llegal pornography let airport high speed vision

after a series of illegal pornography, the Airport Expressway north section began to open view, along the beauty will show.

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, the Airport Expressway north along the section of environmental remediation projects involving Chaoyang village, Temple 2 Tai Zi Cun village and Qilian Road West community, the original demolition of objectives and tasks for 659 households, housing area of 448 thousand square meters, Chaoyang village, Qilian Road West community a total of 337 households in the Village (neighborhood) people, housing area of 268 thousand square meters, of which 22 thousand square meters of housing is simple; Temple Tai Zi Cun 322 Village (neighborhood) people, housing area of 180 thousand square meters, including 17 thousand square meters for the simple room. As of August 25th, Chaoyang village has signed a demolition agreement 233 villagers, 20 households, a total of about 200 thousand square meters; by the end of September 3rd, the village has signed an agreement to remove the temple village of about 196 households, an area of about 40 thousand square meters.

in order to ensure the implementation of environmental improvement projects along the airport expressway, north of the city to crack down on the use of land acquisition and relocation of malicious acts of illegal housing fund. The demolition project announcement date, and within the scope of grab build building 46, organize the relevant departments of joint law enforcement 26 demolition, dismantling grab build building 14000 square meters. September 3rd, the north of the city once again organize joint law enforcement, demolition of illegal construction of illegal buildings Chaoyang Village left 8, a total of 9500 square meters. In the future, the city will continue to increase the intensity of inspections, and resolutely put an end to the emergence of new illegally built. (author: Zhang)