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2., then the way advertising is delivered. MMC has recently been pushing some software and game ads. The customer service recommends that I install the software and game installation package directly on the website, so that users can download it directly and avoid errors caused by page switching, which will lead to the failure of downloading. On the other hand, it can simplify the download step for the users, and then promote the download rate. As I understand, many webmasters simply put ads, links, codes, and preset ads directly on the web. In fact, it’s hard to boost advertising revenue.

at present, including Guangxi, Beijing, Shanghai, Fujian, Guizhou, Inner Mongolia and more than 20 provinces, colleges and universities have introduced innovative entrepreneurship education reform program. These programmes, Guangxi, Heilongjiang, Fujian and other further defined the university students to stay away from school, retain the specific number of years, generally between 2 to 8 years.

Abstract: at present, more than 20 provinces, including Guangxi, Beijing, Shanghai, Fujian, Guizhou, Inner Mongolia and other provinces, have introduced educational reform programs for innovation and entrepreneurship in universities all over the country. These programmes, Guangxi, Heilongjiang, Fujian and other further defined the university students to stay away from school, retain the specific number of years, generally between 2 to 8 years.

3. is worth mentioning is that MMC is now the new owners for beginners will provide a set of prepackaged advertising, from the advertisement design and delivery method, are already planned, provide clear guidelines for novice webmaster. This is better to help the webmaster get income, they also help Adsense tracking observation advertising effect, provide later some optimization suggestions.

MMC alliance customer service is still relatively easy to communicate, but in the early days of advertising, the effect is very poor. At that time, I kept wandering around in the discussion area where the stationmaster often went. It was discovered that many people said MMC was serious. I felt a little angry at that time, and the reason for the poor result was that MMC was making a deduction. So find MMC customer service to theory, but they said they did not buckle volume, saying that my own site and advertising methods. I was offered some tips, and I didn’t know much about WAP ads at that time, so I had to try them as they say.

adjusted the strategy, two weeks down, the effect has really improved significantly, and gradually began to MMC buckle amount problems have changed. These tips can be shared here:

Guangdong encourages universities to set up clubs for innovation and entrepreneurship, and encourages universities to employ scientists, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, investors and other outside experts and scholars to do part-time innovation and entrepreneurship instructors. Fujian proposes the introduction and construction

Office of the State Council issued the Opinions also clear, a required course for all students on the development of open research methods, frontier, entrepreneurial base, employment guidance and elective courses into credit management.

1., according to the characteristics of their website users, rewritten advertising language. This is the opinion of the MMC alliance, when they made an analysis based on my poor advertising results and helped me change my advertising language. This effect is obvious, before I just put the ad agreed to direct advertising to come over to use, no effect. But after changing the slogan, the effect has been obviously improved. And then go to other platforms for a while, with several webmaster exchanges, it seems that only MMC provides these personalized skills analysis services. This service is very useful to us novices.

I’m a new WAP station, just for half a year. He was just keen on mobile phone Internet, so just try to play, the mentality of building a WAP station, first focus to engage in popularity above, don’t think too much about the income of things. By the end, popularity came up, of course, thinking about how to make money. Advertising is the most direct, but for those who are not familiar with the advertising alliance, just listen to a few familiar stationmaster, rushed into an alliance called MMC, try to send advertising.

"it takes a lot of time to go to school, and it takes a lot of time to start a business. It takes two years for us to learn and start a business. It’s even better for us to develop."." Dawei said.

last year, according to the general office of the State Council issued "on deepening reform of Higher Education Implementation Opinions" requirements, around the scheme are clearly support the implementation of flexible educational system, allowing college students to leave school business. Guangxi proposed scheme, the length of schooling for students leave school business based on the original system can be extended for 2 to 5 years, can be regarded as the time of suspension entrepreneurship education in time. Guangxi Baise University sophomore Dawei school founded a company to do business of agricultural products trade, he felt that suspension entrepreneurship can make you do something more input.

according to voice of China "national news network" reported recently, Guangxi introduced the "deepening of innovation and entrepreneurship education reform program.". At present, more than 20 provinces across the country have introduced a reform program to encourage college students to start their business. The program explicitly supports the implementation of flexible school system, allowing students to drop out of business.


Guangxi proposes to bring innovation and entrepreneurship into the system of university teaching tutorials. The basic course of entrepreneurship shall be no less than 32 hours, no less than 2 credits. Prior to this, Guangxi has also established a university innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Alliance, 59 colleges and universities in the region and 74 enterprises and units alliance, innovation and entrepreneurship courses, mentors and bases will achieve resource sharing. Vice president of Guangxi University Wu Zhiqiang said, we want to share resources, all colleges and universities will offer innovative entrepreneurship courses, these courses can be shared, second colleges and universities have innovation base, these bases can open sharing, let students study in Colleges and universities, third colleges and universities have some different disciplines for innovative entrepreneurship, these can be shared.

above is my experience in working with MMC