Dweezil Zappa To Honor 50th Anniversary Of Frank Zappa’s Debut Album On Upcoming Tour

first_imgThe Zappa family is quite familiar with red tape and contentious controversy surrounding the music and likeness of their patriarch, legendary avant-garde composer and performer Frank Zappa. Last week, after years of performing under the moniker Zappa Plays Zappa, Frank’s son Dweezil Zappa announced that, after receiving a cease and desist order from his father’s estate forbidding him from touring under that name, he would henceforth tour as simply “Dweezil Zappa.”Referencing the legal drama (and his brother Ahmet’s demand that the Zappa Family Trust was entitled to all merchandise earnings from tours billed as “Zappa Plays Zappa”), Dweezil also announced a tongue-in-cheek name for his upcoming tour: Dweezil Zappa Plays Whatever The [email protected]&k He Wants! – The Cease and Desist Tour. As Dweezil explained in a recent interview, “All my efforts to do this, to protect my ability to do this, are so that I can continue to play and so that the music isn’t overshadowed by any drama.” The Cease and Desist Tour will honor Frank’s highly lauded debut album Freak Out! (which turns 50 years old this month) by featuring rare performances of some of the albums more obscure selections, many of which were never even performed live by Frank himself. Explains Dweezil about one such song, the layered, wall-of-sound style “It Can’t Happen Here”, “He never played the song live like he recorded it. But we’re learning to sing it in the weird out of tune way that it is, with all these funny utterances throughout…It’s a completely crazy thing to have happened at all.”Dweezil also commented on Freak Out! tracks like “Who Are the Brain Police?” and “The Return of the Son of the Monster Magnet”, saying that the sound was ahead of its time. “Pure insane distortion, noise, aggro feedback – there was no sound more dangerous than Zappa’s at the time. In 1966, taking home the Mothers of Invention was like bringing a feral tiger home from the circus and asking to keep it.”Despite the ongoing drama within his family, Zappa says that he continues to tour because it sustains his spiritual connection to his late father and provides an outlet for a new generation of listeners to experience Frank’s legendary music in a live setting. And while he understand the desire of the Zappa Family Trust to protect the integrity of Frank’s music and legacy, Dweezil’s position on the controversy is simple: “there is a difference between protecting the music and preventing people from hearing it.” For more info on the upcoming Cease and Desist Tour, visit Dweezil Zappa’s Website.[H/T – Rolling Stone]last_img