Ming also talk about how to use soft text website promotion

soft text promotion, as an important website promotion way, more and more by the majority of individual webmaster attention. A high-quality soft text, not only can bring a lot of effective browsing and fixed visitors. Can also bring a lot of high quality of the chain. Can improve the website itself and website author’s popularity more. But unfortunately, most of the webmaster soft text did not achieve the desired effect. Not even be found immediately no echo. Ming I wrote some of the soft text experience for your reference.

1: good, soft Wen must have a good title, on how to take a good title. Please refer to twelve Title let you flow boom compilation method of a more comprehensive summary. I think there is no need to go to summarize, only one point to note is the best title contains to do keywords, to do the long tail is very important. Be sure to take it into consideration.

2: about the content of the article, if you are an authority and expert in some respect, it is certainly the best to write your own experience and some unique opinions and opinions, which are acceptable to readers. The second is to write some controversial topics, and then, or to find a friend to go to the top, the article try to exaggerate a point of view, and there are some loopholes, can make the topic can cause controversy. If this is not the case, there is a lot of last resort summary of the others, and then put together and processed into their own articles, as long as good as can bring the actual summary to the reader’s help, but he can also learn in the summary. As long as there is no lazy person, there is always a way for you.

3: a lot of friends to write soft now the main purpose is to seduce spiders and bring the chain if you just stay at the end of a link is easy to be reproduced in the deleted links, this is not the effect of the promotion of soft, so soft, is the best in between with links, and let reproduced people feel a need to put a link up Ming common way to reprint, in writing when appropriate to mention the previous article and leave a link, I want to write this article, I would say, if you want to understand the Ming mentioned above and SNS Forum promotion promotion way can go to my website see. The website also has some other useful skills and methods about soft text promotion. Just let the reprint feel that if you delete this link, the article will be incomplete. General reprint of the people will still leave this link.

4: soft Wen release of the website is also very important, such as my website promotion articles will generally be published in Admin5, this kind of very easy to appear Admin5 home page, relatively easy to reprint. Then it is to use the blog to publish the assistant in the mainstream blog website to publish, and finally is Ai Rui, behind the times, the stationmaster station releases relatively easily, do not delete, send several times, not many see have not issued. But if you can enter the station home, recommended is still very good. And different websites may recommend different articles, such as an article I wrote before, googl>