by terrorists or organized crime before it is sold.The U.S. – the world’s biggest arms dealer – is ready to sign the treaty, but its ratification by the U.S. Congress is not assured.Assistant U.S. Secretary of State for International Security Tom Countryman predicted last Thursday that other countries would join the objectors in voting against the treaty at the General Assembly.But he added: “We think an overwhelming majority of states will vote in favor. I am happy to vote the opposite direction of such states as Iran, North Korea and Syria on this text.”Two major players in the arms trade market – Russia and India – have left others guessing how they would vote and could very well not sign the treaty.Moscow, a major exporter of weapons, has said there are “omissions” in the treaty and “doubtful” provisions, such as the failure to control arms transfers to non-state groups.Russia is particularly worried about weapons getting into the hands of Chechen rebels.New Delhi, a major buyer, also heavily criticized the text. Facebook Comments No related posts.last_img read more

CY pilots to sue airline over provident fund

first_imgBy George PsyllidesCYPRUS Airways pilots decided yesterday to take legal action against the airline’s decision to reduce its contribution to the workers’ provident fund, an agreement made with other unions but not with them.The union, PASYPI, also demanded full implementation of a restructuring plan, accusing the company of keeping excess staff on the payroll despite a reduction in the fleet and number of flights.Last month’s deal will see the airline’s management reduce its provident fund contribution to 1.0 per cent, from 8.0 per cent, a move that will save it some €4m over the 15-month duration of the agreement.The pilots condemned the ‘unilateral and illegal’ decision, which they said served to cover the losses to the provident fund of the rest of the staff, which collapsed due to mismanagement.“If the state or the (political) parties want to keep more staff or to supplement the rest of the staff’s fund, then the state and the parties should pay for it,” said PASYPI chairman Petros Shiouppouris. “Pilots cannot accept further cuts.”Pilots have a separate provident fund from the rest of the personnel.It is understood that their fund has a €20m hole in it, which the company is trying to plug by selling assets.PASYPI’s general assembly decided that each member will file a lawsuit against the people who decided to cut the contribution to the fund. But they ruled out any strike measures.The union said implementation of the restructuring plan has stalled in the past three months and the company continued to employee excess staff.Shiouppouris said Cyprus Airways had to get rid of its catering and engineering departments and “failed directors” had to be replaced by individuals who had experience and knowhow of the airline industry.He said political parties continued to meddle in the airline, which currently counted some 100 staff per aircraft, instead of 60 to 65.The airline has shed some 430 staff out of around 1,040 and got rid of four aircraft.It now operates six aircraft, five of which are leased.The European Commission recently expressed doubt that the airline’s restructuring plan could ensure its long-term viability, as it started reviewing the scheme because of state-aid limitations.“The commission has doubts whether the restructuring plan is suitable to ensure Cyprus Airways’ long-term viability and whether the airline is capable of withstanding likely challenges in the air transport market during the next years,” the Commission said.You May LikeLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoSenior Living | Search AdsCheap Senior Apartments in Rowland Heights Are Turning HeadsSenior Living | Search AdsUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more