Kawangka tea brand shop Wenzhuan investment

in the modern society, Kawangka tea has been popular among young people, Kawangka tea good taste and high quality, has won many consumers and businesses, Kawangka tea brand awareness is high, investment Kawangka tea, can save promotional costs, better able to open up the market.


] Kawangka tea cost

Kawangka milk tea in the food and beverage market has many years of development history, how about the milk tea with Kawangka? Adhere to provide customers with high-quality beverages and warm people’s services, access to a good reputation. Kawangka milk tea how much money to join? Kawangka milk tea to join the cost is divided according to the region. You will also be able to Kawangka tea to get more details.


] Kawangka tea support

1, store location in the District Assessment support. Through on-the-spot investigation, investigation of buildings, District, to find customers shop, shop to assess its feasibility; including turnover prediction, investment estimation, operating profit and loss forecast etc..

2, store design and decoration support. In order to ensure the unified image of Kawangka tea shop, store design is made to provide a complete renovation drawings, designer tea headquarters designated Kawangka, branch decoration engineering by the franchisee to find suitable engineering contracting team construction, supervision and guidance of the nuclear headquarters sent, the franchisee is responsible for supervision.

3, operational guidance support. Before the shop, the development of the preparatory work of the preparatory work, and assist in the completion of the work of the shop, but also to assist in the planning of advertising, promotional activities. Kawangka tea franchise fee is low, and the shop, Kawangka tea headquarters related personnel will not regularly to the stores and nuclear guidance, assist franchisees to improve company management, improve performance, found the problem, if there is a branch of operational problems can also demand, request assistance of the headquarters.

4, purchasing logistics support. Kawangka tea stores purchasing directly by the headquarters of factory unified procurement, reduce intermediate goods circulation costs, ensure the quality of raw materials, and then by the headquarters of the distribution of logistics center, let you no worries.

Kawangka tea


] Kawangka tea security

security: a successful opening of two hundred stores experience accumulation, planning and guidance of senior team. Let you have a strong card’s business model.

security two: Kawangka strongly secured, Kawangka tea raw materials are provided through the QS quality certification, and in the premise of good quality provided by the price of raw materials franchisee must be lower than the same absolute market price; it is not difficult to imagine.