West of the city has a new type of cleaning sweeper

in order to improve the mechanized cleaning rate, reduce the labor intensity of sanitation workers, this year, Xining City West District last year after the purchase of new environment-friendly electric sweeper, once again invested 3 million yuan to purchase 4 new cleaning sweeper.

the purchase of 1 vehicles, 2 vehicles dry cleaning car wet cleaning the car, 1 cars are forced to train, West District, according to the needs of work, repeated investigation after the purchase. It is understood that the pressure wheel is equipped with high-pressure nozzle, especially suitable for flushing Road on the oil and dirt. At the same time, forcing waterwheel is also equipped with clean water cannons, and spray dust function. Outdoor billboards, as well as green belt is not easy to clean the corner of the gap, just a high pressure water gun easy to rush, you can become clean. (author: Wu Yachun)