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, "new year NewSeed project", "regional department entrepreneur" series, today, we approached the Fujian Ji entrepreneurs.



Abstract: 8 people, a province, find common ground, see yourself. "Looking for similarities between friends is a very low thing," he said in an interview with co founder Jiang Zhengwen. It’s a very warm and exciting thing to see in a strange city and people.

do anything to have a plan and strategy, do not blindly efficiency is also very laborious, also need money in Amoy plan targeted to do, not to mention that we face is the intelligent search engine and increasingly demanding consumers, facing the increasingly fierce competition in the industry of our guest. Where to break, to achieve our goal of making money, must Jingxiaxinlai analysis, try to find a good way to break through.


first we analyze the current monthly income of tens of thousands of the guest, to see how they are doing, the sh419 search on "taobao home" in the top three of the web page is Taobao sale channel ", there is no article system, content acquisition and JS Taobao official data. Then check their collection and backlinks, these sites are not included more than more than 1000 pages, Alexa Rank ranked sh419, hundreds of thousands, thousands of backlinks are only, sh419 snapshot basic snapshot. But YAHOO is not a general direction to link their number, are more than one thousand of them in the direction of open links, are some movie websites for one-way links to them, I think the core here, one-way trans so much, which leads to their weight high, ranking good. According to the analysis, this station has a good ranking to the chain high weight support, especially one-way links, then our strategic plan can layout, do the reverse link and one-way links, their sh419 chain can be used under our link up to do and to get high weight one-way links we have so many resources, tried every means, you can only buy a Links, then do not mean to be willing to invest, not investment that will pay off. The chain plan simple exchange so much, the analysis of Amoy website model strategy:

the direction of action plans and directly determine your success or failure, to find new ways to make money out of new ideas, not necessarily to do a website, actually there is a way to find a weight height forum, a list of posts about * * in the forum, the premise is to this forum can send advertising, such as the 19 floor, Xicihutong, the content of the post to a picture and text, content with keywords and bold products. After this post is collected, if included, the effect is very good. If you know SEO then make a single page website, the website also many, find some is not competitive products, made the list, this keyword Best competitiveness is not too big.

was 25 years old and he was a great student. I was sent to Tsinghua University in Fujian, Longyan, and got a full scholarship after graduation. I went to University of Delaware

can not blame his tone. In the O2O wave, Wang Xing rises again. This time, he broke the curse of "bad luck" and created the American regiment. Last October, the US group and the public commented on the merger. In January 2016, the new company completed the financing of over $3 billion 300 million, setting the highest single round of financing records in non-listed company.

"we like a person, a painting, a book, a poem, and what we really like is not the person, the painting, the book, the poem itself, but what we see in ourselves." Paper texture painting, Hakka and Minnan dialect, all over the motherland on both sides of the Changjiang River Shaxian County snacks, Danshan water, Wuyishan, young artists dream of Gulangyu Islet…… Will you be there for Fujian this place of grass about every time I hear "Fujian" two words xinxunanping, a sense of intimacy to the people here? Will you be there for someone here on the grass a little more care of

Wang Xing is called "the most unlucky serial entrepreneur in history" by the industry. His micro-blog label reads "campus network, domestic network", "rice" or "no"". However, the school network, he did not wait until the listing of the site to reap wealth; meals have not been accidentally shut down; return, the world has changed, Sina, micro-blog snatch opportunities.

the "fundamental to make money to pay" Amoy mentality about the big three state guest should have, today I will tell you the next guest and strategic analysis, just suddenly prompted by a sudden impulse to write something, write this article, a simple summary of strategic analysis method of Amoy I. It is named "Amoy money the height of the strategic analysis report".

Wang Xing: learn to bully the chain of bad luck pioneering road

lead: China history there have been ten merchants, Huizhou merchants, Shanxi, Chaoshang, zhejiang…… These special geographical features have helped create a commercial miracle at different stages of China’s commercial civilization. The Internet giant BAT three, Ma Yun, Ma Huateng and Robin Li respectively from Zhejiang, Chaoshang, Shanxi, is history reality, or reality against the background of history.

Wang Xing, Wu Xinhong, Yao Jianjun, Chen Yuanhe, Chen Fangyi, Zhang Shishi, Zhang Yiming, 8, a salmon, and find common, see. "Looking for similarities between friends is a very low thing," he said in an interview with co founder Jiang Zhengwen. It’s a very warm and exciting thing to see in a strange city and people.