Xiamen city women’s Federation actively promote female entrepreneurship all in one service


government has been focusing on women entrepreneurs, as all female backing, the women’s Federation in helping women entrepreneurship has also played a small role. Fujian provincial women’s Federation of women entrepreneurs platform to play women’s role as a bridge to help women entrepreneurial innovation.

"double 11" the past month, brilliance of the cross-strait youth entrepreneurship Park in the business is very busy. Look around the founder of the electricity supplier in the office, the more than and 10 employees of the site operations management, sales and after-sales service, etc..

Actively promote

light measure

continue to extend the service to help women dream of


in "efficiency as the ratio of party theme activities, Municipal Women’s Federation in-depth practice the three three real strict requirements, serious discipline, and actively change the style of work, give full play to party a leading and exemplary role, working around the municipal government center, to create" women Gang civilization quality service brand, quality service to the women’s Federation will all kinds of women’s groups of radiation, the formation of good posture, wide coverage areas.

and service in order to encourage female employment has been extended, Municipal Women’s Federation of women’s organizations work arm, give full play to women’s organizational advantages and platform effect, promote women’s organizations, women’s work to develop new industries, fields. Support women seize the new opportunity Internet plus ", actively participate in innovation and entrepreneurship, increase with the well-known electricity providers, network operators and cooperative efforts with business incubator park and other platforms, integration of various resources, explore the construction of rural women’s entrepreneurial product exhibition platform to promote the women’s" the creation "training plan, provide more services and support for female entrepreneurs. At the same time to strengthen the association with the city and Social Council, female entrepreneurs cooperation, actively recommend entrepreneurial young women on both sides of a settled base and other business park.

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