Shi Yuzhu entrepreneurial story

Shi Yuzhu, is a well-known figure, but also the hearts of countless entrepreneurs legend. The value of billions of dollars of entrepreneurs, how the story of the unknown and entrepreneurial experience? Behind the success, but also what kind of sad and helpless?



Shi Yuzhu to find a friend to borrow 500 thousand yuan. "I had lent him 5 million, or $500 thousand, for half a year, and he must have lent it to me." Borrowed money, Shi Yuzhu took out 50 thousand yuan replacement wages. Difficult period set the wage standard is, vice president in January 800 yuan.

naobaijin placed on the shelf is not conspicuous, however, "to the village shop, only two or three kinds of health care products, one of which is certainly naobaijin. The largest market in the following, where the population is particularly large, light farmers on 800 million, plus the county seat, these people a total of 900 million people."