Clear food festival attracted praise one after another

The morning of May 16th, the province and Gansu, Ningxia, Shaanxi and other places of tens of thousands of guests gathered in the city the New Millennium International Plaza, to a color flavor and taste of the Muslim delicacy, see pictures of the beautiful Qinghai scenery, a glimpse of the eighth Qinghai halal food culture and Tourism Festival (referred to as the Qing Food Festival) grand. Day 10 am, vice mayor Xu Guocheng announced the opening of the food festival, instantly ignited the presence of everyone to enjoy the feast of halal food passion.

the village sent out to clear goods delicacy food festival feast

is the scene of peace County flood halal taste the delicacy Quan Xiang villagers Yang Guimei four sisters all dressed in festive costumes, led the 7 children, four sisters excitedly told reporters: "we are early in the morning Ping County Flood flood Quan Xiang Quan Cun from Haidong city came to our village, every household has at least two or three people, many of the family have come, can be said to be dispatched to the township village, at least thousands of people. This clear food festival is a grand festival of the Hui people, and then we have to come, since we know that the festival activities, we come every year. After coming to the direct feeling is too much food, stomach is too small, we have to eat some, and hope to be able to taste a few more. We’re going to play for a couple of days until the end of the feast."