Community + landing from construction to operation only seven steps

once, Ren Zhengfei and Professor Huang Weiwei of Renmin University of HUAWEI how to deal with disruptive innovation possible? Ren Zhengfei believes that HUAWEI has the ability to entirecompanys ability by pressure principle, the rapid pace of disruptive innovation pace, like even under high pressure water jet out from a small hole in the steel plate can be cut. Professor Huang Weiwei believes that when the industry disruptive innovation, the real threat is not technology, but you have no basis in the new customer base, it is difficult to maintain universal customer relationships. I don’t know what the extensive customer base Professor Huang refers to. I understand the community.


editor’s note: This article from the "community + Internet plus: Enterprise Mobile roadmap", author Lu Yan (micro signal no1luyan2015).

The rise of the

community economy may be a very important event that is about to begin in 2016.

– Wu Xiaobo,


community is a high density shout for almost two years, but so far still do not have a clear definition and forming methodology, like the words, on the basis of one-sided viewpoint, what community should be how to play? The first step in what to do, what to do, what to do next


in Internet plus ideas with deep research, many coffee people, such as the traditional enterprise Internet Analysys International believes that the three big campaigns "sellers, poly powder, to build the platform, CEIBS professor Li Shanyou seven words" products, community, self organization etc.. A collection of hundred, the introduction of an integrated version of the community approach.

anything must be defined clearly if it is not interfered with by complex appearances. Community is no exception. Organizational behavior believes that social members should form a group and should have the following three characteristics:

(1) group members need to be tied together,

(2) members share common goals and constant interactions with each other

(3) group members share common group consciousness and norms,

, by deconstructing the system of primitive definitions of society, I think that social and landing can be roughly divided into seven steps.

one, build community

first step: redefine the target user group and establish product positioning

is first designed to link the members of the group, whether it’s products, content or tools. The community must have a carrier as an entry, product, service, or solution. Such as millet is the carrier of the mobile phone, the carrier is Sanxiang Camellia oil. In the consumption upgrade and mobile Internet fueled, the entire business logic has changed, the past is the first product, there are users, but now you can have a user after the production of products. So, for companies, the first thing to do is redefine the target user, according to the user’s portrait