mprove wardrobe stores sales will be hard marketing into soft marketing

previous consumers are relatively simple, I believe that advertisers say everything, do marketing is not difficult. But now is the information age, consumers can learn more through the network, consumers personality consumption regression, and tend to rational consumption, which will undoubtedly give the wardrobe marketing more difficult, but it is also from the side shows that in the era of information explosion, how to attract consumers to the marketing activities of enterprises become the change direction of the enterprise’s marketing idea. In the network economy environment, soft marketing is the marketing strategy that enterprises have to adopt.

in the network economic environment, consumer personality consumption regression, consumers buy goods not only meet the physiological needs, but also to meet the psychological and spiritual needs. Network soft marketing theory that in the network economy environment, customers have the initiative to selectively communicate with the enterprise, the customer for those who do not comply with the "network etiquette" information will be disgusted.

with the past with the help of platform for the promotion of traditional magazines, such as TV, wardrobe now more enterprises to start to choose the network of the new more flexible "soft" marketing promotion. In the purpose of marketing, although the ultimate aim is still to attract consumers to buy, but the wardrobe enterprises to adopt a more "graceful" form, or with the help of micro-blog and other new social platform, hold related activities.

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