The big and complete station is not the smart stationmaster

often see group or forum have said I do do portal station, more than an industry portal, or vertical portal. After a month the novelty too tired, said a person busy, every day late very hard, achievement is not very ideal. At Baidu. Google income is very annoying.

smart owners know which one is your favorite, large range and complete station is not your ability. You want to do that for many years you take advantage of what industry to exceed it? Can you tell me? Can you tell it, than you have what advantage, your resources? How much time do you spend on the site. Are you a person, a person can do many things.

smart webmaster know a small find industry bigger and do fine. This is a good starting point. Do not stand bigger and full. No future. Because of who you are, is a personal webmaster. Time and money can not be compared with others. You can than is the big station to do less for the industry, is not very special that you get this out. As for me, I know that many webmaster do download, I can not go with the current download station than their own resources or other resources. I said that I do not download the software, I can provide other resources you need to download it I have a lot of selected source code, the source code to download ah, you have to do, when is Admin5 do not have a lot of webmaster site? Why is it still insist on doing it, it chose the webmaster information in different directions, make their own characteristics. I applied for WW source code source code to do the Empire. But I put your selected source, at least I think these useful source code or can be used, to personally test. A preview map can see the direct effect of.

smart webmaster will according to their ability to do their best long thing. Smart, now you see the article webmaster, you will choose what?


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