Leading cadres personal matters related to the test report


1. in accordance with the "report on the leading cadres of personal matters relating to the provisions of" the children are living together: ()

A. children living together B. minor children and their parents can not live independently

C. working with parents living with their children D. minor children

2. newly revised "Chinese Communist Party disciplinary regulations" clearly stipulates that in violation of the relevant provisions of the relevant provisions of the report, do not report, not as good as the report, the circumstances are serious, give ().

A. serious warning B. warning or serious warning

C. warning D. serious warning or revocation of Party duties

3. "leading cadres report personal matters verification checks measures (Trial)" provisions, to find a spot check not truthfully reported or concealed, (), and according to the circumstances, to give criticism and education, tissue processing or disciplinary action.

A. shall not be promoted appointment, not included in the list of cadres B. shall not promote the appointment of

C. is not included in the list of cadres D. transfer discipline inspection and supervision organs to investigate and deal with

4. in accordance with the provisions of the report on personal matters related to leading cadres, leading cadres due to travel abroad with private travel agencies belong to the content. ()

A. on B. wrong

5. "leading cadres personal matters related to the report form" attached to the requirements of the letter of commitment, fill in the contents of the person to be filled with () to verify.

A. spouse B. spouse, children

C. parents, spouses D. parents, spouses and children

(answer: 1.B 2.B 4.A 5.B)