Xining heavy clean minors growth environment

– remediation of the surrounding environment of the school built during the year 8 school children’s palace will be built young people’s mental health education guidance center and education counseling Station will develop mental health education part-time teacher team

good environment is essential for the growth of minors. In May 31st, the ideological and moral construction of minors work leading group meeting reporter held from Xining city learned that Xining city will be through the renovation of the campus surrounding environment, new school children’s palace, the new mental health education guidance center and education guidance station, cultivation of psychological health education of part-time teachers and other measures to purify minors’ growth and learning the environment.

school is the main channel and the main position for the minor to accept the ideological and moral education. Xining city will put moral education into quality education in the first place, throughout all aspects of education, will accelerate the construction of curriculum system of moral education, the education of patriotism, revolutionary tradition education, legal education penetrate into education. It will lighten the burden of primary and secondary school students, and provide sufficient time and space for the free development and all-round development of teenagers. We will do a good job in the construction of teachers and counselors, and enhance the effectiveness of school education. During the year, 6 rural schools in Xining, the children’s palace and the city’s children’s palace will be built in the school, the school children’s palace will become a favorite venue for young people, parents rest assured that the education base of the 2.

family is the first class for minors to receive education, parents are children’s first teacher. At present, some parents only pay attention to meet the material needs of children, ignoring the child’s mental and psychological needs, focusing only on children’s academic performance, but ignore the child’s moral education. The Communist Youth League Xining Municipal Committee and Xining municipal education, women’s federations and other departments will put all kinds of parents school built, use to guide parents out of the misunderstanding of education, so that parents have the scientific method of education, helping parents to improve children’s ability of scientific education. Xining city government will increase investment, accelerate the construction of mental health education and counseling places, build 1 Municipal Youth Mental Health Education Guidance Center, built 4 District youth mental health education guidance station, cultivate a team of mental health education of part-time teachers and volunteers.

at the same time, Xining city departments will jointly solve the campus surrounding environment, focus on the governance of the Internet, Internet cafes, the publication market and the campus surrounding environment, regulation of pornographic and vulgar wind, murder and violence. The school will strengthen the surrounding commercial network management, banning illegal business activities of tour operators and stalls without license. Will investigate the campus surrounding the sale of terror, vulgar toys, jewelry, stationery, publications and "three noes" food and other acts. In addition, the production, broadcast for minors in public service advertising, and important time, prominently published, play a positive role in public service advertising guide minors in education. (author: Wu Yachun)