To open a clothing store to do three to do a combination of two

people often say good sales can be not worth a penny goods sell a good price, this shows the importance of marketing. So how to open a clothing store to quickly sell clothing? The whole network Xiaobian teach you from the following three aspects:

The process of

A: "world affairs, will do in detail". Promoters will do first. Since it is done, it is necessary to do the work fine, do solid, do a good job. Lazy is not good to do sales work. "Do" I put it summed up in four words: eyes live. Specifically to achieve "Three Goods", "a display".

"three" is:


"display" is to tidy up the container, do the product display. Product display is a very basic and very important work in sales. But most salespeople do not pay attention to product display, some people do not even have a sense of product display. Relevant information, scientific and professional to adapt to consumer psychology and consumer demand for the product display can drive 30%-40% sales growth, a good display of products to promote the 70% non occurrence plan of consumer buying behavior.

a series of goods should be placed at least 5 or more, in order to highlight the overall effect. Several series of products placed on a shelf to do a better counter. The artistic display: between different products and different styles in order to put scientific and orderly (put, generally from the normal order conforms to the aesthetic view).

two said: as the saying goes: "remarks in June three, abusable cold". Visible, the importance of language in our communication with customers. Therefore, the sales staff will not only do, but also to say. Say good, can let the customer to the store’s products, but on the contrary, is counterproductive.

"" has three aspects:

1: hello hello to smile after meeting with customers. A good sales person should work hard and use the basic language and coping styles.

The introduction of

: shop to introduce products. Product knowledge is the basic sales in the sales process