New sites practical promotion experience – five steps into the home page

resigned a few days ago, dedicated to promote their new sites, although the site has three or four months, but has not much time to maintain, performance is not warm. Following these days the promotion experience, can not say what the secret out of you, it may be pure.

the first step is to diagnose the new station.

core keyword has been in third to fifth Pages free, it is difficult to have more robust performance, analysis of the main reasons are as follows:

1, site title theme scattered.

through analysis, found that the site before the title writing problems, key words, there is no correlation between the formation, affecting the search engine site theme and positioning judgment. Before the title is "cable factory | power cable

second, behind the "|bv | power cable coaxial cable line belongs to the products of keywords, my idea is to first before the keyword" cable factory "driven by product type of keywords, but due to their own product category keyword set too much, and the choice of words not too many links, leading to the eyebrows beard grabbed the consequence is that the words difficult to have good rankings.

2, website keyword layout density is too small.

I don’t mean we should pile up keywords on the website, but the keyword density is too small, it will lead to the search engine in the main keywords give you the weight of the website is low, the new station is particularly obvious.

second step, analysis of the opponent’s Web site.

analyzed the top ranked websites and found the following:

1, each other domain name age less than one year, and actually do stand less than half a year.

2, the other side uses the operation method of station group, fast deduct a percentage from a sum of money, but the website inside the station group is mostly poor quality.

3, the other web site’s articles are uploaded on the same day, and then no upload.

4, the other web site brush Baidu share, share the information out of the title, all with web domain name.

5, through Baidu related search shows that, the other party also brush Baidu related search.

general, the other using some search engines do not advocate the approach on the website, it is expected with the search engine algorithm constantly updated, believe that this website is not maintained for a long time, the available original content and rich outside the chain of high quality at the same time waiting for the chance to go beyond him, too, the other way you can appropriate reference.

third step, website internal optimization >