The nternet need to focus on the future transformation of a sudden change in the situation webmaste

radio management departments to shut down BTChina! This is the Baidu phoenix nest start another explosive news at the beginning of the month a wide range of K station and national public room was sealed after the owners complain incessantly. Then there are rumors BTChina webmaster Huang Xiwei jingfangxingju, Huang Xiwei has confirmed the news is a rumor, but the Internet a ripple, There were many discussions. Jittery. Subsequently, in the SARFT thorough investigation of the Internet audio-visual permit storm, and BTChina also said that the country’s three largest BT station "leisurely bird" and "Eden" has also been shut down. Other subtitle groups have also said that the transition will no longer do BT download. December is not more than half, but the Internet can be described as a storm. If the computer room is blocked, the individual webmaster also has a thread of fantasy, expect very period after the revitalization of the site. But the room is not closed, BTChina. But the bad news came, the collapse marks a network "new national crackdown" really begins. Whether because of a conflict of interest, or intent to control illegal information or purify the Internet, is to improve the system of copyright, for personal website, winter ice has come, cold cold, ice free, individual stationmaster really like the roadside grass, swaying in the wind and snow, fear and confusion. If the personal webmaster’s "2012" has arrived, it is not alarmist talk.

perhaps the country has long planned a major cleansing of the internet. Indeed, there are many problems both in terms of network speech and website content information. These problems, to some extent, have endangered society. But as long as it is controlled in a certain degree, it does not cause too much harm. The network environment is not standard, the bad information, the speech and the violation content have the serious hindrance to the Internet development, but wants to create a completely pure Internet is impossible. Across the board, whether it is illegal or legitimate sites have been hit is unfair, but also to some extent can be seen that the relevant departments on the issue of "stretched" and "inaction.". In recent days, the webmaster circle should be said to be shrouded in dark clouds, said that no webmaster can reveal the beginning of the smiling face, not exaggeration. Itself for personal Adsense, the Internet is cruel, want to be bigger and stronger, no capital, no team background, can only rely on their own efforts to fight hard. Of course, some webmaster want to take the shortcut, touch the ball, get rich quickly, and do some bad websites. But the vast majority of webmaster are doing regular station. Ma Yun once said, today is very cruel, more brutal tomorrow, the day after tomorrow will be very beautiful, but the vast majority of people have died in tomorrow night, but can not see the sun the day after tomorrow, so we do what we must adhere to! Then, for the record, room, search engine, copyright, national policy has become a personal webmaster can turn the N mountain, personal webmaster want to try, but they do not know where tomorrow, so many people can not see the sun the day after tomorrow.

light, a unlicensed operation will be able to kill so many BT sites, we can see that the relevant departments are determined to come to a big reshuffle. There was a saying that the career of personal webmaster would be from the future Internet