Andrija Čolak opened the first agency for consulting in the franchise business in tourism – CFCG

first_imgIn addition to setting up a franchise business model, CFCG also offers connections with foreign proven franchise brokers that can expand their business worldwide. “Today, almost any successful concept can be franchised, it is not just about catering, which is best known as a franchise, because in the world as many as 64% of franchise systems are not related to food at all.. ”, Concludes Čolak from CFCG. ANDRIJA ČOLAK, SURF’N’FRIES: RETURN ON INVESTMENT OF MOBILE SURF’N’FRIES STANDS IS 45 DAYS CFCG consists of many experts who have played key roles in the development of the Surf’n’Fries franchise over the past 10 years, and can offer services that have been tested in the real market, says Colak and adds: “In Croatia, the franchise industry can be measured in per mille. Therefore, there is a very great opportunity for many successful domestic concepts for market expansion through franchising. We want to help with the knowledge and experience we have gained over the past 10 years. ” claims Colak The franchise industry is extremely strong in the world, with 7,6 million jobs directly related to the franchise industry with a turnover of a staggering $ 674.3 billion, accounting for as much as 2,5% of total U.S. GDP. All this is more than enough reasons and experience in breaking into the global market, for a new step in the market. Thus, Andrija Čolak today took a step further in his career or an extension of his story and founded a new company – CFCG Group, with the aim of consulting for franchise business. In New Zealand, a country of similar size to Croatia, as many as one in twenty jobs is related to the franchise industry. The reason why franchising is so popular in the developed world is the fact that 80% of newly opened businesses fail in the first 5 years, while as many as 90% of franchise concepts survive and operate successfully. RELATED NEWS: center_img In Croatia, we can boast that we have successful global franchises in the tourism sector, and one of them is certainly the brand Surf’n’Fries, which was launched 10 years ago by the pioneer of the franchise industry in Croatia, Andrija Čolak. CARWIZ BECAME A CROATIAN TOURIST EXPORT PRODUCT! THROUGH THE FRANCHISE MODEL IT IS EXPANDING TO THE GLOBAL MARKET MUSEUM OF ILLUSION THROUGH THE FRANCHISE MODEL CONQUERS AMERICA AND SOON THE WHOLE WORLD Surf’n’Fries started with one store in Rijeka, and today it operates franchises on 4 continents in almost 20 countries around the world. The Australian market has opened, it has entered the Russian market strongly, and the first Surf’n’Fries in Mexico will open soon. The group also reports that they offer a free evaluation of the franchise of the concepts and that more information can be found on their official web site last_img