Personal experience stationmaster is not omnipotent

good time too fast, do stand imperceptibly has been two years, in the meantime experienced only oneself know, sour, sweet, bitter, hot, from beginning to now absolutely ignorant of the basic understand, I think this is the two years of progress.

during this period, I have seen a lot of business opportunities, but also a lot of opportunities to grow and develop, but they have lost and missed. Also registered a lot of other domain names, but it is a flash in the pan. At present, there is only one main site. Unfortunately, it is very withered at the moment.


the road of development, as well as many personal Webmaster: from hobby sites, to think they do stand, then a little bit of their study and test, and then buy their own servers, buy the domain name and virtual space, engage in their own studio……

during this period, make the biggest mistake, is tandaqiuquan. Always think I can do anything, do industry station, one of dozens of channels; do a forum on hundreds of pages; and to operators at the same time, tourism, health personnel station station station, also want to do the dumpster, make the movie station, as the toll station…… A variety of large and small websites have done, and have failed. Also want to run advertising, and want to operate the website, want to walk more legs.

What’s the result of

? Nothing is done. It’s a mess,


in a few around their friends stand a few years as one day, always insist on doing the same thing: do the forum has been development forum, real estate has been in the development of real estate, the movie has been in the movie. Their age, relationships, financial strength, business acumen are better than me. I’ve seen them all the way I’ve seen them, but why not?

yes, they did. I failed. Because they have been dedicated to do a web site, do the same thing, and I, a site is not done, but want to operate at the same time many websites. To tell you the truth, I will not be able to do a very good job of running a channel in a professional website or information port after years of hard work.

but now I see there are still many newcomers have personal webmaster, I do not know what Zhonghuo, come to pride stricken to the portal operation what region, what to do "the best station", it is filled with a thousand regrets.

we are not omnipotent, especially not the actual operating experience of the personal webmaster, don’t Tandaqiuquan, think that you can do, what is what can be done.

from now on, to start with modest personal operation site, the main channel of not more than five, the best can be extracted from a channel of the most distinctive, careful management, and a hundred arts arts, a channel or a good website, in order to promote the development of other the.