Know founder Zhou source how the network community from 0 to do 4 million

Zhou Yuan said that the core function of knowing is that if the user wants to discuss (question) and send it to the know, the whole community can somehow respond to the question. And to settle it down, this is a user scenario, and we’ve been moving around this user scene in advancing the product.

ten years ago, Zhou Yuan in Shanghai a Canadian foreign companies to write code, and most of the "code rural", although in the world’s most advanced areas of work, but the real change to the outside world is poorly understood.


2005 Spring Festival, Zhou source in the hometown side of the road, etc., inadvertently bought the "IT manager world", but to wait for people who have not come, have to read magazines. There was a story that impressed him a lot about the technological variables that changed the business world of the future, and provided the logic of change. Part of the change mentioned in the article was done by the programmer.

week source first found himself doing programming, the original is also very powerful, and as a programmer for a long time without doing anything. So, Zhou Yuan decided to do something bigger in the world discovered (I dark horse: knowing the start of Slogan, it is found that the larger the world ") that he decided to quit after the new year to the programmer’s job," IT manager world "magazine as a reporter.

that year, Baidu just listed, Li opened the Google, Zhou believes that the reporter is "can touch many cows pressing, standing on the top of the wave to see the trend of tumbling people", he finally got his wish.

‘s decision to "discover the bigger world" also began to roll around Zhou’s fortunes, and after accumulating enough experience and experience, he began to try something in the internet. After his first "Meta search" failed, he started a knowledge-based quiz community in December 2010. Almost three months later, he won an angel investment in the Innovation workshop, and a year later he received nearly ten million dollars of investment from qiming. This year, known as the "copycat" Quora, now valued at $900 million, and insiders estimate that the valuation has reached 200 million U. S. dollars.

Zhou Yuan believes that he has "done the media, and have done the technology and set up a business", the integration of geeks and literati temperament, he created knowledge about such knowledge sharing community is "no choice."". Zhou believes that the community should respect the rhythm of the community". In the first two years on the line, I know that the invitation system should be adopted. In March 2013, it was almost open to the public. In less than a year, registered users quickly climbed from 400 thousand to 4 million.

know how to become a step by step, the following is the weekly source of oral sharing:

knows the inspiration: an apple related story

, before I was a reporter, I also wrote code. I’m an apple fan. In 2007, iPhone>