Talk about ways to make money on commercial websites

online there are a variety of names, many new words, there are portals, there are subdivisions, there are B2B, C2C, and so on, sounds like people feel very professional, very concept. Many websites are constantly putting forward some new concepts that people can’t understand, and he explains to you constantly. In fact, if you understand, you know it’s just old-fashioned. But why do these sites bored? Do they not know the customer with this explanation that is time-consuming, it is not worth it? I think there are a number of reasons. The Internet is a new thing, and all kinds of websites are new. It is difficult for a person to accept a new thing at once. To do business, the first thing is to be honest, you have to let people believe you, people will let you make money. But how do new things make people believe you? In addition to waiting for proof of practice, there is a shortcut is "professional", if you are professional, people will at least try, why? Because you are professional enough.

for a simple example, an old foreigner from China will make a speech and talk about life planning. You have not heard of this man, but why are you going to listen to his speech? Because leaflets written on his occupation from the United States a well-known consulting firm guidance, and has more than 10 years’ professional experience, has hundreds of people get a better life guidance. This is what is called a major. Even though you don’t know him, it sounds like he’s professional enough to help you, so you listen. Here, may wish to think about, why hear a person’s introduction, will bring a series of job introduction, etc., ha ha, reason has interlinked, are almost the same.

then what can "professional" bring? Make money. So whether a website how to explain his things, is a purpose, to make money (of course, public type of website is an exception, I mentioned here is the commercial nature of the site, can not make money, ha ha). Using various patterns, various concepts reflect his profession, then convince people, and then make money. This is also a model, but it may not succeed. Why not succeed? First, I don’t know why I want to be professional, just to make money. Therefore, we are always in the abstract profession, in fact, in the final analysis is to make money. Therefore, no matter what you put forward, the first one should think of the word "money" first. Does it have any commercial value? Can it bring about the possibility of making money?. So I put it in the title: "to make money is the right thing.". I hope it can be used as a reference.

I’ll say why not succeed. I mean success here means making money. I think there are generally two aspects, one is your money model is clear enough, whether you want to make money, how to make money, and then the second depends on whether the model is simple enough. Why is it simple? Because money is the result of a series of patterns you run, that is, you can get what you earn after you have done your customer service in the way you originally set the money. In the process, the more complex the model, the greater the likelihood that one of the rings will fail. That is, the more complex, the less complete the service is, the less money it will make. >