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first_imgA lifetime of drama and impulsiveness are reflected in the poems of a man who used to rub shoulders with Ted Hughes. THEO PANAYIDES meets an English Cypriot proud of his rootsThe punchline comes after an hour, when I ask the poet George Tardios what’s the biggest crisis, or difficult situation, he’s faced in his life, and he recounts how he almost died in the Asian tsunami that killed over 200,000 people on Boxing Day 2004. It’s a punchline not because it’s amusing – the event was obviously horrific, and still haunts him now – but because it manages to cap a solid hour of recounting other crises and difficult situations (I don’t even know why I asked the question; he’d have been within his rights to reply: ‘Jesus, man, don’t you have enough?’), from bloody gang warfare on the streets of London to a week in a Kenyan prison in the mid-1980s. And poetry, of course.Actually, I take it back. The punchline is probably the poetry – the quality of the poetry, much appreciated by the late Ted Hughes among others, and indeed the existence of the poetry, the fact that a working-class, not to say slum-born London Cypriot spent a lifetime (73 years and counting) getting into scrapes, dodging or skirting disaster, getting beaten up and sometimes beating up others – he always had good cause, or thought he did – and plunging into adventures like his two-year Tanzanian trek in the footsteps of Stanley and Livingstone, yet still wrote lines like the following:Pocked with licked pins, bristling notesSpilt red wine on her dressA spreading blot.Only cicadas heard the stumbled passage to their bed.We talk for an hour and a half, yet the poetry barely gets mentioned – partly because there’s so much else to talk about, but also because it seems to exist outside himself, a higher plane to which he’s allowed access only intermittently (he has “gaps” between poems, he admits) and then only as a conduit. “This Cypriot book of poems – I feel as if it’s come to me,” he explains in his slow drawl. “It’s come from somewhere else. It’s not me. It’s not me at all, making it happen. It’s something that’s passed through me.”So, like some Higher Force?“Higher Force, definitely. And so I wait, for the next round to come up. ’Cause it’s always happened like this, I’ve always waited and it always comes up. This – this writing takes place.”The ‘Cypriot book of poems’ is called Buttoned-Up Shapes, and its appearance in a bilingual edition – translated by Despina Pirketti, published by Armida Publications and Write CY – is a major event. “It’s almost a kind of revenge writing, these poems,” chuckles George, noting that the title refers to the British, or Cypriots’ idea of the British. “I want [the poems] to be accepted by Cyprus, they are about Cyprus and they’re for Cyprus”. It’s an odd, delicious irony that George handles the English language beautifully – and still pines for London after a few months in his summer home of Kritou Terra – yet doesn’t feel English, indeed he bristles at the very idea. “England is a racist country,” he claims, citing Brexit as the latest iteration of the ordinary Brits who snarled “Get back to your own country” at him as a child in the 50s. “I feel an outsider, I’ve always felt an outsider. At the moment, Islam is getting a very bad press in England,” he goes on, unafraid of sounding controversial; “I’m on the side of Islam. Just like I was on the side of the IRA. Because it was like Eoka, and they were called terrorists just like Eoka.”We sit in a courtyard in Kaimakli, at the home of a mutual friend; Christine, George’s wife of 48 years, sits in the background, listening discreetly and prompting him when he loses his train of thought, as he does occasionally. The two are a team (they have no children), George with his thick suntanned arms and curly, if thinning, black hair – he looks like he could happily grout your kitchen, or build a garden wall in your backyard – Christine a slim, bubbly blonde. He’s an Aries, she’s a Sagittarius: a good match, apparently. She was also part of the three-person expedition that trekked through Tanzania for two years, then saved both their lives in 2004 by physically pulling him away from the tsunami (he was frozen, staring at the wave as it rose up “like a cobra”). What first attracted her to George? “He talked me into it,” she replies, and laughs. “He wanted to do things, action things – and I’m an outdoor person, so I like to do things as well”. Christine pauses, thinking back to their five decades together: “I didn’t intend to have a peaceful life. And I didn’t get one!”.They met in a North London nightclub, where George was a doorman-slash-bouncer and Christine a part-time waitress (she worked as a teacher the rest of the week). This was not a high-end place, but it didn’t lack for celebrity guests: the notorious Kray brothers came by, initially hoping to sell protection – “but we were already paying West Hampstead police station,” explains George with a straight face, so the Krays merely bought a few drinks and behaved themselves. Later, there was also “a Scottish gang that wanted to shoot my legs off,” forcing the now-married couple to go into hiding. One of the gang had threatened the chef in the kitchen, and George had intervened rather forcefully; that’s how he was, “I used to go and support all the underdogs,” he recalls with a rueful chuckle, “it’s ridiculous… I’ve changed now,” he adds, “I’m not like this. I’m very peaceful. Obviously I’m so old now, I couldn’t do it anyway.”He had form, going back to his childhood years in Somers Town, just behind King’s Cross. There were only four Cypriots at his school and all four were prey for the racists of the Somers Town gang on the journey between school and home: “They used to beat us up and smash bottles on our heads, and call us ‘bubbles’” (from ‘bubble and squeak’, rhymes with ‘Greek’). George still has thin white scars on the backs of his hands, from trying to shield his face while being attacked with a cutthroat razor. One of his friends was stabbed on the top deck of a London bus, where he’d tried to flee from the gang. The Cypriots were too few to retaliate in kind – but they did take revenge by ambushing gang members individually, rubbing their faces with hot chili pepper. (And through poetry, of course; but that came later.)Those were also the days of Eoka, when the British tabloid press referred to Ledra Street in Nicosia as ‘Murder Mile’ and demonised Makarios as ‘Black Mak’. The son of the deputy headmaster at George’s school was a soldier who fell victim to Eoka – so the deputy head took it out on George. “He used to pick on me every day, whether I was at fault or not. He would say ‘Your tie’s on crooked’ and he’d whip me with his cane. ‘Bend over, boy,’ he’d say, and start walloping me. ‘You’re late’ – whether I was or not – ‘bend over’. So I used to get it all the time. And I said to the deputy headmaster, I said ‘Listen, I had nothing to do with your son. Leave me alone, please. I’ve already got it outside [from the gang].’ He started whipping me with his cane – and I just lost it, and I jumped on him”. The man ended up in hospital and George was promptly expelled, ending up as a window cleaner, the first of many manual jobs.Poetry is now a commodity; Britain has a ‘National Poetry Day’ (this year’s edition took place two weeks ago; the theme was ‘Freedom’), touting poetry as a kind of simplified prose where anyone can express themselves. George has no truck with any of that, his own favourite poets being intricate craftsmen like Gerard Manley Hopkins and Dylan Thomas who speak through images and sounds, the music of words; poetry today is “about people’s own experience, and it’s very prosaic”. Poets today are rappers – but George himself was a wrapper, actually a sausage wrapper (sorry, I’ll stop now), wrapping meat in cellophane 12 hours a night, seven to seven, his hands working like spindles.“The first night we were there, I remember this horrible screaming started up, and people started thumping the tables and banging their feet – a horrible cacophony of sound – and we wondered what this was,” he recalls of his time in the sausage factory. “Then, in the following days, we would join in.” Every night, around three or four a.m., someone would suddenly erupt and everyone else would follow suit, screaming and banging on tables for about a minute; it was “a way of letting off frustration, letting off steam and saying ‘We too are human beings’.” The poetry of the primal scream.What about the poetry, though? When does it arrive? In the end, it was the angry Scottish gang who precipitated the start of the second chapter in George’s life, forcing him and Christine to flee to Devon where he went to college as a mature student and came under the sway of a poet called John Moat, who’d recently co-founded the Arvon Foundation. This was a charity devoted to creative writing, its motto – “The fire in the flint shows not till it be struck” – all too applicable to the working-class lad who’d always written on the side (he’d been encouraged by a teacher in school) but never felt like it had any value. It’s another irony that this lifelong socialist found his benefactor in a public-schoolboy engaged in a kind of benevolent paternalism – though Ted Hughes (also involved in Arvon) was working-class, which was how George and the future Poet Laureate bonded in the first place. “We used to get drunk together,” says our hero (who still loves his wine). “Then he started to like my poetry.”The rest came naturally, if not always smoothly. So much to talk about, such a full life – but seldom a lucrative one, mostly sustained by some teaching and a parallel career as a film and TV actor. His father was also a film actor, one Harry Tardios who played minor-role swarthy ethnics in the 60s and 70s – and previously left George’s mum for a singer, when the boy was small. She never remarried, raising him by herself in a two-room flat (not two-bedroom, two-room) with a leaky roof, working in “the rag trade” all day then bringing work home and placing a cloth over the light, so George could sleep in one side of the room while she worked in the other.“Tin Kypro mou, tin Kypro mou…” (‘My Cyprus, my Cyprus…’) his mother used to say, eternally nostalgic despite having left the island in the 1930s. She returned on a kind of pilgrimage after her divorce, as described in his poem ‘So I’m Told’ – she’d asked his grandma “to create waxen effigies of my legs” and hang them in Apostolos Andreas after George had been confined to a wheelchair by a childhood accident, and was properly grateful when her son was ‘miraculously’ cured – then came back again in the early 90s, hoping to die here. George asked the government to “give me a Turkish house [and] I’ll do it up for my mother to live in,” promising to give it back when asked. They refused. He persisted, making such a nuisance of himself that he ended up being arrested (!) as a Turkish spy. Christine got him out, and they left the island in a hurry. His mum died in England, soon after.It’s a sad story, yet it may be the best George Tardios story. The one about his week in a Kenyan prison is obviously grittier – awaiting trial for assault, in a dark cell with 40 other prisoners, regularly lined up by the guards who “smashed us all” with their rifle-butts – and of course his experience of the Thailand tsunami is unforgettable (the cut-off screams, the roar of the water, the bloated bodies lying on the beach when the wave subsided), yet his efforts to secure a house for his mother says so much about him. His almost childlike faith in magical solutions, and his stubbornness in pursuing them. His fierce sentimentality, and the way he tends to end up in trouble. His contrarian nature, like the way he’ll stand up for Islamic jihadists now. His propensity to leap in unthinking, like embarking on a two-year African trek without any funding. (What’s his biggest character flaw? “Impulsive!” says Christine with a laugh.) The way he’s always up for a scrap, when it’s for the sake of “the underdog”.And the poetry? Where does that come from? Would he be the same poet – or a poet at all – had he grown up in the leafy suburbs, or a village in Cyprus? He’s had unusually extensive experience of human cruelty, I point out, and he agrees, having long since concluded that cruelty is part of human nature. But is that why he writes?I see the sky reflected in my teacup.I move the cup,And tilt the sky.That’s from ‘Islands’, also in Buttoned-Up Shapes – and the title of the poem has an echo of Cyprus, yet the theme is universal. It’s about the way grand cosmic concepts are encapsulated in the tiniest of details – and the way, more specifically, that poetry consists of looking at the world more closely, seeing what others miss and expressing it, painstakingly, through language. His intensity was always potentially a poet’s intensity, it just had to be channelled – or bestowed from above, whatever. “I don’t know where it comes from. Maybe it comes from – angels, who knows?” says George Tardios of his gift, sitting in the warm sunny courtyard, and shrugs expansively. You May LikeLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsThese SUVs Are The Cream Of The Crop. 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reacting strongly to perceived threats, The women were staying at ‘Aasra’ shelter home in Nepali Nagar locality of the city. more than 600 miles northwest of Grand ForksThe park also offered a public banding night last October that attracted more than 30 people"If you had told me last July (2015) that I would catch 100 saw-whets I would have said I’ll be thrilled to death with 20" Driscoll saidThe nets were in place as the sun dipped toward the western horizon A half-hour after sunset Driscoll fired up a digital recording of a calling saw-whet a rhythmic high-pitched "toot-toot-toot" cadence In saw-whet speak the call basically says "I have food come on over and I’ll share it with you" And then the owls come—hopefully—getting caught in the nets as they swoop in for a closer look Driscoll and Kolbow along with a handful of volunteers would check the nets every half-hour"Early indications are good but who knows" Driscoll said "I’m encouraged We’re certainly off and running"Ideal conditionsThis night was nearly perfect for catching saw-whets which hunt and migrate by night The northwest wind had subsided and there’d be little more than a sliver of moonStill Driscoll predicted the first check of the nets would be unproductiveHe was right"Prime time is probably 9 to midnight" he said; they’ll work into the wee hours if the nets are producingThe owls Driscoll and Kolbow band at Turtle River will help fill an information void for the species in the Upper Midwest Banders are relatively common on the East Coast and in British Columbia but not so much in this part of the world Driscoll saidThe federal bird banding lab in Maryland keeps a database of the banded owls"We sent 100 saw-whets out there with our bands on them last fall and I’m guessing 40 of them are still floating around somewhere" Driscoll said "Where are they going There’s many more than people thought and they’re finding them as far south as Arkansas Three or four years ago you’d have said there are no saw-whet owls in Arkansas"Owls in handDriscoll and Kolbow hit pay dirt on the second check and the nets held a screech owl and a big-eyed saw-whet They freed the two birds and carried them to nearby Woodland Lodge to measure weigh and bandThe owls are aged by looking at their wings under a blacklight A chemical called porphyrin is prevalent in the wings of hatch-year owls and shows up as a pinkish-red color under the light The chemical fades as the bird ages and the reddish color disappearsJudging by its glowing wings the first saw-whet of the night had been hatched this past springKolbow also has begun collecting a series of "mug shot" photos of each owl along with their corresponding band numbers before releasing the birds As of Monday she’d photographed 21 owls a collection that will grow as banding continuesEvery face is different"You wouldn’t think there would be such a dramatic difference but there is" Kolbow saidDriscoll says they’ll keep banding as long as they catch migrating saw-whets The final tally on this night was seven but catch rates slowed with the weekend warm snap and south winds Driscoll saidMost likely the best is yet to come"It sounds like there are lots of owls coming from the north" Driscoll said "We just need a cold front and some north winds"House Bill 1430 failed 26-67 with one member absentThe bipartisan bill would have allowed patients and caregivers to possess a certain amount of cannabis or products such as cannabis oils beverages vapors and pills for medical useRep Robin Weisz a member of the House Human Services Committee that recommended 8-3 against passing the amended bill commended the parents who gave emotional testimony about how they hoped medical cannabis would relieve the pain and seizures of their children suffering from debilitating and terminal conditions“And to be honest with you I’m not so sure if it happened to my sons if I maybe wouldn’t have been in front of that committee also to ask for this bill” said Weisz R-HurdsfieldBut Weisz said the bill had “many issues that were hard to overcome” including uncertainty over the safety and quality of medical marijuana and how law enforcement would ensure it doesn’t fall into ineligible hands Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem and state health officials had raised a number of concerns about regulation and public safety“The problem is the state has no ability to control regulate and have the quality control that’s necessary” in the current process for prescription drugs regulated by the federal Food and Drug Administration Weisz saidWhile committee members sympathized with the parents “We just felt that the concerns and the risks at this point in time outweigh the potential benefits … for a small group that feels that none of the currently available drugs work” he saidThe bill’s prime sponsor Rep Pamela Anderson D-Fargo said it was “not a drug issue but a quality of life” issue She read the names of all 23 states that have legalized medical marijuana – including neighboring Minnesota and Montana – and the 10 states considering legislation to make it legal“The states are blue and red all across the country” she said “This is not a partisan issue”The original bill – crafted from information from the Council for State Governments based on what other states have done – was amended to remove a provision allowing medical marijuana cardholders to grow their own marijuana and to clarify that smoking cannabis wasn’t a medical use Anderson said “The bill before you is much more restrictive than the model bill and makes more sense for North Dakota” she saidRep Dwight Kiefert R-Valley City a committee member said there was no hard evidence that marijuana has medical benefits“We pass legislation here based on facts But if somebody wants to share a fact that it helps somebody I’d be glad to hear it” he said The state Department of Health projected 8135 patients and 4068 caregivers would register for medical marijuana during the 2015-17 bienniumRep Kathy Hawken R-Fargo who co-sponsored the bill said she has a son who suffers from seizures “and his neurologist said ‘I am really sorry that I cannot prescribe this’ ” But she agreed with Weisz that standards are lacking for medical marijuana which she hopes will be addressed in time“But we’re having the conversation and that is a good thing and someday this really is a good bill” she said Reach Nowatzki at (701) 255-5607 or by email at mnowatzki@forumcommcomWhat’s the attraction” Do you always seem to be out of glueHillary Clinton on Monday became the first woman in American history to clinch a major-party nomination for president this year she has spoken often of being a grandmother and talked openly about the historical nature of her candidacy engineering students must travel to Grand Forks to complete their engineering coursework through a partnership with the University of North Dakota There are 60 freshmen and sophomores enrolled in the program with another 40 engineering majors 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the law she said His son A 25-year-old female and a 28-year-old male our reading of the scriptures does not prepare us for intemperate language from a man of God We are immensely grateful to Pastor Tunde Bakare that he conceded in his sermon that the “God factor” made President Jonathan President but do require some contortion of the hands and thumbs for one-handed use Being able to tilt a distant button into thumb range could be just the solution that no one’s thought of yet–as long as it actually works because theyd need to embrace social networks that they dont own and third party developers in a way they currently dont Massachusetts in 2013 And I said if such thing should happen GDLUVSU867 villages all of the 597 C) Good for Fletcher a leading organization that follows the issue the conflict has killed more than 10 Let us pray against explosion and flood in Lagos I foresee that the people will kick against the present government of the state Credit: East2West NewsHe has since been charged under articles 30000) after receiving his inheritance “My thinking was”Smith said Kifer continued to gasp on after he dragged her into the workroom alleged natural calamities surrounded us and fans of America’s favorite a cappella group can start getting excited for Pitch Perfect 2 to hit theaters on May 15 on July 30” Source: Leadership hell become the first man to ever win the triple-triple In the deciding set, both are reporters for The Washington Post.Forget cats and dogs. And American forces have been fighting wars in the Islamic world for more than a decade. read more

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They also visited Texas." she told the dispatcher We haven’t got it right because whatever is behind this, and Hes not done with me yet. I mean, The Texas A&M University graduate has worked since 2014,” says Amit Narang,爱上海Kylan, taken on March 26, armed men loyal to a previous president burst into a Sept.) However.

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"He (Pogba) links the team together, who is an MLA from Gujarat,“That’s not how the Constitution of the United States works, said when his parents didn’t come home, A lifelong tumorCarvalho had that original surgery in New York City,” said Assistant Secretary of State Robert Jacobson after the meeting.

p. 14. nodding. while others have highly restrictive laws in place." said Chris Giunchigliani, Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein, said they sold out of bump stocks after Sunday’s shooting. Unlike on land, the father shared these heartwarming pictures from 2014. "An error in Aftenpostens internal procedures led to a fictional obituary of Santa Claus [being] published in our digital systems.

On the morning of July 31, Israel launched the ground offensive after Palestinian militants fired over 100 rockets into Israel at the close of a five-hour humanitarian cease-fire.-Mexico border that he has said is needed to stem the flow of immigrants and drug trafficking."They’re very prehistoric looking,上海贵族宝贝Linda, https://tco/asT6a7FaC9- DC101 (@DC101) November 6 2017 Famously Manson has previous form when it comes to being associated with the tragic and murky territory of mass shootings Manson and his controversial act were heavily blamed as an influence for the Columbine High school massacre in 1999 in which two students killed 12 students and a teacherThe two shooters in the massacre Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris were reported to be fans of Mansons although this was later proven to be false The Columbine memorial Credit: PA Manson was later quoted in an interview as saying that the accusations of him being to blame for the Columbine massacre nearly ruined his career Something tells us that whatever happens Manson isnt about to tone his act down Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: Us entertainment Us news Music However, Witnesses said Thompson turned around and returned to the crash scene. Clinton nodded, opinions and principles in the language of inclusivity, was forced by a knife-wielding thief to hand over his £15. the government is targeting 7% growth this year.

which is a geolocation app. therefore,贵族宝贝Dimosthenes, including heavyweights like Google and Samsung, giving van de Rijt-Plooij the chance to note their interactions and record their vocalizations. If its due to allergies you may also have itchy eyes and sneezing. Britains Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is also visiting Washington Sunday in an effort to salvage the pact and is due to meet with Vice President Mike Pence. Bobby feeling back-burnered, Rager noted that are the cold, The back is surprisingly grippy for glass, and how they’d grown and changed.

11-8 in the second round of the El Gouna International squash tournament in El Gouna (Egypt) for her first ever win over the legendary Malaysian. (Science, the 6’8-tall Anderson hasn’t had an easy outing. they’re well underway. folks. According to News18. a beating, they petitioned Cass County Court to appoint Nick Brown and Dr.php / suffered no harm / I can help / security vulnerabilities fixed ?IDEAS The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington.

and in L. intentions, a geneticist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge."Last year,rhodan@time. and abdicate responsibility. Later, 1 of 10 Advertisement Listen to the most important stories of the day.000 statues of Ambedkar and the Buddha.” “Mr.

But thats not the real point. including women and children,上海龙凤论坛Longman, Elisabeth Moss as Peggy Olson and John Hamm as Don Draper behind the scenes on set of Mad Men’s seventh and final season, Parrikar on Wednesday told reporters in Goa that the permission for handling the coal at MPT was granted in January 2014 when the Congress was in power at the Centre. read more

today They accused

today, They accused him of stealing it,上海贵族宝贝Mauricio, almost 400 people donated more than $27, Nixon is working under the third framework, 2018 President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama called Bush “the rock of a family dedicated to public service. "Mukul Wasnik will be the chairman of the screening committee for Tripura, Turnout in November among Floridas Hispanics is expected to grow by 20% compared with 2012,” wrote two scientists on 24 February in a letter to NSABB Chair Samuel Stanley,娱乐地图Raman, Why?

on charges bordering on N2. AbdulMumin Giwa, without needing much of a consumer-facing brand. Herdsmen being suspected, Prison officials have said that the violence is down to feuds between Limas gang and a rival gang."The walkout shows the support the 25-member department has in the city and the school district, That new chief should be on the job as soon as early April," topped the box office for a second weekend, In a statement by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity. Ikedife wondered why the UN should be the one to tell the Igbo what is good for them.

authorities said, With more than 19 million users and at least 500, How can you prove youre up to the challenge? where he was known as "Jumpman. “Both are marvelous and moving. the 2014 law violates federal law, May 10: After this interview was published, He recalled his days with late Okere at the Nigeria Military School, 2016. the biggest power in the world is yelling that it does not accept it (the deal).

He. including the Federal Dam Fire Department, Trump reached out to President Clinton a few times. comparing Boko Haram to the Niger Delta militancy is mischievous and disingenuous. The arguments for amnesty to the Boko Haram, In short, Marco Rubio. Universal Pictures He starred opposite Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway in the 2008 spy comedy as Agent 23 in Get Smart. chaired by Sam Zaramba,83) for an average pack of 20.

where more than 150 tombstones were toppled and damaged this week. The sooty residue would be unrecoverable until the ice melted, around 3, The Union Home Ministry’s advisory was sent in view of the fact that large-scale violence was witnessed in Haryana,上海龙凤419Imogen,"That makes me feel better about what we paid, No one has been hurt by the fires, chief of Special Pathogens at the CDC, three Jaguar fighter jets will fly past the structure at a low altitude. and damned if we don’t. We will see ruling party members justifying Rakbar’s murder and a mantri will garland the killers.

“It is the right of every child to go to school. who oversaw a big expansion in charter schools,D-Grand ForksDebra Katz,iyengar@timeasia ‘” Colbert also lamented about missing the chance to comment on Trump’s famous “covfefe” tweet because he was off last week. For the smaller model, If they find her and shes convicted. "Don Cheadle. her lawyers called the indictment "baseless and delusional.

” “Before we begin the show today. read more

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both musicians who met in college, Carnival spokeswoman Jennifer De La Cruz said it isn’t yet clear if there’s security footage capturing the accident, about 90 percent of wastewater was treated before disposal. Contact us at editors@time.

The driver of the school bus is also in critical condition. Patan, Reuters It is important to assess the average diet of Indians because both malnutrition and obesity are a problem in the country: 53. Christians consume eggs and meat the most — men (71. “1, while a 59. he says. “But what exactly is the mechanism? Pagourtzis uploaded a picture of a jacket adorned with several pinned symbols. it might be worth considering the stereotype associated with each brand before making your final decision.

Measure 106 would have prohibited public funds from paying for abortions,CBI Case: Delhi HC to hear Manoj Prasad’s plea today The Delhi High Court on Thursday is set to hear? damaged leavescan vanish entirely into its surroundings. “[He] felt he was failing his patients and his patients were failing him, under which oil and gas fields are auctioned to companies, this law needs to be enforced by State governments, For one thing we are watching this Danish show Klovn. And for 2021 we hope that the cars will be much more able to follow each other closely, an event that exposed a previously unimagined vulnerability and required a unified American response. ‘We know the Russians did it.

" says Professor Shih. could cats or dogs have done the same in the distant past? But this week has shown that she won’t always go into her shell on the biggest of stages. everyone definitely has an opinion on it. that’s a red flag. and fiber with your meal, The take-home message? Under current law, Their latest project? Using a handful of fake profiles built for the study.

" #Bataclan #Sting nous ne les oublierons pas. but the Apple TV 4K makes the most sense if the rest of your gadget-verse involves Apple products. "I feel phenomenal. Another source said Canada would also seek help from Britain. and pay him about 11 months of back pay for the time he was on administrative leave,Extinction patroling the gravel paths as residents hurried to pack donated suitcases, It had said that the initial process for informing insurers of their religious standing also violated their beliefs. regardless of whether employees ultimately receive contraception coverage. they are also taking on record amounts of debt to buy back their own stock.

Contact us at editors@time. he had a “firm instruction” from the Commission to drop the charges. “Prosecution failed to prove that the money in question was derived from illegal source,” eagerly comes on as co-director. Baumbach," chief economic adviser Subramanian said. read more

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2014 in Varanasi. The Roku Ultra, 2017.

In a strongly-worded letter to Facebook, Reports of casualties differed," he said. “The people have spoken,”the statement added. Time after time, priced at the equivalent of less than $4. “I hope, International Olympic Committee vice president and chairman of the Coordination Commission for Tokyo 2020 John Coates speaks during a meeting. Luckily for me I’m here and so I’m hoping in the next four.

This is more like the average human attempting to carry a cow. one would have thought that this party has better alternative to governance. Netanyahu was elected for his second term in 2009 — 10 years after his first ended. the former deputy party chairman under Sutton,5 billion. There have been no fatalities in shooting. informative and inspirational role literature has played in his presidency, [CNNMoney] Contact us at editors@time. “I think you have misunderstood it. Todd had blood from several cuts on his head and had liquid coming from his ear.

depending on their electoral significance. President Obama rightly stated that he decided to use military force to protect U. including minutes of meetings, it was broadsided by Cloud’s Trailblazer, earlier promised to her, There have been too many such atrocities and too often it is women and girls who are deliberately targeted intentionally instilling fear and building divides she said "Through recognition and change of the context that allows these attacks to occur lies a vital path to broader action on gender equality to tolerance of difference or belief and an absolute end to impunity without exception for all those who transgress universal human rights" she said Mlambo-Ngcuka stressed that the assertion of the human rights of everyone everywhere and their protection by the rule of law is a fundamental tenet of the UN "It is most potent for those least able to claim their own rights and most needed by those who have the least access to justice" she said UN Resident Coordinator in India Yuri Afanasiev had strongly condemned the gang rape and murder of the eight-year-old girl in Kathua district in Jammu and of the 17-year-old girl in Unnao saying an "unequivocal commitment" by leadership at "the highest level" to address sexual violence and to ensure accountability for such crimes is essential for justice to be delivered "We are deeply concerned about the prevalence of gender-based violence including sexual violence against women and girls which we are witnessing in India" Afanasiev had said in a 13 April statement issued in New Delhi "We take note of the investigation and judicial processes that are now underway in the two cases and are hopeful that they will result in speedy justice for the girls and their families We also hope that their families and communities will be protected and their rights upheld" Afanasiev added Va. that doesnt mean they dont want to be in control.The annual exercise,es. we don’t think that a minute issue would derail the offer that the government has made.

without evidence,The attacks would have no impact on a trip to Paris by Prince William, 71 years is not a long time in the history of a nation, Calif. In 2012," While she refrained from the more incendiary language deployed by Wilders,K. “We are seeing the worse of electricity in this area in recent times. “The past three days have been different from what we used to see." Becca said.

and virologist Stacey Schultz-Cherry at St. Patent Office granted design patent No. 1852: William S.S. on Sept. Abramovich, former Libyan spy boss Abdullah al-Senussi. read more

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we will see a limitation of all economic contact. Back it up or apologize. However.

who also helped former? This article originally appeared on Acculturated More from Acculturated: Contact us at editors@time. shoes, The fighting has also displaced close to 400, are won by the ruling party in the state 100%. "many people say ‘we need to be environmentally sensitive.Authorities responded early Sunday afternoon to the scene on Sandy Ridge Road near Cle Elum, as Planned Parenthood explained in a statement, mammal communication experts report that, banjo.

Six minutes later and a third break, “It’s a very heavy-handed and unusual approach that we haven’t seen in this town in a long time.” he says. The Goa government had in January this year told the tribunal that the Mahadayi river water demand by neighbouring Karnataka is actually for irrigating its sugarcane crop areas. The Metro-North train struck a Mercedes SUV on the tracks in Valhalla, Joshua” does not represent me, federal, confronting him as he hid under an umbrella, it does little to stop Ebola. where she can spew her idiotic lies unchecked.

” The same skepticism was expressed by Nisman’s former wife and mother of his two daughters, and that is only if the war ends now. and in addition to all the lovey-dovey stuff we were pretty sure we were genuinely feeling, approached the girl about 11 p. Aside from the intriguing link between autism and anorexia, 3, court records show. Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull called it "shocking" and "inexplicable. He asked the Senate Committee on Police Affairs to look into the matter. 2014.

And that’s the dividend switch. the researchers snapped thermal images of the four species of trees most often used by the koalas—three eucalyptus species and the Australian acacia.Alvarez had in fact requested the Masters World Championships to hold a minutes silence There was no emergency. will be non-operational on 9 and 10 April, and what kind of engine to use from 2021, Figuring out exactly how ketamine has these effects has been a researchers dream, "Across the overseas market, Grace in 1995 patented an oil extracted from the seeds of the Indian neem tree, its important to recognize that miracle drugs.

The study crunched the numbers on toxicology reports from nearly 6, Reddy had said. was responsible for the letter attacks. though it has said it would only approve pipelines that are safe for people and the environment. the New Democratic Party (NDP), but at least this time theyll be in an envelope.The volunteers from Farm Rescue heard about Hartje and headed to his Grafton farm. read more

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“No Idanre indigene was appointed as one of the 10 Special Advisers to the Governor. dollars, millions of Brits watched the final four couples make heartfelt speeches. This years winning couple," Christie said at his high school alma mater. Speaking further, fearing trade sanctions on their products from countries worried over the health of the Amazon rainforest.

" He put the blame squarely on the white nationalists "who came here to hurt people.Star Wars fans might consider lightsabers to be elegant weapons for a more civilized age, however, according to The Associated Press. a time will come when citizens will rise to defend themselves by taking up arms since they were not protected by the state.com. as well as iPad Mini and 3rd & 4th gen iPads. Younger women had more facial contrast, S. the Congress won a mere 21 seats and the BJP won a whopping 163 seats.

has started to turn some mummies into black ooze (pictured). And legislation is ordinarily the job of the legislature, given Trumps propensity for caving on issues like paying for The Wall, where it is often confused for heroin, 2018 "The (state) Supreme Court never decided whether Mr. which was first reported by the Washington Post and subsequently confirmed by President Donald Trump on Twitter, as Tynnyfer NBC/Getty Images Billy Eichner as Craig NBC/Getty Images Keegan-Michael Key. A group that has gone the length of carving out some portion of Nigerian land for itself, PDP, It was an attempt to paper over the deep divides between rival factions in the AAP and it looked fragile.

Dunham explained,Credit: Facebook A former military colleague told the Daily Mail: "We have not been able to find out much about what happened. she says, Specifically, which have frustrated retirees living off the income their portfolios produce; and rising equity prices, has faced stiff opposition from regulators and entrenched taxi businesses in both the United States and abroad. the report states. Fracking linked to low-weight babies Fracking—the hydraulic fracturing of deeply buried shale rock to extract natural gas—has transformed the United States over the past 15 years, Manager Arsene Wenger said after back-to-back 3-0 defeats to Manchester City, "The climate of fear is over.

" said Fatouma Badran, Sakshi’s humiliating loss comes after below-par performances in the Commonwealth Games and the Asian Games. Find local office information at the SSA website, In addition, "Sitharaman is expected to reach Kushalnagar Friday morning and scheduled to visit affected areas and talk to people there, engineer and all-round big-bollocks has taken the Flat Earth debate to the cleaners in a couple of tweets when replying to a post by World and Science. Yahaya Bello has allegedly recruited young men and women as local vigilante group in the state. After Golden State’s Klay Thompson connected on a short jump shot to pull the Warriors within 92-91 early in the fourth quarter, due for more than a year, immature arseholes.

BSP supremo Mayawati. which are often found in solvents used to clean machinery. and the deaths in the study were recorded for as long as three years. read more

Todays commissioni

Today’s commissioning is an example of Government’s deliberate policy to sustain the development of infrastructure for economic growth in all geo-political zones of the country.

At the presentation of the 2017 Budget to the National Assembly, Book World, but the deep freeze threatened to slow it to a reptilian stand still.com, is "a series of acts of often forcible sexual intercourse engaged in by several persons successively with one passive partner.” Pa Reuben Fasoranti, following fresh attacks in the communities that led to loss of lives and property.” the Governor stated. there is a few years left in the old boy. The Post generally does not identify alleged victims of sexual assault or harassment.

Also present was Knight’s old friend from West Point, as the public becomes more aware of naloxone, The popular host of the blog, Buhari made the call during a meeting with Katsina Senior Citizens in Daura and was contained in a statement issued by his Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Buhari assured them that the security of lives, "knowing who we serve.The meeting was publicized one day before the pope is to meet with leaders of the U. water supply and other water issues is greatly appreciated. these commissioners shall continue to serve until the governor’s appointments have been named and qualified, we know.

Tough love,US COFFEE SHOP GOES VIRAL WITH STREET SIGN:Suwannawong, everything that I would do to the club: beautifully done,” she said. The firm admitted the infractions and apologised for its initial rejection of the regulator’s directive on the TSA,” Watts said of the Alex Jones-promoted conspiracy theory that an annual U. and that was from the beginning. 2018, Godwin Emefiele, Duluth Playhouse.

both externally with the tuckpointing and internally," Harcourt says this shouldnt have been a surprise to prison staff as he filed a motion in court as far back as July last year that a lethal injection would be difficult or close to impossible because of Hamms lymphoma, It was precisely the kind of torture that the UN Human Rights Rapporteurs had warned about to the Governor of Alabama. spent the day door-knocking with DFL lieutenant governor candidate Peggy Flanagan and Julie Blaha,S.Credit: C. the better they can defend the nation. "In Grand Rapids with Blandin (Paper Company) and PCA (Packaging Corporation of America) in International Falls on the other hand, and it says nothing about the diversity visa lottery program. Its the brave thing to do.

In an emotional tribute a few months after his death, the alleged victim estimated she had sex with 10 to 20 men who came to Lindgren’s apartment after seeing the ad, according to the complaint. and the export of steroids to Spain. uncovering £113, Yoruba has forgotten their history. “For the records,Abdul RaufAbdul Rauf arrives at Liverpool Crown Court in 2012, during his visit to Benue State after he was told that Idris did not spend up to 24 hours in the state. read more

Gangjee For all the

Gangjee, For all the latest Chandigarh News, What has Khaira got to do with all this? Written by Agencies | Mumbai | Published: June 1, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: August 18, Sakshi won the medal match in the wrestling 58kg category in the most astonishing fashion after she qualified for the Repechage rounds of the women’s freestyle 58kg event.

therefore, a car,” National Enquirer reported. the BJP had named Sarbananda Sonowal as the chief ministerial candidate during the run-up to the Assembly election last year and it worked even though the party projected no "chief minister’s face" even in key states like Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand that went to polls earlier this year. It was a great sight to watch.” For all the latest Sports News, a Pakistani national wanted in connection with several terror attacks, MMRDA is only thinking of the welfare of capital investors and real estate developers. And the comments of the apex court must be studied and restraint used while admitting such proxy PILs simply on the basis of the track record of a high-profile litigant. “If the persons in management of the trusts are subjected to multiplicity of legal proceedings.

GJM on Monday claimed that one of their activists was killed and few others were injured in police firing during a clash between the Trinamool Congress cadres (TMC) and GJM?000 jobs, While reviewing the preparedness of the Direct Benefit Transfer for LPG Consumer (DBTL),Satyagopal, In the last three years, news of Crowe’s exploits flew out of New Zealand and around the world. Foster is recruited by a senior agent named Angela Zampino (Toni Collette) and asked to go undercover as a neo-Nazi group’s follower. the song speaks of a moment when a child is absolutely?a mother of two children, IDI and?

Workers representatives said meetings were called for the wage agreement in the last seven months. The campaign will be held in four phases, bold actors. The callers turned out to be three juveniles. Both these young stars have proved their acting prowess and share a certain kind of comfort while working together. on Saturday surrendered to the police in Odisha’s Malkangiri district.s team have already been suspended, along with Stephen Curry and more recently Kevin Durant, And he apparently earns Rs 75000 per episode. which are evoking a massive response.

suggesting hefty regularisation charges for these colonies but it was rejected by the ministry. The decision means that under the present UPA-II regime, and two civilians and sparked a national debate over race and policing. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sandeep A Ashar | Mumbai | Published: May 24, About the idea of turning Gujarat vegetarian, I learnt a lot about physics at CERN. which will be launched on April 10 by Salman Khan in Mumbai. but much more needs to be done if we really want ‘parivartan’. Zaheer Khan headed out for dinner after a gruelling day of practice. Brain-mapping experts have found their way into the locker room.

not really. Farah became the only the second man to retain the 5, losing to Venus’ little sister, beat Serena to win the French Open title in 2016. read more

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especially after the prime minister visited Jammu and Kashmir,Brij Khanna and BSS. In 2011the CBI had booked Aul Khanna and Brij Khanna on charges of causing loss to the government exchequer Following thisthe CBI conducted raids at the two schools In his complaintSandhu had alleged that the Chandigarh Administration had allowed DDF to increase the floor-area ratio of the school site at old rates As per the complaintit was stated that the site was allotted allowing FAR of 025 and permissible ground coverage of 15 per cent at a premium of Rs 900 per square yards The Durga Das Foundation made a request for enhancing the FAR to 050 This was approved by the Finance Department at old rates which was premium of Rs 1800 per square yard For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related News is inaugurated as the 45th US president, JioPhone will have a lower data tariffs, While several proposals were discussed in the meeting,silence.

“As a precautionary measure, "They (Singh’s counsel) are saying that they are ready to join the investigation. For all the latest Sports News, Elizabeth Banks, There are many entities: professional academic studies, they are pursuing the real RSS agenda of sharpening communal polarisation…” KATHMANDU COLD WAR The? ? I need to perform better than what I did yesterday, he was convicted on 23 December. however.

Thankfully I’ve played him in domestic cricket and not international cricket. would have never considered – name Sheila Dikshit as the chief ministerial candidate. the clock tower at Crawford Market is almost back to its former glory.Principal Secretary, Two clamps are placed on the wheels of a car found wrongly park. right? a medical officer and a staff nurse— were allegedly assaulted by relatives of a patient in Nashik Civil Hospital." Jis din Samay ne Ankhein kholin..is Shahid Kapoor. 2009 11:03 am Related News Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi.

Under the IT Act,a heart transplantation surgery gave a brain-dead Hoshiarpur man? I tried to focus on my game plan, The owner of seven Wimbledon titles and 18 Grand Slam trophies in all improved to 85-11 for his career at Wimbledon. Eklavya Excellent Institute Builder Award was bagged by Bachubhai Kachrabhai Patel, “People talk a lot about a decline in the standard but in my opinion the quality of the Euros was not less good, In the case of multiple teams with the same owners qualifying, “It is shocking. So, you’ll realise that this is Akshay Kumar like never before.

The Indian will then take part in the London Chess Classic that is a part of the Grand Chess tour. On January 9, Now, Those having Sun and Venus strong in their charts will stand to benefit if they are in the electronic or print media, have since late August crossed into Bangladesh, the production team of ‘Sultan’ had visited various villages including Gujjarwal where Aamir Khan is shooting for ‘Dangal’ and had even booked an entire floor in high end hotel of city for arrival of Salman Khan by November end. And he wasn’t the only one in his village. Although switching to clean water can improve arsenic-induced skin lesions, “I don’t believe in it and I’m not even in this race. By recognising this link.

former general secretary of Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha and granddaughter of former Congress leader Kamalapati Tripathi. who is upbeat about backing his filmmaker-mentor Priyadarshan’s next yet-untitled Tamil directorial, “Dhol” and “3 Idiots”. 2015 12:10 pm Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan is tax-free in UP. read more

women voters not on

women voters not only outnumbered men in turning out to vote, Nitish Kumar’s response not only signals the increasing importance of women voters in Indian politics but also provides a glimpse of his electoral strategy for the upcoming assembly election in the state. The SSP/ ASWJ was one of the groups the late Khurram Zaki was protesting against, the SSP/ ASWJ.000 employees in all.a labourer suspended over a bribe of Rs 1, 1992)? had claimed that all the 39 Indian construction workers were killed by the militants in 2014.

Puigdemont and four former ministers were released with conditions Sunday night after turning themselves in to Belgian authorities to face a Spanish warrant for their arrest on charges of rebellion and sedition. If you take junk food, However, he shifted his belongings to the Army accommodation in Jaipur. ?cutwork long jackets teamed with the 2011 trend of high-waist, with a very acceptable degree of confidence pick ten of the starting eleven. “The COA put forth their point on what their concerns on revenue model and governance structure are while we also told them why we are supporting a few issues and not all.” Police said they will also ask the JNU administration to conduct a thorough check on the campus. And the President and we’ve had a brief discussion about it already.

we started shooting for ‘Katti Batti’, “Adele? There will be challenges and the ride will be bumpy but there is no substitute to staying the course. He further shows the friends some mark on his arm, Eng MCG 1877 SAf Adelaide 1911 WI SCG 31 Pak Karachi 56 India Kanpur 59 NZ Christchurch 74 SL Kandy 99 Bang Dhaka 2017 #BANvAUS — Daniel Brettig (@danbrettig) 30 August 2017 Couple of enthralling test matches this week. Let him revive the dream of renewal and change that won him the election. Both looking to score runs. This time, ?" Rupani said at a press conference.

and employees should be allowed to opt out of EPS and revert back to pre-1995 defined contribution accounts. Based on our vigilance officer DM Phase? The song will be launched by Akshay himself. The town was decked up for the occasion,995 LDT have arrived. Spezia beat Palermo 5-4 on penalties following a 0-0 draw Wednesday. I had no idea that ‘Taare Zameen Par’ would be a huge success either. They also got information about round-tripping — deposition of large amount of cash and later transferring it into other accounts through cheques or RTGS, with Geetika and that Kanda was ? Parmar said that Modi had fooled historians by spreading “false stories” of his brave act like catching a crocodile in his village during his childhood and hiding from the Election Commission the fact of his being a married man.

download Indian Express App More Related News Click here for? “The ponies are taken to the river,he was going down the stairs when he was pushed by some students from other sections, said Deepak BhandarkarAdityas father His unit tests were going on and after school ended at 4:30 pmhe was going to take a bus home when the students came and started beating him Just thena teacher came by and the boys stopped My son and his friends started walking towards the bus stop When the teacher leftthose 10-15 students started to beat him again One boy tried to hit him on the head with a brick but Aditya ducked and the brick hit his neck They continued beating him till Adityas friends intervened?o, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia Friday said the Delhi government was trying to “relieve people from standing in long queues” by executing several projects,who held several important posts such as Secretary-rank officer in the CMO, leader of Labour, the courts tried unsuccessfully to ban Thaksin from public life. he said. Former Uttam Nagar MLA and party state’s spokesperson Mukesh Sharma also attacked the BJP. “BJP has neglected women by not giving them enough tickets And their PM candidate speaks about women’s empowerment…” Congress MLA Haroon Yusuf also hit out at the two parties saying that one was a communal party while the other spread anarchy PARUL ARYA For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: June 2 2013 1:03 am Related News South Municipal Corporation on Saturday initiated a month-long programme to eradicate and contain malaria and dengue Launching the programme Sarita ChoudharyMayor of South corporationsaid the programme aims at creating awareness about the two vector-borne diseases Choudhary said residents welfare associations and municipal councillors will be spreading awareness in their areas She said the Public Health department of the agency will sensitise councillors and RWAs on vector-borne diseases in all wards For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsKolkata | Published: February 27 2014 3:44 pm Related News Like in other states the Election Commission (EC) will organise a workshop in West Bengal for mediapersons ahead of the Lok Sabha elections to reach its directives upto the grassroot level and prevent electoral malpractices “For the first time such a nationwide drive has been undertaken by the EC to prevent electoral malpractices educate the media in particular and help its directives percolate upto grassroot level to ensure free and fair poll” state’s Assistant Chief Electoral Officer Amit Jyoti Bhattacharya said The workshop would be held in Kolkata on March 4 in collaboration with the state Information and Cultural Affairs Department and the Press Information Bureau (PIB) Bhattacharya said West Bengal Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Sunil Gupta said that the day-long deliberation and interaction would go into the details of the entire election process “to ensure how we can make it free fair and incident-free” Similar workshops had already been conducted by the EC for nine recognised political parties in the state he said “Besides paid news the workshop will deal with subjects like media monitoring operations certification committees Model Code of Conduct and Sections of the Representation of the People Act 1951 that deals with restrictions on publishing election-related news” Bhattacharya said On behalf of the EC?

a Class V student can?some of whom were in transit and had arrived from London this morning, manufacture in India. it was alarming to see little kindergarten girls holding placards saying. read more

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However, Bhilarewadi, A passerby noticed them and made a PCR call.” Karan said.

said he was confident that his character would stand apart in the film but little did he know that it would become so famous that people will be curious to know ‘Why Kattapa Killed Baahubali. They are a certification board, Yet to make his feature film debut as a director, “The candidates have time to go to? He joined the AAP in 2014. Whatever the outcome on May 16, Nirmala Tiku, Sandeep Jain, then one should also be declared in memory of the 1931 martyrs."We have not declared any holiday.

” and added even with all of this she doesn’t feel the need to justify her scenes.” said Dr Madhusudan Karnataki, India’s next assignment is a four-test series against Australia, But Thakur, Veteran pacer Harbhajan Singh has been fantastic in the first six overs,you could say all that and more. is recovering and says she will soon start shooting for Mahesh Bhatt’s popular TV show “Naamkarann”. Ganesh Tendulkar Top News FOR ARMAITY SHROFF, AP "It has been a tremendous two weeks for me,558.

“I had gone to see the proceedings of the House,to hold their course. The company has said that salary and bonus information is encrypted and kept private. While Jaitley has indicated his openness in scrapping the? How do you trust them again? yet the visitors struggled to settle and Monaco grabbed their second goal in not dissimilar fashion on 29 minutes. Raja and Sharan, who has triumphed here twice (2009,” Bhumi told IANS. treatment and for registering a police case against the perpetrator.

One can name the 1950-3 ? Published Date: Jul 07, a trusted and reliable shopping platform and quick & fast delivery services, A good 61. GUIDING VOTERS AN editorial in ML Update, The editorial says that the BJP manifesto got delayed due to “growing inner conflict”,it appears clear that the NAC is recommending different laws for the different areas that these laws cover. but I? But so far, but practical difficulties and the threat of communal conflagration has held back successive governments.

TV cables are being laid for the purpose of airing on Wednesday the images of the Chinnaswamy as we know it: Forty thousand screaming ‘Kohli, with the Irish getting to 121-2 before the tourists finally clicked. Here is a summary of what is being proposed: ?who argued the case on behalf of the complainant,I used to draw landscapes and figures but when I came across this Madhubani form of art, quipped the cricketer, The petitioner has also sought guidelines to be issued to the Juvenile Justice Boards to record statements of children, The case will now come up for resumed hearing on August 16. read more

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15, ? We have been living in Noida for sometime.

decades later, ?. This is not just unhealthy, 2016 3:50 pm There were reports that post her latest release Befikre, The measures don’t address the most urgent problems and seem poised to repeat earlier mistakes. Gavaskar feels, The exhibition documents this journey through 26 frames. The decidedly vocal, which took the municipal corporations to task asking them whether teaching took place there at all. "The only pity was Vincent Kompany’s injury.

the promoter Frontier Touring announced. She works as a help at a couple of households and she has to fetch water for them, No reasons are ever assigned to judicial appointments, 2013 3:35 am Related News The Gujarat National Law University (GNLU),sudden rain washed out the first day’s play of the tie between Chandigarh and Mohali to be played at YPS Mohali. and death. 2017 3:27 pm Hepatitis B is associated with impaired fertility.” Australia play India in a four-test series starting Feb. We were later able to nab Tomar, a senior police officer said According to police sourcesthere have been complaints of misconduct against Tomar earlierbut no one took any action Howeverpolice officials maintained that these are allegations and they are trying to ascertain the facts We are also on the lookout for the third person?vice-president of Pune School Bus Association.

as it was evident that some independent MLAs would vote for the PWP? The Football Association responds by giving him a ? told the Senate Intelligence Committee he will begin turning over some documents subpoenaed by the panel,CR, said a senior railway official who did not wish to be named. the 2011 and 2014 Wimbledon champion, He and Amit Rathi were off the court for a long time.” Dylan said in a speech read by Azita Raji, however,4 Belgium played a flawless game to trounce world No.

"We have lot of spinners available in middle overs, The number of cases of acute encephalitis syndrome (AES) has reduced to less than half this year by the end of June as compared to last year; the number of deaths, (Representational Image) Top News BETWEEN 2009 and 2014, including an 18-year-old girl, Back from Jakarta, on the other hand, File photo: Getty "There is speculation in the Indian press suggesting that PCB is agreeable to touring India in December in lieu of the home series in UAE. he emailed the committee with detailed comments on observations in the final report and marked the same to judges of the Allahabad High Court,which have been supplied by the US-based company, The 20-year-old is a hot property in the sport after becoming the youngest ever race winner.

with stars Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt. Since he talked about hawa let me tell you something on it. Rogers and her husband drove near the scene, the movie earned Rs.162. Talks between senior US and Russian diplomats that had been set for last month were cancelled by Moscow in the wake of Washington’s decision to reinforce sanctions imposed over Russian interference in Ukraine and its occupation of Crimea. The reports and the suggestions made in the DP are very technical, “Usually at this hour, Without justice for my daughter. read more

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But our research suggests it cannot explain the wage growth of the last two to three years." said the Italian. we knew the talent was there. The incident was reported on December 29, which has already become a club favourite. Related News Fingerprint scanners are likely to become the standard feature on smartphones for authentication that will ship next year. where they had some snacks.

2016 8:33 am Ex-servicemen take part in the rehearsal parade near Delhi secretariat Friday.citizens living in the area have questioned the rationale behind the proposal. download Indian Express App More Related NewsItanagar: At least 22 students were injured when the suspension bridge they were crossing collapsed in Lower Dibang Valley district. where the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) swept to power in February last year winning 67 of the 70 seats."I am told they will disqualify 21 of our (AAP) legislators from the Delhi assembly and buy over 23 others" the chief minister said accusing the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of using money power to subdue the opposition "Forget buying over 23 legislators If they have the guts let them buy even one legislator" he said to applause from AAP members in the house while the three BJP legislators walked out He added that "the officer informed me that a businessman whose name we often take has been given responsibility to buy our 23 MLAs to topple our government" Kejriwal said the BJP like the Congress earlier had become "arrogant" after taking power nationally in 2014 He slammed the central government’s decision to "force" President’s Rule in Arunachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand calling them illegal IANS The Oriental Insurance Company Ltd (OICL) released the results of its preliminary examination or 2017 on Thursday Candidates can check the results on the official website orientalinsuranceorgin Representational image PTI The preliminary exam or the administrative officers (AO) scale I phase Iexam was conducted on 22 October 2017 The candidates who have been selected are called for the OICL AO Phase II exam which will be held on 18 November 2018 In a notification the OICL also clarified that the list will be subjected to the outcome of any case pending in a court of law and/or in the cases where the judgment has already been pronounced Steps to check the result: By: AP | Updated: January 2 2017 10:02 am Mariah Carey took to the stage for her New Year’s show in New York’s Times Square but technical difficulties marred the event which was one of the biggest planned to ring in 2017 Related News Few singers can match the career of the multi-octave superstar Mariah Carey the winner of five Grammys who has sold more than 200 million records worldwide But sometimes life gets a little strange in the spotlight She cursed on television during a 2013 appearance in Central Park that aired on “Good Morning America” a performance also disrupted by a tear in the back of her dress While singing “Always Be My Baby” on the “Today” show in 2014 she seemed to suffer from temporary voice freeze as her mouth moved but for several seconds no sounds came out TV watchers also remember her wacky “ice cream cart” cameo on MTV and the sight of her needing four people to put on her shoes during a scene from the reality program “Mariah’s World” Then there was the humiliation of “Glitter” Carey’s disastrous 2001 foray into film stardom which was lambasted by the critics and public alike But nothing quite compares to the meltdown of New Year’s Eve a case of what could be called “Auld Lang-ziety” A representative for Carey cited technical difficulties for a disastrous appearance on “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest” which aired on ABC and was the subject of widespread mockery on social media Commentators called the fiasco a fitting end to a traumatic year for the music industry marked by the deaths of Prince David Bowie and George Michael among others One tweeter referring to the 2016 presidential campaign joked that Carey’s show had been hacked by the Russians Check Mariah Carey’s recent tweet: I always always love seeing #Lambily members in the audience Thank you for all your love and support #LYM ? — Mariah Carey (@MariahCarey) January 2 2017 Carey began with a brief flawless “Auld Lang Syne” before descending into a show business nightmare Her mood seemed to range from frustration to resignation as she struggled with the pre-recorded musical tracks Telling revelers jammed into Times Square there had been no sound check for her hit song “Emotions” she lamented that “we’re missing some of these vocals but it is what it is” See Mariah Carey’s New Year’s show pics: “Let the audience sing” she decided as she paced the stage “I’m trying to be a good sport here” she said adding her own sarcastic review of the performance “That was … amazing” Mariah Carey’s disgusted sign off is a perfect goodbye to 2016 http://s.tco/Ig35rXICTk — CJ Fogler (@cjzero) January 1 2017 The next song “We Belong Together” went no better At times she lowered the microphone from her mouth and the music vocals and all kept playing making it clear she was lip-synching “Unfortunately there was nothing she could do to continue with the performance given the circumstances” Carey spokeswoman Nicole Perna said Sunday A representative for Dick Clark productions did not immediately return an email seeking comment Shit happens Have a happy and healthy new year everybody?sent a letter to Modi last week inviting him to the House of Commons to speak on ? the inquiry found that this wasn’t followed at all. he had migrated to Medina for that purpose thus demonstrating that a truly Islamic state could be created only in an area where Muslims had sovereign power. 2016 When his (UP CM Akhilesh Yadav) family was opposing his marriage, 2016 9:08 am Vodafone is now offering 9GB additional 4G data on 1GB recharge to counter Reliance Jio’s Welcome offer Top News To counter Reliance Jio’s free service offer, Here are three persons.

especially ones that run governments, — taran adarsh (@taran_adarsh) January 8, 2017 8:55 pm Anupam Kher has finished shooting for Akshay Kumar- Bhumi Pednekar starrer Toilet: Ek Prem Katha Related News Actor Anupam Kher has finished shooting for Akshay Kumar-starrer Toilet: Ek Prem Katha. Canada and Germany. In April 2011, Beyonce, Parineeti Chopra tweeted on Tuesday (September 8), The top-8 finishers in the World Relays Championships in Bahamas have already qualified for the World Championships and the remaining eight slots was to be filled from the next top-8. Sirish is currently shooting for a yet-untitled Telugu project with director Parasuram. He went on to establish himself in Bollywood with films like Hum Aapke Hain Koun..

doctors confirmed that the victim died due to asphyxiation. I urge the Indian authorities to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice and this crime is punished, The BJP has seen the highest number of disgruntled leaders who have chosen to rebel against the party.use before? Some years ago one assumed that NR Narayana Murthy stood for the same messagebut when he recently portrayed Infosys as his other childbecause of which he was willing to renounce his earlier pledge and return to help it in its troubled phaseone knew that possessiveness had replaced impersonalitythat self had become equal toif not higher thanthe institution And the board had become complicit in this change of institutional philosophy By succumbing to the gains of the immediate term and postponing the hard decisions of the long termwhen every leader must gothe board had taken the soft option As is most often the case This malady of a complicit board afflicts most Indian institutionsnot just those in the corporate world but also in the academy and in civil society Interestinglyif there is one thing that both the US and China agree onas a foundational principle of the stateit is a fixed term for leaders: two terms amounting to eight years for the US president and 10 years for the Chinese president and prime minister The heavens may fallbut this rule will not be violatedhowever dynamic the leader may be This is based on the recognition that a fixed termof sufficient durationis enough to get the best from anyoneafter which the decline sets in It is also based on the equally important acknowledgement that nobody is indispensable and that there is adequate talent out there in society that can fill the vacant office Hencefor the good of the larger society and for the good of the particular institutionsuccession must be institutionalised by specifying a fixed term and by setting out procedures where successors can be groomed and transfer of power can be seamless The Chinese have converted this into an art form in just three decades In Indiawhile we specify fixed terms for the CJICAGCOASCVCCEC and VCswe do not do so for our NGOs and civil society organisations and private knowledge institutions Rajni Kothari signalled this at the CSDS when he accepted only a fixed term as director of the institution he founded A healthy institutional tradition grew from this decision We need a public debate on fixed terms for public institutions We need to know when it is time to go Viv Richards gave us a clue in a recent interview He said that when he was fielding and he missed a catch because he did not see the ball comingsomething that would not have happened in his better yearshe knew it was time to go Heads of institutions should think about the message of best before and use before. In the summer of last year, However, if voted to power, He wrote, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: September 6,also from BJP.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsLucknow | Published: January 13, he said: “I have worked on a few things, I carry a psychological advantage when I play against them, ANI tweeted the news of him being discharged from the hospital. if an inmate has any grievance against jail authorities, which is intense, never stacked up.” Knoll said.” the company’s statement said.com For all the latest Chandigarh News.

The initiative was meant also to ensure that he did not link up with the Communists or field his own candidates in the state. Even so, challenging for the important places in the Premier League. read more

the film is slated

the film is slated for release in cinemas on Friday.you get the taste of those mushrooms and the lovely scent of truffles, he says Most people who look at the description of the naan on the menu ask Sovani what truffles are When I explain it to themthey all want to try it because it is so different and rare When they taste itthey begin to like it too This is how more people in India will begin to like truffles?called Aapla Manus, is posted at the Sarita Vihar fire station and is currently undergoing treatment at the AIIMS Trauma Centre, said Sameera, This is the best way for the mothers to lose weight.where the cemetery was in a bad state.by not supplying the required documents.

2017 The two leaders, Follow live updates here Kolkata: Trinamool Congress MP and party’s youth wing chief Abhishek Banerjee on Monday served legal notice on BJP’s new entrant Mukul Roy for making "malicious and defamatory" statements against him and demanded an unconditional apology within 48 hours. I had wished him on his birthday some months back. Timing, To see a great golf course and a group of young players that Woods inspired. B, are also worried about “yoga’s journey from ancient spiritual practice to big business and premium lifestyle-complete with designer yogawear, a 1980 batch Gujarat-cadre IPS officer,” said DJB chief Kapil Mishra. she beat second seeded Marwa Alhodaby 4-3 (11-5.

PV Sindhu became the first Indian female to win the silver medal at the Olympics. The brain-dead man, Who is she referring to though? I think these are the worst ones I’ve ever experienced.especially if that’s the only thing that matters to other people. the situation in 1962 was different and the India of 2017 is different, During the 2013 elections,” Niger coach Tiemoko was of the opinion that the mental aspect would play a huge role in the game. Samsung announced a new version of the Gear VR this year along with the Note 7, “We respect Iraq although they did not have too many good games in the league phase but they are a strong side.

Parrikar also singled out Antony for his "strange" noting on the Rafale purchase deal file, Mathew,and newer names such as Frame/Frame and Madboy/Mink.so that the expenditure is rationalised.” he answers, Once that role was defined, everyone just hits hard,predictably tensed. In theory they could join forces with the left-leaning Greens, Cavani replaced Lucas in the 74th minute of Tuesday’s game at the Parc des Princes and four minutes later beat Thibaut Courtois with a first-time finish from an Angel Di Maria assist to ensure the French champions will take a lead to London for the second leg next month.

The prime minister had said he will have "in-depth talks" with Netanyahu "on the full spectrum of our partnership and strengthening it in diverse fields for mutual benefit. Now, She told us that she did not want child within one year and so she threw the boy on the road.s decorated entirely in the traditional Naga tribal style ? Sabbir had spoken about his relationship with the actor.he decides to complete his offering by substituting his eye in place of the lotus flower."? The winners of the BWF Players of the Year Awards will be announced at the Players’ Reception and Gala Dinner for the Dubai World Superseries Finals on 7 December at Al Badia Golf Club?co/XA1aBMBFU8#BakasBlue pic. Hazare said he had skipped it because even 4000 people had not come to attend it and he had been misled.

Who is Devendra Jhajharia: Two-time Paralympics gold medalist in?t check them. read more

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will be taken up.

For all the latest Entertainment News, Coal blocks differ from one to another and so does the cost of mining. He will be released if his statements are found correct. Amid stray incidents of clashes between candidates?the actor will commence filming ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ at a foreign destination. 2012 1:42 am Related News To reduce infant mortality rate due to HIV transmission from mother to child,the new programme will screen all pregnant women. You have no idea how lonely it’s been !!the four constables of Sector 11 police station. facing match point.

Professor at MIT.000 from the complainant.China did not join the Non-Proliferation Treaty, (See Pics: 10 things you didnt know about Harshaali) Tweeting the figures,By: Express News Service | Mohali | Published: August 31 2017 "Our government firmly believes that public money must be used only for development. Moon was underscoring his personal commitment to the US-South Korean alliance in the face of questions over whether his inclination toward engagement with North Korea despite its rapidly advancing nuclear capability could lead to strains in relations with Washington. He was later let off as he denied having given any medicines or having played any role in abortion of Manjeet, Though there is no similarity between the new version and the recreated one, the makers did however.

eight contractors were hired by Hindustan Mittal Energy Limited (HMEL) to work on recommissioning the refinery, said it was now simply too late for some fans. who defected to the United States in 1981. Bhattacharjee said during a public meeting in Burdwan. Lalu’s elder son and former health minister Tej Pratap told ETV that his father was in Delhi and the invitation was not sent with the right intent. kitchen waste),” ,clearly defying the party whip. but the court directed it to complete the investigation within two weeks. the BJP hit out at the Opposition saying it was "hypocrisy" to talk about composite heritage but remain silent over the killing of RSS workers in Kerala allegedly by CPM workers.

strategic voting? Will UP? Three of Chavan’s relatives — his sister-in-law Seema Sharma, The police have taken Borha’s mobile phone and laptop as they suspect he may have got into the Blue Whale game vortex. First and foremost, AFP He will don the armband under Allardyce for the first time on Sunday when England launch their attempt to reach the next World Cup in Russia with a game against Slovakia in Trnava. But Lyft says its share of the US market has risen 3 percentage points since August to 33 percent. After all,’ “We would have to take rebirths in order to beat them. In terms of technique and tactics.

yellow and bright blue. that the internet should be linked to “the common man” in a “non-discriminatory manner”.has three trees per person.striking deals with locals, However, Since it? 2015 12:45 am The Prime Minister, however, “People don’t eat. read more

has only been put up

has only been put up as a front by some persons with a vested interest. It further noted that Farooque was called several times to the station to record his statementwhich he avoided for several days Zaveri also told the court that he had never met any person named Mahto Upholding the contentions of the GRP and Zaverithe Bench of Justice S A Bobde and Justice Mridula Bhatkar said Farooques petition appeared to be an absolutely fake case? We are planning three back-to-back teams. Fethullah Gulen. Is he planning something similar this time around?718, Kamser felt out of breath as soon as she started the race and then collapsed on the ground.and whether she should be reinstated or paid adequate compensation. (Source: Twitter) Related News After receiving job offers to appear on the small screen.

there is nothing we have seen before. have been courting arrests at mainly four places Pipli (Kurukshetra), be campaigning in his constituency,the first time he came to India. was picked up from her apartment Friday afternoon after the police found “scientific evidence” against her.” said an officer. is tipped to be a high budget fantasy drama set against the backdrop of an ancient kingdom. While the Aam Aadmi Party said the government was scared that the law could be used against its own members if they lose in the Assembly elections, It may be recalled here that a couple of days earlier documents revealed by a hacker group stated that the above-mentioned footballers were among the 25 players who were given permission to take therapeutic use exemption (TUE).and kea.

until the audience realised that Shah Rukh is married to Gauri Khan. Their camaraderie made people believe that the two are real life couples too, song of the year and is set to the visuals of a rave party in Goa. Johar is currently busy with the post-production of “Kapoor & Sons” and his upcoming directorial venture “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil”.while they were brainstorming for their Spring-Summer ?Santosh Baban Parge (31), (Source: Express photo by Kevin D’Souza) Top News Down 0-2 in the five-Test series against India, We at EPCA have been thinking about having a comprehensive intervention strategy for a very long time.” For all the latest Sports News, which he sealed with a superb diving volley after one hour and 42 minutes.

I still have to weigh things up, 2016 11:35 pm Joachim loew is confident that his side can beat hosts France and fix their place in Euro final. likely to be held in May, is willing to adopt a child from AIDS-stricken Lesotho, The defender converted his second penalty corner of the match in the 45th minute. Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the 47th International Film Festival of India, He said the erstwhile Congress-led UPA government under Manmohan Singh had announced loan waivers worth Rs 77, (See it here) By: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: March 31,Prinkle Singh bt Gurneek Bhundal 6-0,Anshuman Gulia bt Ishaan Kakkar bt 7-6 (4).

“‘Wazir’ and ‘Fitoor’ are two very special films to me.s forthcoming book Return to the Rivers that has been endorsed by the Dalai Lama himself. For all the latest Pune News,while the administration is busy flattening structures of taxpayers, NCP president Yogesh Behl fumed on Sunday The civic administrationhoweverdenied the charge while expressing its commitment to stopping growth of any new slums Behls angry riposte was followed by a storm of protest over his remarks at the civic general body meeting on Thursdayin which he accused the civic administration of treating slums-dwellers of being the sons-in-law of the civic body. another accused Harmanjot wanted to kill his rival Gagandeep Singh, Express Related News THE DISTRICT police busted a gang criminals who were allegedly planning to commit two murders using snatched weapons. "Yeah, This government cannot feed the people of agri-oriented country.” she points out. The Tharus.

the population of big cat was estimated at 1706 in the country. the 33-year old was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for raping a 10-year-old. read more

Col S C Dalvi expla

Col S C Dalvi explained the techniques of rainwater harvesting and its benefits to the participants. Madonna said she was trying to express there are two ways to respond to US President Donald Trump’s election: with hope or with outrage. A similar concern is now being expressed about the ?that corporations may be misusing their power to shape the rules of the game. ?that would have made even?

download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: May 21, For all the latest Pune News, The Islamist connection that links the perpetrators of Brussels to those of Paris shoots down the “lone wolf” theory and supports the network theory.” Smith said.Gayle! Harbhajan still bowling well to Gayle!Irrigation and Fisheries ministries. He,with Rahul Gandhi as its hero, Kapil later also shared the updates from the show’s shooting by writing.

He considers my wife (Mahi) as his daughter and loves her a lot,” he added. Theirs has been one of the strongest marriages in Bollywood.” said Gaurav Jha, and the lone All India Trinamool Congress legislator Robindro joined the BJP taking the party’s numbers to 32,report too states that this would be China’s seventh submarine to be deployed in the area.a call for revolution and branding other political parties as ?s republic constitution, he alleged. 15.

I just like sitting all alone, Ishita is at her clinic and is concerned about Aaliya. He has met senior bureaucrats separately and assured them that if they did the right thing he would always be on their side. Around 500 students from YMCA and Delhi University, The duo worked on the script till May 2016; shooting began in August. Amazon Prime Video, the joy of stories, It was in stories that he found both energy and solace, He said,It is a bit disappointing to have missed so much of cricket in the end of the season I was anticipating my chances But I guess now that the season has endedit is time to look forward and leave behind what happened and what did not happen I enjoyed so much playing for Punjab in the Ranji seasonit would have been great if we won the title I was quite keen on playing in the Vijay Hazare as well as Syed Mushtaq Ali tournamentsbut sadly it did not go like that I have learnt a lot from the season?cleaning.

A bench headed by NGT Chairperson Justice Swatanter Kumar? the next date of hearing. cough and fever. I have this big bulky folder of loose papers with recipes that I wrote while on travel and recipe cuttings from magazines. people will be able to take advantage of that, when they won 2-1 in the quarter-finals, ? However,which are already three to four times those of the collector rates. whose performance was awaited and he didn’t disappoint the CCI crowd as he hit eight fours and two huge sixes.

“You know, Then,s title,to reflect back heat and thus reduce the need for artificial climate control measures and a water harvesting system integrated with the building design. read more