Case replay old users how to promote the transformation of community life

in the mobile Internet world, young people will have the world. But in the tide of entrepreneurship there will be some software natural attributes young people may not be of particular concern, but this does not hinder the success of APP do B round of financing, C round of financing and listing, excluding social entertainment super APP, health products users age will be too large! However, today, not talking about the specific user positioning of a product, I would like to talk about how 24 months in the 40 + years of middle-aged and old users from zero to do millions, and continued active in the community.

said, my business is doing cancer community APP, 35-60 years old accounted for the majority of users, in which the female is the main force and active, of course possible examples of some limitations, but the specific operation is also suitable for elderly users hope activity rose products.

1. Find target user

according to your product positioning, for your users portrait: gender, age, geographical, labels and so on.

can easily make a broad user profile based on its own product push function. Such as a square dance class APP, its main target is the 40+ aunt who, aunt active locations, different regions, aunt habits will be different, in general, find users.

our target audience is very clear. First of all, from the community, QQ group, interest tribe, paste forum, watercress group, micro-blog, blog and offline community organizations are the main battlefield of cancer patients active.

two, establish contact with target users

target users to find, but the operating difficulty lies with the conversion rate of any product, the final conversion is the key to the success or failure of the software, under the three types of cognitive chat in older users for the product conversion rate and the effect of drainage.

initial cognition

the practice of such users basically depends on advertising. Soft wide and hard wide, here does not discuss hard wide, after all, money can do.

soft common is soft text implantation, if there is operation funds, can choose the target user attention articles large put, here also involves money can be ignored, operation will do their own accounts. Operating their own accounts, according to location, user analysis of the output corresponding content.

in the elderly users concerned about the "media" is nothing more than health care, diet care, emotions and other related content, operation by the production of relevant content, high-quality content to attract older users and two spread, let users in the circle in content delivery.

deep cognition

search for users in the KOL, with appeal, for user characteristics, for users to explain products.

such users may have a certain Internet knowledge, playing micro-blog, blog, QQ group in one or more. Such users may have heard or never knew about the product, and the operator will have