Two grade city plastic surgery hospital promotion record

Hello, I am wei87, now working in Fujian city two levels of a plastic surgery hospital is responsible for network promotion, I took over the company in May 5, 2009, although the time is long, because often stationmaster net learning with you, your previous work experience to write out. At the beginning of the site, BD does not update, PR2, the set of keywords without ranking. After taking over, began to analyze the site, found that keywords do not meet the search habits, serious stack of words, no friendship links. Well, you’ve found the problem and you can work it out.

for the above problems, the formulation of the optimization program:

, a re set of Guan Jian’s poetry, in order to quickly reach the boss need keyword ranking, also re wrote the site title, here to remind people, do not frequently change the site title and keywords. It is best to change a little bit from time to time, which can refer to snapshots, modified snapshot updates, and then a few days later to modify, until the modification is completed.

two, updated every day, in the content, reprint articles try to modify the title of the article, the title changed a paragraph similar to smooth article pseudo original effect, every time can not be a quantitative, add a lot of articles to add at the same time, should also do some tricks in this chapter. In the content, we can add their own hand, some long tail words, basic work description links SEO.

three, the chain is very important, this is like a company, although the company decoration is very beautiful, the product is also good. But no one knows, all in vain. So the company has to advertise and advertise the company in a variety of ways. People know that this company did this, and the products are very good. The propaganda process is what we call "doing the chain.". I believe you also understand the meaning, took over, in order to achieve the propaganda effect, choice of advertising in the local network platform, so a few very good website PR value pulled up, of course, this is still not enough, and I have to blog, apply for all domestic famous blog in the blog, to set the key words for the blog title, also to the web site of the articles are spread out, leave a link.

four, do the above work, in addition to every day observation log, check all kinds of data, also have to online promotion. Because targeted propaganda, on line will be easier, in our area, we just have a "male female" in two cases, the public concept of city is generally conservative, so this point can be caught on fire.

media select local mainstream forums, first divided into hearsay, to investigate whether this topic will cause discussion,

when this topic achieves the anticipated result, then confirms through the staff member, sends the post explanation, at this time I also choose in the local people flow big Internet bar to put on the Internet bar, the computer tabletop advertisement, the market quotation is 2 yuan / taiwan. Do almost half of the local Internet cafe! Launched the "male female" case "