New site construction process

Hello, I’m a novice, come to bask in my site of the process, say well, please master, don’t suggest.

since the beginning of what I do not understand, Dreamweaver, building a web page of a web page, a 10 page, with a link to a friend even, CN meters, to find a free space to hang up the site, to see their meters open the website, psychology is the happy ah. My friend visited my website and educated me.

friend finished, I know the website program system HTML div+css SEO, and later days is to find these materials, learning in learning, in a variety of local experiments.

for the 2 months of study, in October 1st to spend $200 to buy a space and com meters, before uploading a simple SEO program, October 4th website upload space, site opened, I do this is the QQ station, how is my imitation template Oh ~ Oh, that day, submitted to the search engine. In the webmaster forum AD, I insist every day update, GG included the home page in 1 weeks, Baidu spent 20 days included my website content to me once released, the Baidu really makes people that are anxious, began to carry out various propaganda and exchange links included. In November 15th, one and a half months, the site all the keywords in Baidu all appear rankings, but the position is not ideal, and carried on the SEO, in the webmaster net hair soft wen. In November 18th, a key word appears in the Baidu home page, IP will continue to come here, psychological also flattered.