Liu Qiangdong’s obscurantism can stand


will speak the controversial Liu Qiangdong is a kind of Public Relations Master, or Jingdong PR largest short board? In Yabuli Forum recently rekindled concern to the industry, brand entrepreneurs need not set up electricity supplier sector that so many people are unhappy not be at a loss what to do a home appliance business, fierce discouraged give up your company to engage in electricity providers to give them to do so, the logic of the right

?Speak no logical

Liu Qiangdong, just as "dull remarks died over read more

The number of Jiangmen network electricity providers fast growth 2000 times for 4 years

Ma Yun said a word: the meaning of the world of the game is to make money, rather than wasting time on the internet. This is a generation of Internet mission. E-commerce is precisely such a tool, a channel. Since 2007, the country has seen the industry website, online trading platform for e-commerce, more and more individuals and enterprises to bring great value.

Jiangmen is not out of this background, but follow the tide. Held in May 26th this year, "Jiangmen network · hand in hand; small business achievements dream" conference revealed that Jiangmen "net increase of 2000 times 4 years from 2007, has only more than and 10 roots" upgraded to "network" poor situation, to now formed more than twenty thousand network to "make a living online Qi" spectacular scenes. read more

Distribution of the last mile is a strong scene, the capacity of the voice notification or basic ser

Author: Wang Guanxiong


of the Great Patriotic War, the liberation war began to express.

this is a piece of double eleven after the end of the. Like all the "joke" hidden facts, it really is not just a joke! This is the logistics, logistics is the long troubled Alibaba empire’s Achilles heel, the Jingdong also fierce Ali really big kill bite.

however, the electricity supplier hutch, "distribution of the last mile" problem is still not solved thoroughly. The pain point means that the broad market opportunity, the dark horse Yung iunin communication and other emerging Internet communications are running low. read more

Wu Bo Based on the definition of Meijiale famous sale O2O

Meijiale: Based on the famous sale of O2O


technology news April 12th morning news, from the handle network founder Wu Bo comeback entrepreneurs have a month’s time, while the outside has not see the specific practice of North American music today, Wu waves are more clearly defined, namely the line under the name product sale.

, according to Wu Bo, "you", "online", "sale" is the North American music attribute three labels, product positioning for sale on this platform in the high-end, mainly and brand cooperation design sense, Wu hopes to use the "high quality, low wave price. Convenient online replacement service" to win back. read more

Google trademark dispute Beijing Google was renamed

two "Google" trademark dispute and court hearing the case in Beijing Haidian District court ultimately ruled that the Beijing Google Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Beijing Google") and the name of a lawsuit, asked Google Information Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Chinese) [Google] (Chinese)" compensation.

Haidian District court heard yesterday (Google China) v. Beijing Google trademark infringement and unfair competition case. The court ordered the latter to stop using the name of the enterprise, the compensation for economic losses and reasonable litigation expenses totaling 100 thousand yuan, and the application to change its name to the industrial and commercial authorities, after the change of the enterprise name shall contain the word "Google". read more

Jingdong ious upgrade banks increase stage to 24 months


] April 22nd news billion state power network, billion state power network that days before the Jingdong ious feature upgrade experience, and gradually to more users open pilot Jingdong.

With the successful launch of the first round of beta

, "Jingdong IOUS is in the continuous improvement of product features and user experience, in the longest 30 days deferred payment, the highest 15000 yuan credit, 0.5% monthly installment fee based on the number of new security features: the introduction of the insurance company the full protection of users of funds, the number of installment from 12 months to 24 months before the expiration of SMS alerts increase the number of multiple payment due with a key payment support," the Jingdong ious payment bank increased to more than and 20. read more

The domain name spelling method for easy Jianzhan

in a lot of time the flow of a web site is relying on the publicity of the webmaster, but it is time-consuming and laborious, and sometimes may be due to improper propaganda contrary effect. A method of saving labor is all the owners want. Here I will introduce a case: domain name spelling method.

first of all, for example, the famous Gmail, as Google products support the majority of users, the domain name is, but there is a site, and Gmail domains have a dislocation, believe that there are a lot of friends inadvertently visited this site, this station is the use of user input errors to bring traffic, imagine how many people visit Gmail every day, even if the error rate for the millionth, then he will get traffic for?   read more

Google AdSense’s account was hung up by them! Depressed!

today verifies a new Google AdSense account

wants to receive $as soon as possible, using the phone activation, the results were hung up

because we are unable to verify your address, we suspended your advertising and account login rights. If you think you are wrongly cited to this page, please write to

Google of the AdSense group is clearly something

phone activation was successful, then you can modify the payment method and address, such as

but landing at night but can not enter the account…… read more

Jingdong home to do medicine O2O push pharmacist door

Beijing Business Daily News (reporter Li Duo, Wang Yun) giants began to play in the field of medicine O2O opponents play. Ali just on the health of the new version of the App, Jingdong yesterday to an important part of the business: healthy home for the first time disclosed the details of the operation. Shao Qing, general manager of the Ministry of health, said the health of the Jingdong, Jingdong health came home more than 3 months after the line has been expanded to the country’s 11 cities, with the cooperation of the more than 1 thousand stores. Shao Qing said at the same time, the future health of the Jingdong will expand health services to the home business, Jingdong health has begun to test the water to the pharmacist home". read more

How to write the title Amoy blue ocean for you to answer!

train creative Title How to write? Amoy blue ocean answer!

first of all we need to know some common sense to understand the distribution of train title, title promotion altogether can write 20 words, show, is divided into two lines, Tmall train up 13, down 7 words; Taobao train up 15, down 5 words, according to the reading habits the two line, were expressed easier for buyers to accept the full meaning, so we don’t have time to divide the important words just disconnect, attention must be paid to the coherence of the statement. At the beginning and end of each line, it is a very prominent position, is the focus of visual habits, we should put some important attribute words, feature words, promotional information on these positions. read more

The new retail customer consistent MA mouth has been on this road for 2 years.

October 13, 2016, Yunxi Conference opened in Hangzhou town of Yunxi, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma keynote speech, he proposed a "new retail" concept for the guests themselves, causing many traditional retail practitioners thinking.

Ma Yun said the Internet era, the traditional retail industry has been the impact of the Internet electricity supplier. The electronic commerce developed, but the pure electricity supplier era will soon end, the next ten years, twenty years, not only the new electronic commerce that said, this is to say that the retail, online and offline and logistics must be together, to the birth of new retail real line, the enterprise must go to the line on line enterprises must go down the line, the line with modern logistics together, in order to truly create new retail. read more

Network network music life landed in Shanxi reinforce the global supply chain system

October 26th, "network network · life settled in Houma, the launching ceremony held in Shanxi. Cloud Cang Shanxi international inland port free trade strategy of 250 thousand square meters, officially to the music as its network network open power network network · music life in the build quality of supply chain system in the world has taken a solid step on.

it is reported that this is the first landing project LETV holdings and Houma municipal government signed a cooperation framework agreement book. The future network network · live music with the Shanxi group, Houma municipal government plans to build the Midwest FMCG wholesale distribution center, deepen cooperation in cross-border bonded logistics center, the construction will become an international trading platform with industry advantage, policy advantage, geographical advantage, promoting regional economic development in the new mode Internet ecosystem. read more

1000 hosting server

service has been for many years, in August this year, the server has expired, the room is also the price, I managed to get 6000, 10M exclusive, I really is a poor, do what 2 stations did not earn money, can not get so much money, no way, only the real turn, encountered a former high school classmate, just talk about it, he said he is working in a room for me, I said you can not give me a cheap hosting, ha ha, looking for the right person, give me 1000 yuan to get me a exclusive 10M, I really can’t believe people killed so cheap ah, 1000 ah, boss, casually walked there are 5000.6000, I have this price, even the world could not find such a good thing, I asked him that you will not lose money? I said a lot of students on the inside In fact, screen, a computer room is composed of many cabinet, a cabinet is 19 machine, which has 19 servers, a cabinet rent for one year is about 20 thousand, a count down, the cost of the machine is about less than 1000, so give me the cost price, my mother ah, I did not expect, the black heart of the server business, I also received 6000, there is a price, you see, you still go to hire thousands of one read more online PGC said social is the driving force of women’s fashion consumption

Yesterday (November 8th)

news was informed that recently billion state power network, combined with the beautiful group vice president Chen Dandan in the German digital technology leader summit in Hangzhou published the theme of "social networking, content, data, make women more beautiful three cornerstones" speech.

mentioned in his speech, Chen Dandan, on the eve of "double 11", the beautiful United’s 9 version of the line of global street and beauty video two PGC (specializing in the production of content), users can now see the daily updated global street map in APP, can also be seen in some of the popular beauty the problem of video. read more

Who run takeaway distribution system with the United States Beacon Tower and the difference between

is now online and offline integration has become a major trend, looking to run errands and distribution industry, competition is more heavy, but run errands as distribution industry in a stream, is developing at a rapid trend, what is the reason for the fast runner out of American Beacon Tower, ran hungry hummingbird


other takeaway delivery platform

said takeout distribution, here to the United States Mission of Beacon Tower and the hungry giant of the two industries: hummingbird. The United States Mission Beacon Tower is like a "social business platform", organized various third party links and outsourcing, just to build a platform, you can make a mutual docking place for related businesses and distribution, followed by the delivery speed, the management and operation mechanism is not a system, speed relay can not meet the market demand. read more

Handsome part-time online selling slippers monthly income of nearly million

graphic: treasure ID: Kang Hui fashion slippers square sex: male age: 23 Education: college job: assistant director before serving full-time seller: Taobao

location: Fujian, Quanzhou

shop name: Kang Hui fashion slippers square

Business scope:

BaoFeng, Bao brand slippers, fashion shoes

diagram: in 2005 when the first time I met Taobao, because at that time is to read high 2 so it did not go too much understanding, it may be because the short-sighted did not see the future development trend of e-commerce. But by the time of 2006, the first time in Taobao to buy a baby, personally experience the fun of online shopping, only to find online shopping convenience, fast, low price advantage. In 2006 to participate in the college entrance examination, most of the students don’t know what to choose in the confusion of the professional time, my heart would have a conclusion, I chose the professional e-commerce, because at the age of 2006 I found that e-commerce is the future trend of development, ten broad development prospects. read more

Why is micro-blog marketing network marketing changes

Micro-blog core

marketing and traditional marketing is different, the interpersonal communication information to replace the micro-blog website editor (Moderator) leading information dissemination. For enterprise version of the micro-blog client software, micro-blog solid experience for a few months, some experience. Micro-blog marketing is a new thing, the author also recently contact exploration, hope for social media marketing Shanhaiguan generous with your criticism.

1 backward portal advertising model read more

The second-hand car electricity supplier behind station BAT power outlet ucredit Divine Comedy

reporter Zhang Xiaobin Beijing reported

60 seconds to burn 30 million yuan, let the excellent letter of second-hand car this little-known company in four "The Voice of China" lit up one. But it is worth noting that this seemingly behind nouveau riche company, is the number of Internet giants get together layout of second-hand car market portrayal, from Baidu to market, Jingdong and other well-known enterprises, seem to have spotted this land.

60 seconds hit excellent letter 30 million read more

Without the fear of B2B predators committed to expand the market to snatch a hundred responses to a

It is reported that

, March 18th, Jiangsu province Qilian – Middle East Tejari cooperation agreement signing ceremony was held in Nanjing, which marks the "B2B predators" Tejari officially landed in Jiangsu market. Tejari is a professional e-commerce company of Dubai International Group, is also the United Arab Emirates royal government procurement platform, with 15 countries and 180 thousand corporate members, and the establishment of strategic purchasing partnerships with more than 130 thousand members of the Middle East buyers online trading services, mainly covering the Middle East, scale ranked eighth. read more

Taobao clean up the credibility of the opposition to the opposition to Ma Yun parcel

and network game industry "plug-in", "piracy", "hacking" and other illegal affiliated formats, the development of online shopping has also led to the "credibility of speculation". Compared to traditional transactions, the credit rating in the seller and the buyer often can not meet the value of online transactions are often higher. For this reason, some sellers trying to "shortcut" way to gain confidence, and at this section of "credit speculators" which. So a gray industrial chain formed and gradually grow. Faced with this situation, Taobao launched the "integrity checking system" in July 24th, some sellers "hard" to be "deprived" between the credit rating of the night, not willing to be deprived of the credibility of the seller "launched a Taobao" intense "struggle. read more