Novice webmaster how to enrich the content of the site

in the current free Internet resources rich environment, for some novice webmaster, the establishment of a web site is not difficult. Looking for a IDC dealer with a lower price, you can register domain names, apply for space, and even provide free installation programs for forums or blogs, so that the framework of a website is built. But how to maintain the inside of the framework of the website, which is a tough problem for the novice webmaster. For this problem, I have the following suggestions.

first, combining reality, highlighting features, adhere to the original.

search engines favour original web sites, a feature that is known to all. It also provides a direction for the novice webmaster, is also a method of some SEO veterans to inculcate, is to adhere to the original. Many novice webmaster more confused, in the end the original content from where?. From the actual situation, to the development of the industry dynamics, as small as personal development ideas, everything from your current situation to see. Combined with the web site content, such as starting from reality, first of all, depends on what the website industry, the site will be related to the relevant content added. There are three ways to create original reference for novice webmaster.

(1) completely original. Just write it yourself. It’s the most direct and effective, but it takes a lot of effort. This also requires the quality of personal webmaster is relatively high, to be familiar with the development of the industry, to mature some of the industry’s dynamic, and so on.

(2) translation tool. This is a more labor-saving way of originality. The more common is the free GOOGLE translation tool. Novice webmaster can log on some of the foreign common or unusual related industry Web site, copy their content down, direct translation, and then make appropriate changes. Although Google is powerful, but do not directly copy the contents of the translation, because some translation is more blunt, so it makes a search engine to identify cheating, so to do some reading through modification and release.

(3) essay. This requires a high reputation for websites. This is to play the collective strength of the original. If you worry about the popularity of the site, you can use the points, titles, small gifts and other forms.

second, see the direction, persevere, regular updates.

if you are a large website, you can guarantee 24 hours of updates, but as a novice webmaster, the number of news updates every day is limited. Therefore, we must regularly update the website, not 10 today, 1 tomorrow.

(1) Baidu update time cycle

Baidu update and collection is based on the quality and speed of the site to decide. If the site updates faster, included faster, update more slowly, included more slowly.

(2) Google update time cycle

Google update is more sedate. For the same site, >