The road to overcome the difficulties at the table of affection

– Datong county Party and government leaders and railway company leaders held 8· 11 disaster rescue forum


to thank the Xining municipal Party committee, municipal government, county government and relevant departments in Datong 8· to rescue of Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway Cadres and workers life safety and property of the 11 flood in August 17th, Gansu Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway Co. Ltd., a Green Railway Bureau, eighteen Bureau of Gansu road leading section of the Department of Xining, Datong party the leaders held a forum of 11 8· disaster rescue. Xining Municipal Committee, JP Han Shengcai, Secretary of the county Party committee, deputy secretary of the county, county magistrate and relevant leaders attended the meeting of the Yan Shujiang.

Yan Shujiang pointed out that this sudden torrential, a huge threat to the local people and railway workers, municipal government, county government attaches great importance to the rescue and relief work, quickly organized the forces into battle, especially all the cadres and workers of public security, police, fire, water, health and other departments the staff and the China Railway Bureau, eighteen Bureau jointly carry out emergency rescue, the interpretation of a, capable of evoking praises and tears to overcome the difficulties of life rescue. Through our unremitting efforts, the trapped people and workers have been timely rescue, life has been properly placed, the loss of life and property to a minimum.

Yan Shujiang stressed that the protection of people’s life safety is the people’s governments at all levels should be responsibilities and obligations, whether local people still work in the county live outside the masses, should be treated equally, to protect their lives and property safety. Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway construction is a key project of the western development, but also chase the road to happiness, is of great significance for promoting the economic development of Datong, to support railway construction is the bounden duty of the local Party committee and government. Since since the project, the county government attaches great importance to railway construction, actively coordinate and solve the difficulties of railway construction, the road on both sides have established a good cooperative relationship, the flood relief operations, to further promote the bilateral communication and cooperation. In future work, chase county government will as in the past to support railway construction, make every effort to help, and strive to achieve the early completion.

Yan Shujiang, the current critical period of time when the flood control work, the relevant towns and departments should continue to do a good job of flood prevention work, early warning weather and rainfall forecast, flood troubleshooting, emergency preparedness work. China Railway Bureau, eighteen bureau also attaches great importance to the flood control work, do a good job for Fang daxun. At the same time, as soon as possible to carry out the production of self-help, early start construction. (Su Sheng)