Fund extraction launched two new policies

in December 31, 2013, our province issued a "notice" to further clarify the issues about the use of housing provident fund, the employee housing provident fund and immediate family use the relevant rules on housing provident fund use workers suffering from serious diseases.

from the provincial housing fund management center learned that the normal payment of housing provident fund workers to buy the first set of self occupied housing, to extract himself and spouse of the housing provident fund account balance is not enough to pay 1629 cases by my parents and children agree, you can apply for workers extracted my parents and children (hereinafter referred to as "parents and the children") under the name of the housing provident fund. The total amount of the application shall not exceed the total purchase price.

needed: a table of employee housing provident fund approval in Qinghai province with the extraction unit seal extraction; relevant purchase information provided for employees to purchase the first set of owner occupied housing; and to provide my parents and children’s identity, residence booklet (original and photocopy); issued the same account to provide security registration the Department has the legal effect of the relatives of proof; parents and children can not personally handle, agreed to provide notarization extraction; the center of the housing provident fund does not provide a list of individual housing provident fund deposit in the center housing provident fund payment of parents and their children; while the unit name, account number, Bank account.

in addition, the employee suffering from chronic renal failure (uremia), cancer, aplastic anemia, liver cirrhosis, chronic severe intracranial tumor removal surgery craniotomy surgery, major organ transplantation, can I draw the account of the housing provident fund balance. The total amount shall not exceed the amount of hospitalization expenses after deducting the personal burden of medical reimbursement. Once a year to extract a total.

needed: provident fund housing in Qinghai province with the unit employees signature extraction and approval form; confirmation of medical institutions above the county level hospital medical record (copy); original and photocopy of Medicare reimbursement vouchers; my bank account and the opening bank. If I can not personally handle the relevant procedures, you can entrust others agent. In addition to providing the above-mentioned elements of the agent, but also need to provide the power of attorney, agent ID card and a copy of the original.

where one of the above two kinds of housing accumulation fund extraction, housing provident fund needs to be extracted, if there is no repayment of housing accumulation fund loans, housing provident fund loans must be repaid.

employees of the statutory retirement age, according to their ability to repay and physical condition, the loan period may be extended to 1 years after the statutory retirement age of workers to the age of 5 years.