New Company To Press Custom SoundCloud Playlists On Vinyl

first_imgOver the last five years, vinyl sales have essentially quadrupled in a resurgence that has seen the dying art once again become the hip thing, and a topic of conversation to make yourself seem cooler than you are. Qrates and are collaborating to allow music listeners create their own custom playlists via Soundcloud to be pressed to vinyl and added to their personal collections.Even with the recent demand for more vinyl, most artists have difficulty selling their music this way, due to most companies only allowing for orders of 500 pressings or more. It is still costly for artists and small labels to sell their music through this method, with not much promise of a return, if any at all. Qrates is a service that is attempting to cut out the middle man and make small orders of vinyl easy to produce. According to FACT Magazine, “it’s a crowd-funding vinyl scheme that cuts out the middle man: buyers pledge in the form of generously priced pre-orders, and when, let’s say, 100 copies are ordered, Qrates manufacture them for the label. It can, however, simply operate as a straight-up service for labels: the label can simply pledge all orders themselves, and get a good rate on a limited run of records, while also designing the record via an easy-to-use interface.”Unfortunately, there seems to be two issues that the Qrates and will figure out moving forward that have been aptly pointed out, namely that a particular track needs to be requested a few hundred times before it can be printed, and the need for permission from the artists and record label to get the master version of the track for optimal listening quality [via Go Hard In Daa Paint]. If this start-up service is able to figure out these major points of concern, they might just stand a chance.last_img