Self driving tour – 42 European mobile home into Xining

In the modern transportation developed, self driving tour has become a fashion, Xining City Tourism Bureau will receive tens of thousands of cars from all over the country. But this time is different, the morning of July 25th, the Xining Municipal Bureau of tourism reception from Europe’s 42 "mobile home" and they "move" to make light of travelling a thousand li to the dream of Xining, let the beautiful play on the international label.

RV Tour event known as the twenty-first Century mainstream leisure style. It is understood that driving the French car RV world tour Chinese Silk Road activities, since June 1st this year, Paris departure from France, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, via Mongolia, arrived in the territory in July 11th Chinese. In July 15th, they finished the rest in Beijing, embarked on a trip to Xining. Xining is the Silk Road of the important station in Xining on the famous Tibetan Plateau, Xining Plateau Summer and enjoy the local customs and practices and sacred beauty is their heart.

in the morning of July 25th, Qinghai Tibetan Medicine Museum, 42 cars drove slowly, RV arrival let people shine at the moment, many people stood by the roadside to from a faraway country welcomed guests waved. Waiting for the bus stop, more than and 80 first Chinese tourists were fascinated by the percussion team, actors and red costumes in the sun dazzling, many owners excitedly took out the camera kept taking pictures, there are some curious visitors, communicate with the actors in the drum break, although the language barrier, but the gongs and drums the team said that even with the actors or gesture to teach them how to play the drums, attracted laughter. "They like Chinese ancient culture." Xining Tourism Bureau deputy director Kong Youpeng said.

activities bustling scene, the president of the European Touring Car Association Gut said: "the French car association has 300 thousand members, we have a common dream, that is China on the ancient Silk Road, and in this way, Xining is an important stop, we only regret that here is too short a time the!" After the event, the tour group to Xining, Kumbum Monastery, Qinghai Lake and other scenic spots. It is understood that the tour group in the province to stay within 6 days.

in recent years, RV camping industry has unlimited potential for development in the national economy industry, the staff of the Xining Municipal Bureau of tourism, natural resources around the characteristics of Qinghai province and Xining City, especially for the development of driving, cycling and hiking, and with the improvement of living standards, people demand for personalized holiday leisure tourism has become the more intense, RV travel will have broad prospects. To this end, the Xining Municipal Bureau of tourism in the car arrived after the parade will be held for the RV, hope that through this event, the promotion of Xining xiadou profound cultural heritage and unique tourism resources, attracting more international people, further development of Xining inbound tourism. (author: Ma Rong)