The investment budget and marketing suggestion

retro trend nowadays the most popular fashion notes, especially in accessories, seems to have more attention and favor handmade products, like what the most popular handmade embroidery. So open a handmade jewelry shop is a good investment projects. Here is an analysis of how to open a handmade jewelry store specific situation?

handmade jewelry shop

if a handmade embroidery shop, on the one hand to sell their production of embroidery, on the other hand you can also open a embroidery club, find some simple tricks for girls to study, collect the appropriate fee.

handmade jewelry shop investment budget:

a 20 square meter room, the decoration is noble and elegant, has the thick Chinese cultural atmosphere. Rent and renovation costs should be controlled in less than 30 thousand yuan. 3 good at embroidery workers (to find suitable candidates in some of the poor performance of the silk factory), conditions should have the spirit of innovation, and has good literary accomplishment, so that we can according to different customers design different embroidery, embroidery shop full of taste and value. Start-up funds of about 40 thousand yuan.

handmade jewelry shop marketing recommendations:

1. embroidery varieties not too single, there should be a variety of trees, flowers, and form the myriad people, animal and so on, and is guaranteed with thread stitch traced, a riot of colours reliable quality, quality first;

2. pay attention to after-sales service. For example, the customer for a long time because of embroidery problems, to help them free repair; when I was browsing the shop in the embroidery of the customers, marketers can tell customers how to maintain the embroidery and how to select suitable to the contented embroidery embroidery shop reflected little knowledge, humanity;

3. can open up club activities, etc.. Pottery, knot in the domestic popular model is worth learning.

how to open a handmade jewelry shop, in fact, the specific scope of the jewelry store specific products, such as embroidery, pottery, what is now very hot. The above summary on the opening of a handmade jewelry store simple budget and marketing recommendations, the investment can refer to and in accordance with their actual preferences to make decisions.