Strategic break: How to prepare for the “day after” campaign?

first_imgCROWN VIRUS OUTBREAK: EFFECTS ON GLOBAL TOURISM AND SUCCESSFUL RECOVERY AND RESISTANCE MEASURES Strategic break Given that the tourist product leisure (relaxation in leisure time, rest, sun-sea), the most vulnerable with the emergence of a pandemic, it is necessary to highlight in the foreground messages about the normalization of the situation. Also a smaller number of visitors to a destination that was perceived as overcrowded last year can be a good basis for creating a message about the opportunity to visit without the unbearable crowds. It is also recommended to maintain constant B2B contacts through video conferencing, webinars with business partners. This way we need to inform them directly about the real situation in the destination. And what is inevitable are specially created packages for target market groups with attractive prices. A money back guarantee is a hard-to-bear measure for small businesses. However, the possibility of “rebooking” (transferring reservations at no additional cost), greater flexibility in terms of cancellation deadlines, can help prevent reservations from being canceled en masse. Significant markets severely affected by the epidemic What can accommodation owners do? According to experts, the turning point when the recovery of the travel market will begin will be summer months. Not for the reason that the virus will disappear, no one dares to say, but for the sake of changing the state of human behavior. Good thinking and a thorough analysis of the situation are the first steps that every serious tourist destination, every serious tourist country must take right now. Breakpoint We need to think carefully about the new strategy for the ‘post corona era’. We need to refresh, change the tourist product. Launch new products. In doing so, everything we have learned in this crisis and all the new trends affecting tourist travel should be taken into account. Author: Nedo Pinezić, Marketing measures Dr. Eran Ketter, expert in tourism safety, crisis management, crisis researcher and advisor to the Ministry of Tourism of Israel: center_img Here I must note that the measure “Tourism Week is worthwhile”, which was launched before this crisis, not related to the current situation, is actually a “full hit” of the governing body of tourist Croatia. So the first measure concerns passengers, carriers, transport infrastructure. The second measure should refer to hosts, caterers (hospitality sector). They need to ease the cost side of bearing the burden of the crisis. This primarily applies to temporary tax, fiscal and parafiscal reliefs and marketing subsidies. Crisis management and measures “Tourist travel is declining globally. It is quite clear that the coronal virus pandemic is already causing great damage to tourist trips. Almost all forms of travel are affected, with airlines and cruise companies being the most affected. Airlines were particularly hard hit because they were left without a “cash flow” from the day of booking until the flight. It is this money supply that allows them to survive on low tariffs. In addition, city hotels in well-known tourist destinations in countries with a growing number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection, show lower occupancy by 20, 40 and more percent” When a crisis situation like the current one occurs, the traditional way of managing does not help. In crisis situations, constant interaction with stakeholders in tourism, daily monitoring of the situation and the adoption of measures that can mitigate the consequences are needed.. The first measure to be taken is to turn to the domestic market and strongly support tourism trends in domestic tourism. Dr. Eran Ketter predicts that the few affected countries will recover relatively quickly, within a few weeks to a few months from the “breaking point”. Heavily affected countries will recover for a year. When compared, not exactly similar but instructive situation, which Egypt went through, the recovery took longer and still lasts. Before the “Egyptian Spring”, Egypt hosted 40 million passengers a year. With the escalation of unrest, violence, especially against tourists, coups in power, that number of arrivals dropped to 5 million. China is the largest emitting market and the third receptive market in the world. South Korea is among the ten most important emitting markets, and Italy is the third receptive tourist market in Europe for overseas travelers. Italy is also an important emitting market. Developments in these countries alone are hitting the global travel industry hard. Newly affected countries and regions are emerging day by day, where passenger traffic in both directions is also slowing down. Until then, the emergency situation will become regular, certain behaviors will be adopted and summer brings optimism and the will to get out of the daily routine and isolation. People want to get back to their lifestyle so travel will start to recover as well. Recovery time of tourist destinations With the recovery strategy, they managed to raise the number of arrivals to 12 million in a few years. (We in Croatia also know what war conflicts bring and how long it takes for tourist traffic to recover). Fortunately, the situation with the crown is not the same as the situation with violence, war and long-term instability. However, some measures to overcome the crisis and recover as quickly as possible are recommended in this case as well. Due to the force of circumstances, we were given a “strategic break”, a time when we have to think about how to further design our tourist offer (applies to all tourist destinations). How to prepare for the “day after” campaign? Live transmissions of the atmosphere of everyday life through social networks significantly contribute to this. If messages are sent about the normal circulation of people in the space without wearing protective masks, if it is clear from everything that we are in the phase of “business as usual”, it will have a positive effect on creating an image of the destination. Social networks are a very important channel. The most important.last_img