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modern society simply the power of one person cannot achieve what the basic value and importance of team events, more and more obvious, so a team how to maximize the value of their own, harvest more value, let’s explore:

The formation of

A, shaping the team culture, establish team mission and vision, is the source of the spirit of the marketing team cohesion.

"Mencius? LLA" said: "the day as location, terrain and better"; "Zhouyi" said: "all concentric, the benefit payments"; "the art of war? Plot to attack" said: "in unison  wins". These classic sentences tell us the same truth: team cohesion is the key to success of a team, the lack of cohesion of the team, divided in public opinion, after all, can not escape the fate of failure. Shaping the team culture, establishing the mission and vision of the team, is the spiritual source of marketing team cohesion. Jack, former president of GE, said: as a leader, the first priority is to set up the vision and mission for the team, and inspire the team to do its best to achieve it. Team vision (TeamVision) from the perspective of management philosophy is to solve what is the team to become the basic problem what the team mission (TeamMission) is a team for strategic positioning to achieve team vision and develop business direction, the team should answer the question of what to do.