Three years, the stationmaster travels all the way, should confess six points

webmaster for three years, the ups and downs, memories seem to be in yesterday, step by step, come over, too difficult.

in the summer of 2006, with full of dreams into the webmaster of this industry, what all don’t understand, what are self-taught, grassroots webmaster this group all have a common point of light, is the ability to learn, a lot of people doing learned without teacher, when the first site may even HTML code are scanty, now many a few days ago on the QQ master, a friend asked me, do not buy a website address and then you can go to Baidu for the website? I had explained it to him is how to build up a website, did not think today, he has to do to my site look, is actually php+mysql, even told me the table data, like a dream. When one’s study desire is strong, it is totally unimaginable.

by this friend combined to their own think, is really ashamed, too ashamed. When I was in college I learned to do a website, MySQL is in the webmaster for half a year later, I asked him how he learned, he told me that for 5 days he slept less than 10 hours, other time all in learning. I almost fell down from the bench, was admired on the young man, he must be a dragon, jumped on the sky. His commendable, lies in the execution". Today’s webmaster, "execution" concept, mostly from "win in China" learned. Few people really think about the subtleties of execution. The friend also told me that he saw "win in China" and did not take a rest to finish the second season.

execution, in fact, this year, I was full of passion before going to bed, a class of people, wake up the muddle along without any aim until this year, there is a very important person to me, let me make a commitment to its commitment unable to restrain the emotions, the first half of this year, will release a 50 thousand IP above the industry website, so I I have a head in daytime, night web site, do, had found the interest, seems to be in the boundless sea drifting between years one night suddenly found a sense of direction. I know one thing: any one thing, as long as you do it seriously and treat it as just as important as eating and sleeping, you will naturally find inspiration. Interest is also accompanied by, and while doing the product on the site of the fun.

in the first half of this year, secretly determined, not to engage in diversification, on the site to give undivided attention to sort out, when it was time to go by car, mind is also thinking of Web site, I sit in the aisle seat above, when I was the site inside the world of Fugue, a man suddenly got around up to an old grandma led to the inside of the seat to sit, I sent my trousers dig a large hole in the head. Why do you want to mention this? In fact, I want to repeat a few thousand years of moral problems