Jiangsu garlic prices rose against the market supply and demand is still speculation

garlic in life mainly acts as a spring onion, is a condiment in cooking time, but its price is rising in recent years peak. Jiangsu Provincial Price Bureau on the 17 day regular press conference on garlic to make a comeback phenomenon analysis: Jiangsu garlic skyrocketing prices reached a record high, is mainly affected by the lack of market supply, but do not rule out speculation factors, the following specific details and small series together to find out.

according to the Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of price data, to November 15th, the average retail price of garlic in Jiangsu 9.81 yuan per gram (RMB, the same below), higher than the lowest price of more than 70% this year, reaching the highest in history.

recently, the national garlic prices rose significantly, in some places, garlic more expensive than meat, every 500 grams of retail price exceeded $10. National Development and Reform Commission to deploy Shandong, Henan, Jiangsu, three major garlic producing areas to carry out the price of garlic inspections, thoroughly cold storage, wholesale and other aspects of the price violations.

according to the price bureau of Jiangsu province price monitoring center director Lu Bo introduction, in 2010, garlic ruthless phenomenon occurs, Jiangsu began to follow the price of garlic monitoring, 6 years, the price of garlic volatile.

she believes that the current round of garlic you hard to reproduce, mainly affected by the lack of market supply. A few years ago, the price of garlic in the doldrums, growers losses, garlic acreage decreased. The middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River this year, more than 75% of the amount of rainfall, bad weather also led to lower production. This year after the listing of new garlic, garlic farmers planting garlic will increase, increasing demand, accelerate the supply of consumption.

Lu Bo said that the current round of garlic prices skyrocketing, cannot rule out a few factors middlemen use capital speculation.

Jiangsu garlic prices rose against the market supply and demand, is still speculation, although the two reason is, but timely effective regulation of the price level is still an urgent affair. The deputy director of the Jiangsu Provincial Price Bureau, spokesman Kong Xiangping said that in the process of price reform, the government liberalized the price control is not equal to laissez faire regardless of the price is not tantamount to corporate self pricing. Recently, the price department will conduct inspections on the garlic market, maintaining the normal market price order.

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