Gome electricity supplier platform mutual fight change integration

newspaper news (reporter Liu Xinyu) "Gome online mall", "two Kuba", the United States Department of business platform will be from the competition between each stroke "into" integration". Yesterday, in the face of competition Suning rivals such as the electricity supplier in the field of force, the United States finally clear their electricity supplier in the field of strategic direction, officially announced the integration of its Gome online mall and Kuba two electronic business platform, background unified management and resource sharing. After integration, Gome online will be located in the B2C oriented business cross category comprehensive shopping websites, and the transformation of Kuba open platform similar to Taobao Tmall. Analysts pointed out that, after experiencing the development of dual brands, the United States chose this time to integrate the two major electricity supplier platform, the purpose is to achieve profitability of the electronic business platform. read more

The State Council issued a document to promote the development of rural electricity supplier million

General Office of the State Council on promoting

guidance to accelerate the development of rural e-commerce

issued 2015 No. 78

people’s governments of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, all ministries and commissions of the State Council, and all institutions directly under the State Council:

rural e-commerce is an important means to change the mode of agricultural development, is an important carrier of accurate poverty alleviation. Through public entrepreneurship, innovation, play the role of market mechanism, accelerate the development of rural e-commerce, combine and store electricity suppliers, the real economy and the Internet have synergistic effect, conducive to promoting consumption, expanding domestic demand, promote the upgrading of agriculture, rural development and farmers’ income. With the approval of the State Council, we hereby put forward the following opinions on accelerating the development of rural e-commerce: read more

Shopping can win free single mall started to enjoy the gift 360 Festival Promotion

Double Ninth Festival, and weighing Nine Festival, autumn sun Festival and the "autumn riding", is a traditional festival of the Han people, is one of the four ancestor worship Festival 1989, festival will be as the festival this year, the Double Ninth Festival time is October 21st. To commemorate the festival this year, 360 special mall held a Thanksgiving heart thank you "as the theme of the Festival Promotion activities.

the Chongyang special start time for the morning of October 20th 10 to the end of October 22nd, the activities include shopping to win free single, single sun to send gifts, the most affordable price straight down three sections, at the same time, 360 special artifact droplets, night vision version 360 children’s Guardian pendant version and 360 lines of car recorder and other products the opening of panic buying, let us understand in detail the specific content of each activity. read more

Side of the acquisition of Wangfujing department store adjustment finally want to understand

Since September 27th,

announced a major asset restructuring suspension has been more than two months, on Friday, the Wangfujing department store announced finally approved the acquisition of 100% stake in Kaiyuan commercial. Although did not catch up last week, the concept of Amazon Go brings new retail stocks rally effect, but by the end of 2016, Wangfujing department store in the capital restructuring and business transformation is undoubtedly out of the critical layout.

on the end of the month, Wangfujing group announced the establishment of the whole channel center, the marketing department, the company and the electricity supplier channel project reorganization, upgrading to a major business center in the headquarters of the group directly attributable. Du Baoxiang, President of Wangfujing group, said the establishment of the whole channel center is the beginning of the adjustment of the headquarters of the group headquarters, Wangfujing from the group level to redefine the future direction of retail. read more

Adsense on the shop agent some tips

we run the shop, before the good service, to find a good product is the premise of all the start, the key lies in. Because buyers are always the first to see the product, like the product, is the feeling of service. So, today I want to talk about the main agent of those things. I hope you can see it, the following is the key to say……

yesterday with a friend to talk to find a good proxy for the supply problem, friends shop although it is diamond, but feel very confused, the business agent of the product is very depressed, too, because the store flow, there are guests love products, also hard to upload each product, daily care and maintenance shop…… However, buyers love consulted to deal the last truly into the transaction is only about 50% ~ agent manufacturers frequently out of stock, let her tears. read more

Rural electricity supplier Shopping Festival the establishment of ecological is the only choice

Abstract: the different point of the electricity supplier and the largest electricity supplier in the rural city, in rural areas the lack of a more perfect user experience, logistics and other business service as well as to the poor hardware environment, authentic goods awareness and other soft conditions are poor, it said, compared to the 123 line of the city, rural areas such as the development of the electricity supplier to rebuild a new model, the difficulty unusual.

recently, the Alibaba and the government of Yanan jointly launched the "special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival, users can purchase the local Yanan jujube, apple, millet and other products through Ali platform, farmers by the electricity supplier Shopping Festival product sales volume, revenues decreased with increasing pressure on the stock, when the government can strengthen its brand through festivals, strengthening the agricultural region Ali is the label" section to strengthen its supplier to the countryside special purchases for the Spring Festival "efforts, realize the transformation from the supplier to the countryside to help farmers to rural sales sales quality. read more

Japan Kao and Tmall international cooperation into the baby product line


technology news October 13th news, in the Alibaba of Hangzhou Xixi Park 2015 double 11 global Carnival started the scene, Kao Japan announced a strategic partnership with Tmall international, through the cross-border import electricity supplier market China mode deployment, the introduction of Kao paper diaper baby product line etc..

It is reported that Tmall

, Japan Kao international official flagship store on-line in the double 11 next month on the eve of the products sold to Japan Kao products. Logistics, by rookie network, ant payment service providing payment from cross-border transactions, cross-border cross-border logistics services, through Hangzhou, Ningbo, Shanghai, Guangzhou city completed 11 pilot cross-border import customs clearance double orders. read more

Rapid growth of e-commerce transactions MRO rapid development of industrial products network

with the advent of the information age, more and more enterprises began to seek new business opportunities. E-commerce came into being, the development of today, has a tremendous influence and promote the role of. How to choose their own business model, has become the focus of the current financial crisis in various enterprises to strive for the development of the top priority.

e-commerce transactions grew rapidly

said at the Fuzhou Chinese Ministry of Commerce Deputy Director of information technology Nie Linhai before the financial crisis provides a rare opportunity for development is to Chinese e-commerce industry, last year’s total Chinese e-commerce transactions exceeded 3 trillion yuan, an increase of more than 4. Like the 2003 "SARS" electronic commerce provides an opportunity for development, since last year, the international financial crisis, the world economy into a "winter", but also provides a rare development opportunity for electronic commerce. read more

Aunt Kitty, the father of Chaike hard to force rich two generation of entrepreneurs

firewood is not shy about his "two rich generation" identity, in the beginning of this year we meet when it comes to their past, naturally talked about his father’s business experience. He is the father of entrepreneurial deeds infected him? Why he chose not to take the money at home, do not go to the family business and their own business? His start on the road which had


firewood can, Guizhou people, twenty-six years old this year, a hard to force, and the future is full of vision of entrepreneurs. read more

A push CEO Fang Yi three venture N pit

in my opinion, the serial entrepreneur is brave, they have eternal dream, persistence and execution. From the student entrepreneurial model to service users to achieve 550 million of the push CEO Fang Yi is one example. In the 36 Kr + entrepreneurial knowledge sinks under the line, Fang Yi is the first venture for most audience reviews skip own 8 years, 3 times the N venture in the pit.

‘s first venture – hardware "


first venture, Fang Yi do is a hardware product – a call to prepare the charger, the phone can be charged automatically when the phone address book on the charger. Because of this product he had a lot of TV shows, when Robin Li took him to CCTV. Recently, we are doing hardware, especially in the mobile phone hardware related products, but Fang Yi’s experience seems to pour cold water". Fang Yi of the hardware to do 6 years after he was sold to Baidu, this time he shared a few hardware entrepreneurs sentiment: read more

Rookie final exposure Or the last mile distribution outsourcing

news June 30th, the day before, the logistics industry veteran to billion state power network broke the news that the Alibaba is planning a rookie last mile distribution solutions, and the recent development of a similar type to grab a single taxi drops software "wrapped", once the product is put into use, will have a huge impact on the existing distribution. Our structure and business, there may even let the courier thoroughly with the courier company "say goodbye".

"rookie from the layout point of view, the last mile distribution link is the largest express company is fat, all fighting the most inspiring road." The source said that the Alibaba hopes to use the "wrapped" rookie of the ruling class products, firmly in control of all goods last mile run, on the one hand to ensure the logistics aging, a move of the express industry innovation, from the bottom of the electricity supplier logistics outflanks. read more

Traditional enterprises difficult transformation electricity supplier Road money and people’s pain

from "look down, look not clear, cannot read", to "Miss", in the face of fear of the rise of the electricity supplier, the bright younger generation impact, the traditional enterprise Internet have been suffering anxiety. In order to cure the anxiety, the past two years, N traditional enterprise into the electricity supplier tide regardless of personal danger.

indeed, big change has already begun. Often have Haier, Suning and other giants occupy the newspapers, television, new media, all run, pointing Jiangshan, show "best picture to change the traditional electricity supplier" brings. read more

Domain deletion list August 22, 2007


domain name registration agency cost and 55 yuan / year / month, 620 special offer agent 120 space 150m nets.
more please login: /domain.htm

rrmy.cn   0tek.com
91dc.com / > delete CN domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

POLA Tmall flagship store is not really open POLA Rumor source determination

a few days ago, there are micro-blog users broke the news, said: China Tmall Pola flagship store and did not get the official authorization of the Japanese Pola, the authenticity of the goods is not guaranteed. Exposure stickers and even posted a few Japanese screenshots, looks more real.

the news quickly spread in the circle of friends and micro-blog, and derived a similar POLA Tmall flagship store was not POLA open! These years to eat white pills actually come from the…


, POLA official micro-blog issued a formal statement in Japanese confirmed it was a big "rumour", POLA said: Tmall (TMALL) on POLA POLA in Tmall official flagship store is the only authorized channel. Sales of products are imported from Japan POLA officially imported. read more

E-commerce is very close to you to teach you how to hold him

first we know that SEO is a useful tool for e-commerce

more and more people are concerned about this topic, this morning saw a report on e-commerce, then we talk about the prospects for the development of e-commerce today.

e-commerce through the Internet to buy and sell transactions, covering a wide range of business institutions, e-commerce threshold is higher, not only need strong technical support, credit protection and related legal protection.

e-commerce sales growth of 100% per year, can affect a country’s economy. In 10 years, but there are no longer than the mountains of e-commerce, but they are the credibility of the three, payment, logistics. With Alipay, caifutong joint and three party payment platform and bank credit and payment, the problem has improved with the development of technology and people recognized on the Internet has been improved. read more

Key elements of online shopping behavior decisions are quietly changing

Beijing on April 27th news, "connection" magazine (Wired) recently published an article that, along with the photo sharing and social networking spawned new shopping habits, e-commerce has traditionally relied on the keyword search patterns are changing, provide pictures more intuitive shopping experience has gradually become a business success.

The first 15 years of

development in the online shopping industry, keyword search is an indispensable part of the seller in order to search rankings in the top hard, and buyers in this case there is no initiative. However, the electronic commerce rely on this keyword search pattern is slowly changing, the seller provides more intuitive shopping experience to shoppers, consumers can visit friends and colleagues love HD picture products, and click to buy, this approach seems to be more convenient. read more

Jibian stars CEO Chen Ping did not run away in East China to resume next week

Morning Post reporter Shi Yinsheng

March 3rd, the courier company "jibian stars" suddenly stop the normal express service. So far, the courier company’s website and service calls have lost their role, the company insiders also said that the company executives have been transferred last month, the company’s fixed assets and a large amount of money. At present, the courier company, although not officially declared bankruptcy, but in essence has stopped running.

last night, for the outside world spread the news of the collapse, raise a Babel of criticism of run away, disappear for several days will be anxious CEO star Chen Ping for the first time appeared in media interview, Chen Ping said, "I did not run away." And that will be through the legal procedure to solve the debt dispute jibian stars. From the prestigious national express company, to set up 3 years will collapse, has successfully founded ZJS Chen Ping admitted that he in the scale and speed of the mistake control. read more

Liu Qiangdong’s obscurantism can stand


will speak the controversial Liu Qiangdong is a kind of Public Relations Master, or Jingdong PR largest short board? In Yabuli Forum recently rekindled concern to the industry, brand entrepreneurs need not set up electricity supplier sector that so many people are unhappy not be at a loss what to do a home appliance business, fierce discouraged give up your company to engage in electricity providers to give them to do so, the logic of the right

?Speak no logical

Liu Qiangdong, just as "dull remarks died over read more

The number of Jiangmen network electricity providers fast growth 2000 times for 4 years

Ma Yun said a word: the meaning of the world of the game is to make money, rather than wasting time on the internet. This is a generation of Internet mission. E-commerce is precisely such a tool, a channel. Since 2007, the country has seen the industry website, online trading platform for e-commerce, more and more individuals and enterprises to bring great value.

Jiangmen is not out of this background, but follow the tide. Held in May 26th this year, "Jiangmen network · hand in hand; small business achievements dream" conference revealed that Jiangmen "net increase of 2000 times 4 years from 2007, has only more than and 10 roots" upgraded to "network" poor situation, to now formed more than twenty thousand network to "make a living online Qi" spectacular scenes. read more