618 see China business a few happy tears

electricity supplier in the year to promote, not only sales, but also the pattern of each platform. This year, in order to meet the "618" Festival is coming, businessmen are out of sincerity: in May 18th the Jingdong held 2016 quality carnival, then in May 25th the United States online press conference, Ali launched the first 618 Tmall fans Carnival activities, 3C, automotive, clothing and other brand this year is also enthusiastic. However, in the face of increasingly rational business market, in addition to the discount of the finishing touches, only crossed the giants, pattern, quality and service level of four, to occupy the initiative at the China upgrading of consumption. read more

Star password providers from the Wei open shop of the Zexi event on the self cultivation

51 small holiday brush circle of friends is the explosion Wei Wei event. College student Wei Zexi was suffering from an incurable disease, through the search engine to find a hospital, the cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to save life, instead of being drained the last drop of blood, hanhen. We are forwarding from vicarious outrage, when the network has become an important channel of information sources, each helpless individuals are likely to turn to the web search, and will be into a trap of read more

The promotion of e-commerce credit who stood on the tip

near the end of 2011, Christmas, new year’s day and then not far away from the Spring Festival, so that e-commerce circles abnormal boiling, the major electronic mall is full of horsepower for the final sprint. As the Christmas promotion curtain first opened, a new round of the promotion war like a raging fire,

triggered at any moment!

has been, with convenient logistics and price advantage, the market share of e-commerce accounted for in the traditional business, is to Liaoyuanzhishi from the sparks of fire. Ten years of development, ten years of toil, China e-commerce achieved today is not easy, but in the electricity supplier in the field of enterprise how bitter, how much blood and sweat. In a brilliant surface, e-commerce is not a peaceful, he is ultimately a business, full of competition and fighting, brutal price war was ruthlessly introduced, and at the outset to successfully promote the brand evolution of electronic commerce. read more

Ministry of Commerce to study the liberalization of foreign investors in the field of electricity su

January 9th, deputy director of the Ministry of Commerce Foreign Investment Management Division Chou Guangling in the daily economic news reporter, said the study is currently open to foreign investment in the field of e-commerce business.

iResearch data show that in the third quarter of 2013 China online shopping market transactions was 454 billion 760 million yuan, compared with 2012 growth of 42.4% over the same period; from the online shopping market share, Tmall accounted for 51.1% in the B2C market, Jingdong market share of 17.5%, Amazon Chinese market share of 2.6%, shop No. 1 market share of 2.7%. read more

Ali entered the bank logistics e-commerce website outlet is vertical

The BTB site of the big brother

, Alibaba in China e-commerce website toubajiaoyi. More than and 10 years of development, Alibaba has accumulated sufficient manpower, material resources, markets, channels, customers and other resources. Alibaba has entered the financial, logistics industry, and today’s e-commerce site seems to only have a vertical development will have a way out.

In fact, as early as

began very early Alibaba to the financial industry forward one foot, from Alipay to a series of online financing cooperation with the industrial and commercial bank to self-employed small loan companies, and then to the brewing in the commercial bank, can be described as logical and natural. We can think of Alipay bank and Alibaba, when your money in the Alipay platform, is put in the bank deposit interest, the bank has the right to deposit as the investment bank’s reputation, and Alipay can hide more trust, further deep into the heart, profound influence. read more

Ma Yun capital is always uncle foreign investment will not control Alibaba

Alibaba board chairman Ma

sina science and technology news on October 12th morning news, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma for the first time to control the event. In today’s China Computer Conference, Ma said that although foreign investment is a major shareholder of Alibaba control, but foreign investment will not control Alibaba, they will control the future of Alibaba.

Ma Yun said, I want to be grateful. No capital, the development of Alibaba may not be so smooth, but there is no such person’s capital, as well as his or his capital. But if we do not have the value of the system, there is no staff dribs and drabs, no grasp of the future and social gratitude, it is impossible to have our Alibaba. We will not give up, but to do anything, must be reasonable, legal, compliance, and reasonable." read more

Office part-time open shop, when his boss is not a dream

Taobao shop flow chart tutorials, detailed steps to open the shop, open shop to make money

a lot of friends would like to open a shop, but did not have any experience, do not know how to do that? Are you still hesitating outside, I understand your feelings now, here are some of the Taobao open shop of my heart, and share with you! Please open shop shop consulting mentor QQ:2813217134

first, thank you very much for viewing this post. This post is a full-time mother of 80 after the success of the Taobao story. Hope to help you! read more

42 million 500 thousand pieces! Jingdong 3C 11.11 sales to new highs

24:00 on November 11, 2016, 11 days of Jingdong 3C eleven double ended, mobile phone communications, computer office, intelligent digital three category overall sales exceeded 42 million 500 thousand, a new record high! The complete mobile phone sales of 4 million 340 thousand units, computer office completed sales of 17 million 280 thousand, completed sales of 20 million 880 thousand intelligent digital entertainment and travel books; in addition the same life the rapid growth of

, made a lot of success! read more

Honey bud responded Betta bottle incident Disputes from the upstream brand

[Abstract] honey bud said it will communicate directly with the Japanese Betta, and investigate the previous product.

Tencent science and technology news (Sun Hongchao) September 21st news, after the news that the domestic electricity supplier website honey bud sales of Japanese Betta bottle has not been authorized in japan. In response to this rumor, the Japanese Betta official said in a statement on September 18th: the mother and child electricity supplier website honey bud (mia.com) conducted an investigation, the company and the company neither contract nor any trade relations. read more

Never mind selling genuine British cross-border electricity supplier to do what

[Abstract] don’t sell a cross-border electricity supplier you seen? Don’t say you are genuine business platform really? Find treasure is such a cross-border electricity supplier. The company was founded in London by a girl in the 1980s, the main push of the unique fashion goods, the use of big data to guide overseas brands into the highly competitive Chinese market, and has been supported by the British government and Palpay. Then, find the treasure is what kind of a cross-border electricity supplier, and read more

Tribute to the classic Jingdong mobile QQ shopping debut NOKA new phone

August 8th, the Jingdong officially launched QQ mobile phone shopping, and global exclusive sale upgraded version of the NOKIA XL4G mobile phone, the mobile phone to mobile terminal channel 999 yuan QQ mobile phone users to enjoy the price and innovation, efficient, Chinese consumer benefits. At the same time, Jingdong opened a multi-channel synchronization appointment activities – with immediate effect, landing Jingdong official website (JD.com), Jingdong mobile QQ shopping and Jingdong mobile client can make an appointment to upgrade the phone version of NOKIA XL4G. read more

Jingdong Amoy battle highlights the intense competition in the electricity supplier

2012 the first battle of the Internet in recent years, the fierce competition in the field of e-commerce.

, the largest shopping search engine Amoy network (www.etao.com) through its price monitoring system, the whole network released the B2C business commodity price index for the fourth quarter 2011. The price index shows that the leading Jingdong mall "Rose", at the beginning of October, prices rose more than 15%.

it is understood that the Jingdong store with a scouring network dispute dates back to 2011, following the Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong accused a scouring network capture user evaluation content, on the website of Jingdong in October 25th mall made changes to grab data through technical means of shielding a scouring network crawler. read more

Gome electricity supplier platform mutual fight change integration

newspaper news (reporter Liu Xinyu) "Gome online mall", "two Kuba", the United States Department of business platform will be from the competition between each stroke "into" integration". Yesterday, in the face of competition Suning rivals such as the electricity supplier in the field of force, the United States finally clear their electricity supplier in the field of strategic direction, officially announced the integration of its Gome online mall and Kuba two electronic business platform, background unified management and resource sharing. After integration, Gome online will be located in the B2C oriented business cross category comprehensive shopping websites, and the transformation of Kuba open platform similar to Taobao Tmall. Analysts pointed out that, after experiencing the development of dual brands, the United States chose this time to integrate the two major electricity supplier platform, the purpose is to achieve profitability of the electronic business platform. read more

The State Council issued a document to promote the development of rural electricity supplier million

General Office of the State Council on promoting

guidance to accelerate the development of rural e-commerce

issued 2015 No. 78

people’s governments of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, all ministries and commissions of the State Council, and all institutions directly under the State Council:

rural e-commerce is an important means to change the mode of agricultural development, is an important carrier of accurate poverty alleviation. Through public entrepreneurship, innovation, play the role of market mechanism, accelerate the development of rural e-commerce, combine and store electricity suppliers, the real economy and the Internet have synergistic effect, conducive to promoting consumption, expanding domestic demand, promote the upgrading of agriculture, rural development and farmers’ income. With the approval of the State Council, we hereby put forward the following opinions on accelerating the development of rural e-commerce: read more

Shopping can win free single mall started to enjoy the gift 360 Festival Promotion

Double Ninth Festival, and weighing Nine Festival, autumn sun Festival and the "autumn riding", is a traditional festival of the Han people, is one of the four ancestor worship Festival 1989, festival will be as the festival this year, the Double Ninth Festival time is October 21st. To commemorate the festival this year, 360 special mall held a Thanksgiving heart thank you "as the theme of the Festival Promotion activities.

the Chongyang special start time for the morning of October 20th 10 to the end of October 22nd, the activities include shopping to win free single, single sun to send gifts, the most affordable price straight down three sections, at the same time, 360 special artifact droplets, night vision version 360 children’s Guardian pendant version and 360 lines of car recorder and other products the opening of panic buying, let us understand in detail the specific content of each activity. read more

Side of the acquisition of Wangfujing department store adjustment finally want to understand

Since September 27th,

announced a major asset restructuring suspension has been more than two months, on Friday, the Wangfujing department store announced finally approved the acquisition of 100% stake in Kaiyuan commercial. Although did not catch up last week, the concept of Amazon Go brings new retail stocks rally effect, but by the end of 2016, Wangfujing department store in the capital restructuring and business transformation is undoubtedly out of the critical layout.

on the end of the month, Wangfujing group announced the establishment of the whole channel center, the marketing department, the company and the electricity supplier channel project reorganization, upgrading to a major business center in the headquarters of the group directly attributable. Du Baoxiang, President of Wangfujing group, said the establishment of the whole channel center is the beginning of the adjustment of the headquarters of the group headquarters, Wangfujing from the group level to redefine the future direction of retail. read more

Adsense on the shop agent some tips

we run the shop, before the good service, to find a good product is the premise of all the start, the key lies in. Because buyers are always the first to see the product, like the product, is the feeling of service. So, today I want to talk about the main agent of those things. I hope you can see it, the following is the key to say……

yesterday with a friend to talk to find a good proxy for the supply problem, friends shop although it is diamond, but feel very confused, the business agent of the product is very depressed, too, because the store flow, there are guests love products, also hard to upload each product, daily care and maintenance shop…… However, buyers love consulted to deal the last truly into the transaction is only about 50% ~ agent manufacturers frequently out of stock, let her tears. read more

Rural electricity supplier Shopping Festival the establishment of ecological is the only choice

Abstract: the different point of the electricity supplier and the largest electricity supplier in the rural city, in rural areas the lack of a more perfect user experience, logistics and other business service as well as to the poor hardware environment, authentic goods awareness and other soft conditions are poor, it said, compared to the 123 line of the city, rural areas such as the development of the electricity supplier to rebuild a new model, the difficulty unusual.

recently, the Alibaba and the government of Yanan jointly launched the "special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival, users can purchase the local Yanan jujube, apple, millet and other products through Ali platform, farmers by the electricity supplier Shopping Festival product sales volume, revenues decreased with increasing pressure on the stock, when the government can strengthen its brand through festivals, strengthening the agricultural region Ali is the label" section to strengthen its supplier to the countryside special purchases for the Spring Festival "efforts, realize the transformation from the supplier to the countryside to help farmers to rural sales sales quality. read more

Japan Kao and Tmall international cooperation into the baby product line


technology news October 13th news, in the Alibaba of Hangzhou Xixi Park 2015 double 11 global Carnival started the scene, Kao Japan announced a strategic partnership with Tmall international, through the cross-border import electricity supplier market China mode deployment, the introduction of Kao paper diaper baby product line etc..

It is reported that Tmall

, Japan Kao international official flagship store on-line in the double 11 next month on the eve of the products sold to Japan Kao products. Logistics, by rookie network, ant payment service providing payment from cross-border transactions, cross-border cross-border logistics services, through Hangzhou, Ningbo, Shanghai, Guangzhou city completed 11 pilot cross-border import customs clearance double orders. read more