Winning in planning the starting point for successful website operations

construction and operation of the site is a persistent work, the workload of the great, I think you are more understanding of the webmaster. And only good planning can let me know what we need to do, how to do, let us avoid detours, to achieve twice the result with half the effort. Therefore, the site construction and operation of the early days, the need for careful planning of the webmaster, for our ultimate success to lay a good foundation. The author according to his experience, with the webmaster talk about our construction, operation website, need to do what aspects of planning?.

explicitly website theme and user groups

clear website theme is the most basic work in the process of our site construction, only clear the theme of the website, can let us closely around the theme to site. For example, the author’s cool 90 community is 90 theme website, then in the late construction of the need to closely focus on the theme of 90 to build the site. If the theme is not clear, the direction of construction will be unclear, and ultimately the result is that our website content is chaotic, and the extent of the user experience can be imagined.

clear web site for the user community is equally important, this is for our future promotion work has laid a good foundation. Such as the author’s cool 90 community in the station before it has made it clear that its user groups are 90 groups, then it is convenient for me to promote the work. Clearly, the site is targeted for 90 groups, as long as the post 90 groups of intensive local promotion, will receive relatively good results. This can be targeted, will not appear, do not know how to promote the dilemma.

website theme and user oriented groups are closely related, only good planning website theme and oriented object can be targeted, after all, limited time and energy, only the power use of the blade to receive the ideal effect.

planning the title, keywords and description of the website

1, mining keywords

personal site traffic is largely through the search engine brings, and this requires the webmaster according to their web site content and theme to determine good keywords, and write the title and description. Website operation process emphasizes the stability, so Web site title, keywords and description need webmaster in advance careful planning, once planned, do not easily change. Usually the webmaster can according to their site’s theme, use some Adsense tools to mining, such as the cool 90 90 community is the theme of the site, then I can use some keyword mining tools to mining and related 90.


2, determine key words

wants to get the target user accurately, you need to carefully analyze the correlation webmaster keywords with our website theme, Baidu keyword index again ranked high, as long as it is with our website related to the topic is "