New song lyrics alleged plagiarism Tan Weiwei public apology

Tan Weiwei recently participated in the variety show, singing "Chinese folk rock" Song widely acclaimed. But then it was pointed out that the lyrics exist plagiarism. Recently, Tan Weiwei public apology. Tan Weiwei also said it was a fly in the ointment mistakes".

12 16, Tan Weiwei, where the company also issued a statement in the official micro-blog apology, and thanks to the two teachers, then I also forwarded micro-blog, sincere apology, said the two teachers to accept.

it is reported that Tan Weiwei plagiarism incident, Tan Weiwei assistant said, see question, they have been on the Internet will be the author lyrics by Tan Weiwei one, plus Chen Zhongshi and Lu Shujun name.

in Chinese, maintenance of cultural copyright has been more difficult, let the network creators become impetuous, the prevalence of various acts of plagiarism. Therefore, we must crack down on plagiarism, to avoid damage to the true original culture.

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